Wednesday, 29 April 2009

BNP Councillor Meiron Bowen and Plaid Cymru

Llandybie Church, Ammanford
The clock was added in 1920 as a memorial to the dead of the Great War

Only nine days after the Green Arrow reported on the defection of a former Plaid Cymru councillor, Meiron Bowen to the British National Party, the Welsh Press have finally decided to report on the story.

BNP Councillor Bowen said he had been thinking of joining the BNP for some time.
“I walked away from Plaid because I was being dictated to by party politics,” he said.

“People feel let down by Plaid and Labour and the BNP is prepared to address certain issues other parties aren’t.

“Labour and Plaid have lost their way while the BNP has more in common with the man in the street.”
And the British National Party welcomes free thinking men like Meiron Bowen. Men who are prepared to think for themselves and discover the truth. Then to stand up and be counted.

Not for men like Meiron, the act of staying silent and remaining loyal to a party that has betrayed the people of their country. A brave man and I for one applaud his courage and his actions.

But you have to admire the tenacity of people like Plaid MP Adam Price, who once they decide to be stupid, carry on digging no matter how deep the hole they have dug for themselves. Remember Adam is the man who said just days before Merion joined the BNP:
THE people of Carmarthenshire are above being swayed by right-wing rhetoric,
Determined to keep digging until he buries himself completly he now says:
The people of Ammanford were among the first to respond to the threat of fascism during the Spanish Civil War.

We are certain the message of hatred that is at the heart of the BNP will receive little support today either.
Not sure what the defeat of the communists, who with the support of the Soviet Union, wished to eliminate religion in Spain back in 39 has to do with the BNP but thats what he said. I do seem to recall that the communists did carry out war atrocities on a vast scale but that is par for the course with communists.

However Price is no longer in the hole alone. Labour Councillor, Peter Cooper has jumped in with him by saying stupidly:
“I don’t think Mr Bowen is the type of person voters will take seriously.
No of course not. That is why they voted him a councillor in the first place.

Councillor Bowen will be assisting fellow BNP Councillor, Kevin Edwards in his campaign to be elected in the coming European Elections on June 4th, when everybody with a vote has a chance to change the history of Our Country by putting their X alonside the name of a BNP candidate.

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Anonymous said...

Plaid think 'nationalism' is a trademark and perhaps they were shocked when they tried to register at Companies House that 'nationalism' cannot be copyrighted, idiots, but there's none so dangerous as idiots but they know and more importantly we know that they are not the Plaid of Saunders, Valentine but the bastard offspring of the Frankfurt School graduates.

Plaid are traitorous scum.