Thursday, 30 April 2009

What has the European Union done for us?

By Nemesis

The media has peddled misinformation to the public in an attempt to indoctrinate the British peoples into falsely believing that the constitution of the E.U. is in the British interest.

However, the available information suggests the contrary. The E.U. appears to be a British liability portrayed as an asset only by and for the controlling Plutocratic minority of contemporary British society. Only this minority group that benefits from this deceit fosters this fallacy while probably knowing it to be false.

The costs incurred by the U.K. tell us that the financial aspects of E.U. membership arrangements are adverse to the overall interests of the majority of the British people. The financial so called benefits for example are greatly outweighed by the financial disadvantages.

The duly elected intelligent and highly educated people in our society are obviously aware of this. However, this group appears to accept European Union dominance over the British way of life out of self interest … in doing this they betray their own integrity and the peoples’ trust. It is sad to find that those that were once perceived as the cream of our society have lost their way and accepted the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

. The real financial costs of the U.E. can be seen in the following table:

Table of payments into and from the E.U. for the U.K.2002- 2008

In 2007/08 the UK contributed £13,763 million to the EU, received back £5,693 million in grants and £3,960 in the British rebate, leaving a huge net loss of £4,110 million – a net loss of over £80 million per week to the British taxpayer.” In addition “When added to this is the £6,000 million per annum cost to British business, which HMG has confirmed arises from complying with EU regulations, then the price of belonging to the EU is crippling.[Accessed April 24th 2009].

The table tells us that from 2002 until 2008 E.U. membership has left the British people directly out of pocket in payments to it by TWENTY TWO BILLION TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT MILLION POUNDS for this six year period only.

The period 2007- 2008 tells us that the weekly amount lost to the British people in payments to it is EIGHTY MILLION POUNDS.

The loss to British business THROUGH E.U. POLICY is estimated at SIX THOUSAND MILLION pounds per annum or if we notch it up one it becomes SIX BILLION.

The weekly business loss of just over £115,000,000 (Six billion divided by fifty two) added to the £80,000,000 for E.U. payments give us a weekly loss of over £195,000,000 ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE MILLION. (The price tag for three NEW hospitals at around £65 million a piece or thirty one NEW primary schools at £6.2 million on a WEEKLY basis).

The total annual financial drain or loss to the U.K. on these two issues for 2007-2008 was £4110,000,000 (payments) + £6000,000,000 (business) = 10,110,000,000 TEN BILLION ONE HUNDRED AND TEN MILLION POUNDS.

The TOTAL LOSS to the U.K. for E.U. membership in the period 2002- 2008 is £22,268,000,000 (payments) + £36,000,000,000 (business) = £58,268,000,000 FIFTY EIGHT BILLION TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT MILLION POUNDS according to the figures available.

It does not take the brightest spark to work out that E.U. membership for the U.K. has created a FINANCIAL DISASTER just on these figures alone … a liability that the British people can no longer afford … a liability that is spreading misery and despair throughout the British people. In addition to the payments made and business losses in the U.K. through E.U. legislation.

The country suffers additional financial drain by employing an immigrant workforce … A PRACTICE MADE PERFECTLY LEGAL UNDER E.U. RULING.

It was estimated that around ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY BILLION POUNDS was drained out of, or lost in, the British economy in 2007- 2008 as a result of practices carried out by immigrant workers (Money sent out of the U.K. to their country of birth (deflation), State expences for British workers who have lost their jobs to immigrants, National Health utilisation, legal costs, immigrant worker tax fiddles, etc of the three and three quarter million immigrant workers in the U.K.).

If we add this to the finance lost through E.U. membership payments and business losses through E.U. legislation we have £4110,000,000 + 6,000,000,000 + £160,000,000,000 = 170,110,000,000 a staggering ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY BILLION POUNDS for just a twelve month period.

If we stopped this financial wastage the country would not need to borrow vast sums of money to support our crumbling economy … in fact the economy would not be crumbling.

However, other expenses such as the State costs for immigration control has not been researched for this article and suggests that E.U. legislation in relation to immigration would cost well in excess of the figures given.

The costs exposed here would suggest that only lunatics would adhere to the practices dictated to the U.K. by Brussels … however, the motivation does not appear to be as much lunacy as it does greed.

Sadly, the damage done to the U.K. through European Union legislation stems well beyond financial matters despite the primary cause being greed. The undermining and destruction of British culture and the insidious acquisition of our heritage is of grave concern.

The E.U. mandate on immigration allows immigrants to legally exploit the targeted country without becoming part of it. The process is actually more aptly described as colonisation. The immigrants retain their alien and incompatible cultures in their host country with no intention to integrate.

The process often gives way to the foreign culture being embraced and given precedence over the natural native culture into which the immigrants intrude. If not checked this process will be the death of the British way of life. British culture is being destroyed by the mandates of Brussels.

The heritage of Britain has been been formed by British people for British people and should not fall into the hands of foreign charlatans and the illegitimate. The heritage of the British people is seen in honourable (Well they were once … weren’t they) positions of members of parliament and the House of Lords.

What are foreigners doing in these positions of political power … positions that are part of our heritage … positions to which they have no ancestral right?

Our Christian religion is being undermined, our universities are under foreign compromise, our economy is being taken from us or destroyed.

The welfare system that was established for us by our ancestors is now overloaded through its exploitation by intruders … intruders whom we are expected to play second fiddle to in our own country.

The laws of so called equality in employment and housing is geared up to discriminate unfairly against the British people … allowing aliens to insidiously take over our rightful ancestral legacy.

The culture and heritage of Britain is gravely threatened by the rules laid down by Brussels … rules that Britain can no longer afford to abide by …. The stranglehold Brussels has upon Britain needs to be broken if the British peoples are to remain truly BRITISH and have a BRITISH future.

To briefly evaluate the situation the processes of the European Union, through recent changes that have taken place, is destroying the British economy, culture and heritage and most importantly the British peoples.

So let us reiterate: What has the E.U. done for us?

In adopting the authority of the European Parliament British authority over our own affairs has been annulled. The British leaders responsible for this act have handed control of our country over to foreign powers.

The E.U. mandates are the main contributors towards the destruction of the British economy.

The destruction of the British economy is responsible for the knock on current social degeneration that British society is undergoing. The promotion of greed and selfishness is now at a level probably never seen before in the U.K.

  • The E.U. mandates have spurred the acceleration of poverty and social deprivation amongst the lower echelons of British society.
  • The E.U. has engendered the rise in misery, despair and fear amongst the British peoples.
  • The E.U. is orchestrating the destruction of British culture.
  • The E.U. is orchestrating the destruction of British heritage.

The Plutocratic controlled European Union is most certainly the nemesis of the British people and British way of life … as sure as I wish to be the Nemesis of the Plutocracy.

If you can think of anything DEMOCRATICALLY positive (that is for the benefit of the British majority_not the minority toads riding the gravy train) to have come out of the E.U. to the benefit of the many without greater loss I would be glad to know of this.

If any Marxist reads this article and would like to discuss it rationally I am open to debate as are all BNP inspired writers who can support their conclusions with hard facts. Additionally, the indoctrinated people in question should note that the BNP is the new peoples’ party … if we represent the people, who are the pseudo Marxists representing?