Tuesday, 21 April 2009

How can David Cameron be a signatory to this?

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Take a look at the above image and read the chilling words of a member the UAF that were spotted on the Unity Forum on the BNP Euro candidates thread.
"Whats more to the point what do we know about thier famillies Parents, Children, Siblings. Employers etc

You get a better result reducing the wives / mothers etc to tears than attacking the scum as candidates.

And yes its nasty, but effective, as the Liberal Agent Handbook acknowledges.

As the late Carwen James once said "Get your retaliation in first." "
What the thug is saying does not surprise or horrify me in the slightest, for I have read many books over the years on how communists seek to subvert democracy. The above actions suggested are just one of many violent tactics that they use.

But consider this. What would happen if a post like the above, was made on a British National Party forum? How long do you think it would remain open and how long before the author was arrested? Not long, that's for sure.

But what the thugs of the Claw Hammer Gang should realise, is that the political wheel is turning and that those of them who have attempted to interfere with the democratic process, will be hunted down and brought to trial.

So will any conservatives visiting site, please, please tell me this. Why is David Cameron's name still on the list of supporters for this violent and criminal organisation known as the UAF?