Saturday, 18 April 2009

Live Action in Abergavenny

Roger Philip from BNPTV Wales with
new video camera paid for by donations

by JohnOfGwent

Sitting in Pub with team who have distributed in excess of seven thousand leaflets in the Abergavenny area today, 4000 from the stand, 3000 door to door.

I arrived as the crew were about to dismantle the stall and retire for much needed refreshment, but my initial problems locating the team were solved when the local liberal democrat candidate decided that screaming insults at a volume you could have heard in Newport was a vote winner.

Two blokes who walked by suggested the said lib dem shut the hell up and get a life!

Best moment was when a local Plaid Cymru councillor told our boys he thought the BNP were certain to be elected in June and he wouldbe voting for us.

"The BNP were going to play a major part in the future politics of the UK" he said, adding he was becoming disillusioned with his own party.

I can't wait to see the video from the new camera catching the lib dem rant. Regrettably this webbook can't interface to grab the video action for you !

Cheers and how did the guys know there was a CAMRA beer festival on here ?

Footnote by Green Arrow

Thank you for that on the spot report JOG. Very much appreciated and regards to our activists.