Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Green Arrow is sailing too close to the wind

God I used to love doing the above.
There is always a Last Time for everything

Hmm. Strange how an image like the one heading this title, can stir thoughts that were different from my original intentions.

Looking at it now. It made me realise that I will probably never sail a catamaran ever again and that startled my butterfly brain into fluttering off into new territory.

I thought, that just as there are memories of a first kiss, a first dance, a first love, maybe an only love, your first car, etc. Your all so many firsts. There must come a time when it will be your last kiss, your last dance, the last time you fly a plane or sail a catamaran. So treat every one you care about and everything you do, as if it is the last time, because one day it will be. One day I will write my last article. Will I know it is my last? I hope not.

But we must move on. Because this time the Green Arrow, who has always lived life on the edge may have sailed just a little bit too close to the wind and now needs help. Urgently. In other words he needs some donations to keep going.

And this time it is serious, usually I have sufficient funds set aside from my pathetic pension to be viable for at least three months but this time I have been caught out by some operating overheads as a result of me exceeding "a fair useage" limit and a hardware failure. Well it happens. I am trained in the management of Risk and did not practise what I was once paid big money to preach.

If I do not receive assistance within 72 hours, then I will off line from the end of this month with no internet connection or mobile phone. The site will continue with the backup Green Arrow, John of Gwent keeping an eye on things. Be Prepared JOG.

Like a cavalry man who has had his horse shot from under him, I will go join my kinsmen in the infantry and help deliver leaflets and help man our stalls. It is about time I took some exercise.

Now, should I weather this storm, a bit about the future direction of the Green Arrow site.

As you know from a previous article, the Green Arrow, ranking wise, has wiped the floor with sites such as Squirmshite and the Unite Against Freedom sites, despite all the money pumped into them.

Now, I can tell you that we have also knocked Plaid into a cocked hat. Remember it was Plaid, who dropped the Cymru(Wales) word when they decided that anybody can be Welsh regardless of colour or immigration status so long as they vote for them.
  • Plaid World ranking is 2,513,923 with a UK Ranking is 170,450
  • Green Arrow ranking now stands at 1,186,901 with a UK ranking of 98,423
And the site readership grows daily and whilst I am pleased to see the huge numbers of return visitors, I am encouraged by the 400 new visitors who turn up each day.

If we can just keep a small percentage of these new readers and steer them in the direction of the BNP Website, where they can learn the truth then I consider that I am doing my self imposed task to the best of my ability.

And if I jump this current financial obstacle, with the help of the Band of Brothers who write and research under the Green Arrow banner, I intend to increase the readership by improving the quality of it even further. Maybe a new name and a new website. It will be great.

Already this site has established a reputation for being a place where people can send information, knowing it will be used and that their identities be protected and never passed on.

Not even Our Chairman, Nick Griffin, could prise those details from me and like many others who read this site, I would die for that man who risks his all for us.

And talking of Nick Griffin, I now think I know how he feels, when he almost daily has to go on his knees to get the funds to fight our Battle of Britain. Not for himself but for his country, Our Country. We are lucky to have such a Leader.

That was an appeal by the lean and mean Green Arrow machine.

Normal service will now be resumed.

Proud to be BNP - as Swansea keeps telling me.