Friday, 17 April 2009

The Good Cop, Bad Cop routine

Bad Cop - no id

It seems that our camera shy police, are that concerned about being photographed beating people almost to death, that apart from confiscating cameras they are also removing their identity numbers in open defiance of direct orders from the Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson.
“Where provided, epaulettes with identifying letters and numerals or insignia of rank must be worn and must be correct and visible at all times.

“It is the responsibility of all police officers, and their supervisors, to ensure this policy is followed.”

So let us play the Good Cop, Bad Cop game according to the Daily Mail rules. In the top image you see the "Bad Cop" who apart from refusing to wear his epaulettes also refused requests to identify himself when asked. Bad White Cop.

Good Cop - rank and Id

Now let us check out the image above. "Good Cop". "Here you go mate, here's my rank and ID". Good Black Cop.

But someone help me out here. Who is the "Very Bad Cop" with no id and rank markings in the image below who is lashing out with his big stick? Because he looks remarkably like the "Good Cop" above to me.

"Very Bad Cop" with no id or rank markings

So just what is going on here. Is it because the Daily Mail, that is read nationally wanted to show a bad "White Cop" and a good "Black Cop" and did not think the third image of the Black Cop with no id or rank beating someone, worth mentioning.

And strange that there should be two different sets of images for virtually the same story and same police officers. Especially since both papers are owned by the Daily Mail.