Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Damien Devil giving Nazi salute

By Richard Cranium
Writing exclusively for Government

Terrified villagers of the lovely Cotswold village of Stillenglish, have described how a violent encounter with a BNP supporter took place last weekend.

After a special investigation by our undercover team, acting on information provided by anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, we have traced the unemployed yob, who caused local rugby players to cower in their cars after the incident took place outside the post office, which closes next week.

At about 11.00am a pram was seen being pushed by an elderly woman which she then parked outside the post office. As the rugby players were on their way into the shop to buy some refreshments, for no apparent reason they were struck by a plastic dummy definitely witnessed being thrown from the pram.

The culprit we can reveal is fifteen month old Damien Devil who has a skinhead look, and has been known to act in such a manner before. Police were called and the woman who is a BNP member was immediately taken to the Police Station for questioning.

Damien McBride, who contacted us by email confirmed, " This is just the start of a campaign of violence by the vile and hate filled BNP. They think they can mask their hatred and lies, but this action shows them up for the thugs that they are".

Gerry Gable of Searchlight magazine said, "Yet again we see the true face of these people, hiding in prams and attacking vulnerable people like rugby prop forwards. This is exactly how Nazi Germany started."

A BNP spokesman was available for comment but not afforded the right of reply.

Ms Debbie Dyke, of Stillenglish LGBT Vegetarians against Racism and Fascism, said "I never go out into the village any more nor does my partner, we are shocked, outraged, horrified and appalled that these people can ruin our lives in such a way".


Footnote by Green Arrow

This site does not endorse the views of Mr Richard Cranium but in the interest of fairness have decided to give him a platform providing he reports only facts.

I promised you yesterday would be a good news day and I was right. Word on the street, is there will be more good news later today.