Monday, 27 April 2009

The UAF eMail List

Looking around the net this morning, I find that the excellent Bedfordshire Beacon site has published the entire Unite Against Freedom (UAF) mailing list.

Now, I like the Bedfordshire Beacon site, if only for the way they remind us on a regular basis of the truth about Searchlight and the thugs of the UAF, but I am not sure about the publishing of the communists email list for reasons I will go into shortly.

First a bit about the list. It contains the names of all those who have signed up to the UAF and agreed to support them in their attacks on the British National Party.

The list contains the email addresses of Members of Parliament, Councillors, trade unions officials, public service workers, teachers, etc and most of these are addresses are easily obtainable just by searching the net or the various organisations they work for.

Now my argument against the publishing of the list, is that there are also members of the ordinary public on it, who may be dupes who have fallen for the UAF lies.

And those people, may by now, thanks to sites like the Bedfordshire Beacon and this site, revealing the truth about the UAF, now regretted giving their support to a communist organisation that uses violence to intimdate those they class as enemies.

Because, the publishing of the list may prompt people, who have been incensed by the violent attacks of the UAF against women and elderly activists of the BNP to fire off emails to those on the list telling them just what they think of them.

And of course there are other things that can be done with a persons email address that can make life a misery for its owner. I know, the UAF have done the same with several of my email accounts.

So that is my case against the publishing of the list.

Now on the other hand, given that the list is now in the public domain, it does give people who object to the undemocratic and violent actions of the UAF to contact those on the list, make them aware of the true nature of the beast and justifiably ask whey they have signed up to what is in effect a political terrorist organisation.

John of Gwent, reminds me of this. So I suppose what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Speaking the day after the posting of the so-called BNP members list, (with all the special additions courtesy of the UAF) Diane Abbott MP said, on BBC Television alongside Michael Portillo that it was "only right and proper that the names and addresses of these fascists be available so everyone in the community knows where they live"

I look forward to your comments.

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