Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Tale of Two Hemispheres

From The Informer

I have a correspondent in Australia who having seen what is happening to his UK motherland has started enquiring into the state of his part of the world.

The Aussi economy has suffered lately, but no where near as badly as ours. They have not had to bail out any banks, do not pay failed executives, and have now adopted a closed door immigration policy.

That does not mean that they exclude everybody, just those who historically contribute less that they take from the economy. Others are free to knock on the door as it were, and most genuine types get a chance at staying.

Australia is a relatively new nation, and was built with the blood, sweat and tears of the mostly Irish and British who were sent there as punishment or latterly as migrants.

Various groups have recently carried out research into what Australians spend their money on. In Sydney for example there are several districts where non Australians have settled. The Italians have created a Mini Italy with restaurants, shops and businesses. The area is vibrant with relatively low unemployment. Families stick together and they have all adopted the Aussi way of life. The same applies to the large Japanese presence. Both these areas are popular with the Australian public.

However this is not the case in a place called Camden which is south west of the city.

Famous name shops have disappeared, corner shops have been turned into darkened dungeons selling all manner of strange vegetables and attire and staffed by sullen people chewing some strange purple stuff. Everyone wears a beard, and all the women, if you ever see one, wear all enclosing Black Dress with just a slit to see out of.

There is no laughter and whenever a white face passes through all the kids are shepherded from view.

Over a third of this town is like this and the residents of the other two thirds have finally had enough. The whole place including Christian Churches have objected to a the building of a $20million Islamic Madrassa for 900 pupils and all that this brings with it.

The Australians pull no punches in their objections, but being aware of the dangers of telling the truth nowadays I leave to your imagination what they are saying.

An air of decay hangs over the place and even modern buildings lack maintenance. Dust and rubbish is everywhere.

However there is one type of business is thriving, and there are dozens of them. These are the Travel Agent/Money Transfer shops. Millions of dollars are sucked out of the Australian economy every year and the Government knows it. They are now searching for legislation to prevent this scandal. They are also considering putting the lid on migrants families joining them. They know that the country cannot afford it so they act on the interests of the Australians first.

Japan has a similar problem, but not with immigrants from the Indian Sub Continent. Surprisingly enough Japan welcomed hundreds of thousands of Brazilians who found work in the many flourishing businesses of the 80's and 90's. That boom has come to an abrupt halt in the 21st century and Japan with no real need for a welfare system before has decided to spend what it can afford on its own people. They have though introduced an attractive repatriation scheme both popular with the Japanese and immigrants.

Most who have been offered this scheme have already gone home. Those who have not receive no state aid whatsoever. That is the choice.

There are no complaints. No complaint system, and no appeals.

None of the above has made the british press, but just 10 minutes browsing will find plenty on Australian sites. Just one example here:
When will our government wake up.