Friday, 17 April 2009

UK MEPs getting treble helpings - of our money

I do not know whether to be grateful or angry with Shady Lady for setting me off in this article.

I mean there I was, more or less pleased with the way the day had gone so far and looking forward to just watching the guys chat on the BNP sites new Chatroll when she sent me this link concerning the fact that British taxpayers are going to have fill a £100 million hole in a controversial second pension fund with terms available only to MEPs.

Well that was it, the game was afoot and off I went.

The list shows that, in December 2007, 79 percent of all British MEPs were signed up to the scheme, including Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and UKIP MEPs.
Now this is where it gets interesting. British MEPs already receive a main pension which is the same as that for their fellow Pigs in the Westminster Parliament. However that is not enough for some of these gorgers, who can never eat enough of taxpayers money.

In 1989 a "voluntary" second pension scheme was introduced that would see the British Taxpayer, contribute £1.80 for every 70p contributed by the MEP.

Now personally, I object to British Taxpayers pumping in more money into a 2nd Pension For Pigs but it gets worse. Much worse. The pigs do not even contribute to the 2nd pension.

Because the MEP's contributions are taken from their OFFICE EXPENSE ALLOWANCE and not from their salary. In other words the pension is an entirely taxpayer-funded "perk", that makes them fatter and me vomit.

Unsurprisingly, the names of those on the list has been a "closely guarded" secret and you can understand why.

How great it must be to have a 2nd Pension that is paid for out of your office expenses fund, that is paid by the ever suffering taxpayer and then trebled, again at the expense of the taxpayer, whose own pensions have been destroyed by pig politicians.

So let us have a quick look at some of those names on the not so secret list.
Why not go browse the list and see if your MEP is one of those named.