Friday, 17 April 2009

The loneliness of the long distance leafletter

By Axe

The day is quite old for me, it's almost 9am, the coffee cup is empty and the ash tray is full.My emails have all been dealt with and I'm up to date with all the nationalist news on the internet. Right time to get down to some serious activist business out there in the real world.

Quick shower and shave and I'm done. I see I am down to my last 200 leaflets. Will it be enough? I start to panic,what the heck "just get out there kid" i say to myself and leave the house.

I hit an area about a 10 minute walk away, which is made up of four small tower blocks,maisonettes and nice housing in between, this is the ideal working class area I've not done for nearly three years,"leave the flats kid", not enough leaflets for them today.

The second maisonette I do, a young mother comes to the door I give her a leaflet and have a quick chat, she interupts me, smiles and says "you've got my familys vote". Moving on, I come out of the maisonette and bump into another mother and her daughter I know.

The issue comes up about a mosque wanting to be built in our old town. She tells me how her daughter left her job as she was the only one there that spoke English and was getting a rough time. I sympathise with her as she reads the leaflet I have handed her. Having read it, she asks for more leaflets so she can pass them onto her brothers and family.

What a buzz as I'm climbing a hill,my adrenaline is pumping, it's another 20 minutes before i stop to look at 3 beautiful young children playing in a front garden. Their play, brought back memories from the 70s for me as this lovely young girl with, blonde hair and blue eyes runs up to me and hugs me.

I look at her mom on the doorstep and laugh, this discussion will take me longer i think to myself. After a good 10 minute chat with "mom" she is alarmed by the truth of the big dirty old town i left 3 years ago and she commends me on the quality of the leaflet I have just given to her and says that I am the first political person she has seen in the area for years and offers me her vote on june 4th. My elation rises another degree.

Not many leaflets left now, as I turn the corner and and bump into "Cossy", he smiles and thanked me for the leaflet he had earlier and can he have a couple more to take down the pub for later.

Last few houses done and that's a nice square block done and a very positive response from the people I spoke to. All done in the line of duty. Some people might ask if I am the local postman or am i a Kleeneze agent or do i work for charity? But I am none of those people.

NO, I am a lone BNP activist, proud of it and making a stand to let the people know what is happening to my beloved country. The very country my forefathers fought for to stop communists and fascists taking over.

Now I look all around and "they" are everywhere and we have not even been at war, only illegal ones.

People, please think and act like me, time is not on our side here and we cannot leave this mess to our children.

Do not think that someone else will do the work, because if we all thought that way, then they may as well get the EUSSR vacuum out now and suck us all up.

Be proud of our nation, join, support and help the British National Party where you can because they are the only option to save our once great nation.

Footnote by Green Arrow

Proud to call you "brother" my kinsman.