Monday, 2 February 2009

Has the penny finally dropped?

“Racist Scum!” snarled an Unite Union apparatchik, “Not defendable” grumbled Gordon Brown, “A huge mistake!” wittered Peter Mandelson, all of them condemning the series of strikes occurring across in protest at the employment of foreign labour in preference to UK workers.

What they are really saying is “How dare you?” ....“You have no right!” ... “There is nothing you can do about it, as indigenous Britons you are supposed to bend over and take it just like you have done for the last forty years!!”.

To their mind this is not what British workers are supposed to do, our leaders have spent years training and intimidating us with the 'R' word to the point where we no longer dare to question their great scheme. We are supposed to sit at home cheering for black football players and voting for non whites to represent Britain in the Eurovision song contest and to accept without complaint whatever ordure the great and good chose to pour on us in the furtherance of their aim of irrevocably changing our homeland.

The Union leaders are just as irritated by what is happening as are the politicians, even those craggy old Stalinists who are better at hiding their true feelings that the chap who lost it in South Wales, can not totally disguise the fact that they would be far happier were British workers to protest in favour of handing over more jobs to foreign workers. For make no mistake, they are fellow travellers with NuLabour and they are no less committed to multiculturalism and all that it entails.

However, what is happening? have the British people at last started to grasp what is being done to them?, have they at last begun to realise that their politicians and most of their union leaders do not have their best interests at heart and have not had for decades?. Does this mean that the penny has finally started to drop?

If so, it is about bloody time, and let us hope it is not too late.

This is just the latest in a long line of assaults against the British people which must have told people what was happening, but which they have tried to ignore, because of that damn British fear of making a fuss, which used to be a strength, but is now a potentially fatal flaw. Be in no doubt that, if we don't make a fuss now, the next thing they do to us will be even worse, and will not be the last.

If the knowledge that there is no longer such a thing as “British Jobs for British workers” has not yet brought the truth home to you, then what will?.

What really pisses me off, is that it has taken until now for the people of this once great nation to take a stand, and that the stand is being taken against white, Christian Europeans. If, instead of Italian and Polish workers, these jobs had been given to non-European immigrants from Africa, Asia or the Caribbean would the Politically correct brain washing have kicked in, and would those now protesting stayed at home to watch “Hustle” or some other Common Purpose approved propaganda with a take away curry. I hope not, but I fear so.

You may now see the threat to your jobs, but what about the threats to your culture, your saftey amd your children's future, which, until now you have ignored?.

You should have been protesting when the Somalis and Jamaicans fist began to arrive and turn our streets into blood spatterd gang war zones, when Islamic mullahs and extremists (which the lying media call a “tiny minority”) first started attacking the culture which had given them sanctuary and forming ghettos of hatred in once white cities across our land. It was time to shout “enough” when media social engineers started indoctrinating your daughters into the potentially fatal belief that it is cool and fashionable to have sex with black men, or when the Stephen Lawrence industry started spreading their lies and distortions, in order to hide the truth about racial violence in this country and who are the real victims, you and your children.

I say this, not to condemn or belittle the indigenous British people, but in the hope that enough of you will at last realise how far down the road to disaster we are, and how close we are to that tipping point from which there will be no return.

This threat to British jobs is not an isolated or unconnected event, it is just just a further stage in an ongoing process, the ultimate end of which will see the British people disinherited in their own land.

We are at the eleventh hour, it is time to take a stand. I thank God that some have begun to do so, I pray that they will not falter, that others will join then and that this is just the beginning.



Anonymous said...

That stiff upper lip has not just been a flaw, it has ben used by our enemies to do what they want safe in the knowledge that no one will create a fuss.

Anonymous said...

Today's Sun!!

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for that excellent article Sarah.

Anonymous said...

How dare you white scum stand up to us,we thought we'ed paralysed you lot with false guilt years ago.

from all at the liebour party.

Anonymous said...

How dare you white scum stand up to us,we thought we'ed paralysed you lot with false guilt years ago.

from all at the liebour party.

Not My Grandad's Labour Party said...

The reason that this dispute has woken the British people is because it's a sudden change rather than a gradual, almost imperceptible attrition.

If you look at the way that 'enrichment' has been implemented up to now, it has been a gradual destruction of our way of life - a death by a thousand cuts.

Each cut has been a minor annoyance, but not enough to bring people out on the streets.

- Nobody's actually rioted about the banning of 'Three Little Pigs' or crucifixes.

- People haven't been willing to die in a ditch about the gradual extension of the definition of Politically Incorrect speech.

- Nobody has taken to the barricades when the Union Jack and Flag of St George were deemed 'innappropriate'.

- Families have just had to grin and bear it when they've been pushed to the back of housing waiting-lists to make way for vibrant fast-breeders and their multiple wives.

But losing your job, and then inevitably your house, is hardly a minor annoyance. The EUrabians have made a major tactical error here. They have awoken a sleeping giant.

It's likely that the British people will now put these threats into the wider context of Islamification and destruction of national identity, that's being going on under both Tories and Labour for the past 40 years.

This will consolidate their grievances into support for the BNP and eventually sweep all these parasites, terrorists, gangstas, extortionists, pimps and similar vermin out of OUR country.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. They have taken our jobs. They have taken our housing. They are well on the way to taking our country. Well worth striking for I would say. At last,stand and fight for our country. First stage, Labour disintergrate at the next election.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

When they call us racist or bigot, they are really calling us cowards. They are calling us thralls and slaves. Time to stand up because if you sit down they will take you down from there.

Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders on creeping Islamification;

Watch it before they ban it!

Anonymous said...

Is 'Lord' Ahmed guilty of treason? He has violated the English constitution by threatening to besiege the House of Lords with 10,000 enraged murderous savages.
Why hasn't he been charged?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Very well said Not My Grandad's Labour Party, the "death by 1,000 cuts" analogy is very true, that is why they have got away with it up until now.