Thursday, 23 April 2009

St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day England. I do not know why, but I feel if it is my day also. Perhaps it is because the English are my brothers, just as the Ulstermen, Irish and Scots are.

But how very appropriate it is, that St George is the Patron Saint of England.

It was the Colours of Saint George, a white flag with a red cross of a martyr that became first the uniform of the Crusaders as they fought to drive back the hordes of Islam. Then his banners colours became the Flag of England - a Christian country with Christian values.

And how appropriate it is now, that once again Our Country is having to face the threat of domination by the Cult of Mohammed and that the symbolic dragon that St George is shown slaying is that of Islam. What better flag could the true English have to Rally around.

St George slaying the Moslem Dragon

So you would think that all true Englishmen would be proud of their chosen Saint and flag. But no.

There are those in the Labour Party, who hate your Flag, your Saint and to be blunt - if you are a white Englishman, you.

It is a reminder to the Marxists, of English Unity, the same as the Union Jack is a symbol of British unity and so also hated by the New World Order.

That is why they wish our parades and historic symbols banned and hidden away. And that is why you must go and buy an English flag and fly it today.

Like I said. Have a good one England.

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