Thursday, 23 April 2009

So is there going to be a BNP Vigil?

Back last year, four British National Party activists were arrested by Lancashire Police after distributing official BNP literature and one other pamphlet concerning the involvement of Asians in the trade of heroin.

The four arrested were the publisher of the drug article, Tony Bamber and Lee Karmer, Brian Parker and Robin Evans.

So what happened in the lead up to the arrest?

Well by all accounts, the guys had targeted an outwardly "middle class" area that is bordered by a largely enriched area and were working well, with positive responses from those they came in contact with. Until. There is always a but or an until.

Until, that is an irate Asian drove his silver Range Rover up onto the pavement behind the activists and started revving his engine.

Our people, acting in accordance with their standard operating procedures ignored this provocation and carried on with their round and no words were exchanged with the revving engine Asian.

So later in the round they were surprised to be approached by two plain clothes policemen who asked for copies of the literature they were distributing. That done, they completed their round and called it a day.

That was back in October 2008. Our guys giving the events no more thought.

Until (that word again) they were woken very early one morning in November by the sound of the police hammering on their doors as if they were drug dealers and not just ordinary political activists.

They were then arrested for an "enquiry" into "Racially aggravated public order" and bailed until the 27th of this month, when they were to be informed, whether the CPS have decided they have anything to charge them with.

Now I discover that three of those detained have been rebailed for a further six weeks. The one exception is Robin Evans who will still have to report to Greenbanks Police Station(an out of sight out of mind kind of place) on the 27th.

The only difference between those who have been rebailed and Robin Evans, is that he was the only one who refused to make a statement and answered "No comment" to when questioned.

So what I was wondering, was this. Why would the police re-bail three to a later date and did the other activists "No Comment" responses have anything to do with him being seen earlier.

Now I know for a fact that the CPS is now heavily staffed with enrichers (per percentage of population) but why does it take over six months to check to see if a leaflet is legal or not?

Oh and finally is there anything planned for the 27th of this month when Robin has to answer to his bail appearance.