Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Peter Hain goes back to his roots - violence

Remember Peter.
We never forget.

Peter Hain
must be as stupid as the American who thought it a good idea to fly Airforce One over New York on Monday and terrify the entire city with memories of 9/11.

Actually, that was a very well thought out stunt, to remind the American Public about the evils of Islamic Terrorism and ensure continued support for their foreign wars. Cynical and callous but effective never the less.

But back to Peter Hain. As anyone else noticed that the time Our Country really started to slide down the pan was when Peter Hain, fleeing from South Africa and his terrorist past arrived in this country? Having helped set South Africa on the road to anarchy, he probably thought time to do the same to the UK. You are going to pay for your sins Peter, you know you are.

Hain a committed marxist and terrorist supporter and suspected bank robber, was a founder member of the infamous and appropriately named ANL organisation that was set up by the Socialist Workers Party to physically attack nationalists back in the late 70's.

Today, Peter, as well as pocketing other peoples money to the tune of £103,000 is still trotskying out the same anti-democratic slogans and calls to violence via the new ANL, the UAF. Another marxist organisation that puts forward no candidates in elections and incites violence against the patriotic supporters and members of the British National Party.

Writing in an article that has been dutifully carried by the lickspittle agents of The Establishment he pours out out a clear incitement to violence with;
The lesson of the Anti-Nazi League's success is that the BNP needs to be confronted wherever its supporters march or appear in public; and they must also be denied platforms to spread their hate. This was the lesson of the 1930s when Blackshirts led by Oswald Mosley targeting Jewish communities in London's East End were physically stopped in Cable Street in October 1936.
Now what Hain is really saying here, is that the stupid people who have swallowed the lies of The Establishment and allowed people, like the orange orangutang to become extremely wealthy is that they should "physically" attack the British National Party at every opportunity.

With regards to Cable Street and London's East End, I am fairly sure that there are now very few real "East Enders" left there. Thanks to enrichment they are now living in the suburbs. But that is another story, so we shall leave it for now.

And Peter, who knows that a British National Party government would reopen the files on his involvement in the deaths of both Blacks and Whites in South Africa, the vanishing of £103,000 and his possible involvement in the Church Street bombings and his novel idea of banking, is desperate to escape justice and is fighting, not just for his political career but his personal freedom also. Because he knows he is guilty. He knows he has blood on his hands and he knows the BNP never forgets or forgives.
All the main parties, Labour especially, must shake off their complacency and take on the BNP directly. Its poison should be combated on the doorstep, through leafleting and campaigning. Labour candidates and campaigners should work with those from Unite Against Fascism ( and Stop the BNP ( Both organisations are mobilising a new generation of activists and concerned people from trade unions, churches and other organisations.
Take on directly? Again a call to violence against the BNP via the alliance of the UAF and the state controlled Searchlight organisation, run by fellow communist Gerry Gable, still smarting over his wifes involement with members of the National Front.

Searchlight targets and the Claw Hammer Gang of the UAF do the attacking.

The origins and links to violence of these two evil organisations that work against democracy and against the interests of the True British People are well known.

But clearly still not known by those who continue to vote and support Labour and those who support David Cameron who is a signatory to the violent UAF as is Peter Hain.

And still I ask is there not one journalist out there with the courage to do a little digging into the true nature of Searchlight and the UAF? I am more than prepared to provide documents and links to information supporting everything I have written above.

Or is honour, duty and love of freedom of speech, only to be found these days in the members of the British National Party?

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