Sunday, 19 April 2009

Taking a trip down to Abergavenny

Following a late decision to change venue on Friday, a team of activists from all branches throughout South Wales descended on the historic and picturesque town of Abergavenny.

Personally I felt a little uneasy at first, knowing this to be a very affluent conservative area but my initial thoughts were soon cast aside when within minutes of setting up the stall a retired accountant asked me for as much information as possible on the BNP and pledging his support in the forthcoming EU elections.

This was soon to form the pattern of the day with former conservative voters in their droves stating that should we stand a candidate in any election they would vote for the BNP. This negates the "we know it all" New Statesman's claims of the BNP appealing only to uneducated white working classes and bodes well for the June elections.

The team split into 2 for maximum affect with 6 on the stall handing out information to the public while the 2nd team carried out a highly affective leaflet campaign in the surrounding areas, a tactic adopted by us in every venue now and proving to be very successful with inquiries flooding in every week as a result.

The only negative to report was the local Lib-Dem having escaped from the loony bin decided to voice his opinion rather loudly to members of the public that he was right and all of us plus the 4000 or so members of the public that had been handed information were wrong.

So deluded was this poor soul, that he couldn't tell the difference between a BNP film camera being levelled at him, insisting we were from a radio station! He did however get a round of applause - when he finally shut up and walked away, the public began cheering and congratulating the BNP for being totally professional and not responding to his lunatics rantings.

Some passing men even suggested he should have been given a slap! but its better to leave them make complete fools of themselves for all to see. The British National Party, unlike the Lib/Lab/con alliance that are signatories to the thuggish UAF, condemns all violence.

The highlight of the day had to be a passing Plaid councillor, saying to me that the BNP will now be elected and will play a major role in changing the face of UK politics, even stating he would vote for us in June!

He was a lovely old chap and after a conversation in Welsh, he gladly took all our information, saying he had become disillusioned with his party of choice as it had lost its way.

The other team members all reported similar stories over a nice free sample of some real ale in a local pub after we had packed up the stall early with no leaflets left to hand out. John of Gwent, of course showed up but denied that he knew anything of the free beer being handed out.

Yesterday proved beyond any doubt that the BNP now enjoys support from all walks of life and its now time for us to get ready for election success and forming the future government of this great country.


Roger Phillips

West Wales BNP