Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Rise in BNP Support At The Ballot Box

by johnofgwent

Hat tip to 'axe' on the excellent BNP Chatroll

I won't bother putting the links in, because I don't want to justify their miserable existence by adding to their bandwidth any more than I already have, especially since it's probably OUR bloody taxes paying for it, but my thanks to contributor 'axe' on the BNP chatroll for a recent post linking to the Thoughts Of Chairman Weyman on the Socialist Worker site.

His latest rantings aimed at rousing a rabble to halt the inevitable provided me with some mild amusement, devoid as they are of any semblance of reality as always.

But I decided I would have a poke around his other 'must read' articles and there I found a hard fact I just could not wait to share with you. The image above shows "The Rise In BNP Support".

I'll shut up now because this picture does the job far better than anything I could say.