Monday, 2 February 2009

It's that time of year again

South Wales Constabulary - last year

Of course it's February again. I should have known as soon as I received a call from the British National Party Organiser for Bridgend , Adam Lloyd that the South Wales Constabulary were flying "that funny flag" again.

The funny flag being of couse the Rainbow Flag of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexuals. Yes it is LGBT month again. How time flies.

After passing comments on the weather, Adam informed me that thanks to the South Wales Police flying "the flag" and the attendant disgust from local people at the police promoting an issue that should be private, his share of the vote when standing in the May elections last year was a staggering 15%. Not bad at all considering it was the first time the BNP had ever stood in the area. Adam will make a fine BNP Councillor one day. Maybe even an MP. Who can say.

After Adam had hung up and returned to work, I remembered that I had written an article about it the previous year. Bridgend Police come out of the Closet.

A quick check of the news quickly brought home to me the fact that Adam and I are not the only ones who think that the Police should not be promoting, what is to me an anti-family cause.

There is also by all accounts much anger in the North of Wales also. Chief Constable Richard Brustrom (the road mad maniac) as ordered the Rainbow Flag to be flown also above the offices of the North Wales Police. Some of the comments make very good points.
"I can't see any reason why any flag other than the Union Flag and the Red Dragon of Wales should fly outside our police headquarters.

"This is tokenism and posturing. People want to see their police force focus on fighting crime, not getting involved in political tokenism and gestures."

Darren Millar, who is Conservative Welsh Assembly Member for the constituency, commented : "It's very strange for this sort of flag to be flying from a public building.

"Whilst I recognise North Wales Police have done a great deal to make sure they are open and behave equally to everyone this seems to be political correctness gone mad. I don't think it's going to enhance their ability to catch criminals."

Mr Millar, a former member of the police authority, said : "Perhaps they should focus more on a significant morale problem among their officers, which showed in a recent Police Federation survey."

A retired senior officer from the force said : "I think the flying of symbolic flags by this chief constable is divisive and unnecessary"
Brunstrom, it should be remembered was the Chief Constable who took the decision, to no longer fly the "Forces Flag" in North Wales, for reasons known only to himself.

The sooner the British National Party take power the sooner the people will be able to vote Brunstrom out of his his job and onto the dole. I am sure the BNP would encourage all Police Services to fly the Union Flag, National Flag and Forces Flag with equal pride.

And of course there are gays all over the world, even Australia, for all their roughie toughie image they have their share. The "good on you blue, you beaut" boys are up in arms over the fact that above the City hall of St Kilda, the Australian Flag was lowered and replaced by the vomit inducing colours of the rainbow.

However for those considering a major lifestyle change and "switching" over to the new liberal fashion being promoted in our schools. Remember that according to recent research, almost 20% of non-straight people have attempted suicide. Does not sound as if being gay is that much fun if you ask me.

Neither am I sure what that 20% figure means. How many did commit suicide would have been a better figure. It could be that the 20% of the homosexuals who "attempted" suicide might not be very bright. How difficult is it to swallow a bunch of tablets washed down with a good wine?

I hope to have an image from Bridgend later this evening but you can get the idea from the one taken last year. Talking about Bridgend. If you live within striking distance, then Adam is in need of some assistance. No one is asking you to join the BNP straight away, but come to a few meetings, meet the troops and see how you feel. You will be made welcome. You can get more information on the Bridgend Patriot site.

For those of you who would like to ask why a Police Force is promoting an alternative life style, then the details are:

South Wales Police, Headquaters, Cowbridge Road, Bridgend, 01656 655555


JPT said...

Who would have believed that the police would become a left wing pinko organisation.
We are all in peril I believe.

Anonymous said...

Stonewall spoke of hope for the future, well what future would that be, surely if we wee all gay then we would be extinct within a generation or two?.
Rightly so homosexuals should have the equal rights, but do they have to ram their lifestyle down the throats of everyone else? imagine if such blatant propaganda was used by the heterosexual majority, there would be an outcry. No wonder the locals of North Wales gave up any credence in their police farce (well for anything other than collecting speeding fines)

I wonder if the flag will be flying above the free hyperdermic needle machine that North Wales police had outside their HQ recently?

Anonymous said...

"But do they have to ram down everyone elses throat"

No pun intended i hope lol

Anonymous said...

How much police time and public money goes into their promotion of a lifestyle which should be a private matter.

It's not my business to know what anyone does for sexual satisfaction, provided animals and children are not part of the act.

I do think that a great many residents of South Wales would like to know the cost of all this posturing. And who benefits? not ordinary law abiding Joe Punter I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

without homosexuals, Britain would be one hell of a boring place, like Arabia or Africa, those people there also have no sense of humour or fun.

Anonymous said...

without homosexuals, Britain would be one hell of an AIDS-reduced place,

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Plenty of south Wales citizens are still wondering why the Chief of Police resigned very suddenly a few years back,no one believed it was a sudden medical crises and the very strong rumours were that a young boy was involved. You would have thought that, to end the suspicion a "full and frank" statement would have been issued but none came. How our establishment relish those three little words, "full and frank"- until they apply to themselves and their wrong doings. Incidentally, why did the said Chief of Police have a direct line to Chris Bryant, Rhondda MP and and a firm believer in rights for Gays- that is, his own right! If you are ever unfortunate enough to be stopped by a policeman in south Wales, ask about these things, they will usually wave you on your way,very quickly.

The Prophet Mohammed (pbum) said...

These PC kafirs have given me grave offense! They claim to be inclusive and yet they don't celebrate the vibrant contribution to cultural diversity of necrophiles like myself .

May Allah smite them! I look forward to seeing them all dead...

Anonymous said...

hi GA. Just seen tjhis months Searchlight. Your popular-not!

Salford Supporter said...

I think that many homosexuals are also opposed to 'positive discrimination' and to police forces being obliged to fly rainbow flags - which many feel does not represent them anyway.

It is not homosexuality which is anti-family but the socio-economic policiies of successive British governments. People cannot be indoctrinated or persuaded into homosexuality, they either have those tendencies or they do not, and all the evidence now seems to point to homosexuality having a biological origin over an environmentla one.

Of course people may well have moral objections to it - more likely so if they are religious. And in a free country why should people be obliged or coerced into approval for this or any other consensual and victimless sexual practice. However,beyond personal morality, from a nationalistic perspective homosexuality should not be judged to be either right or wrong, just as a fact of life.

Anonymous said...

The Brownnosed Brainwashing Corporation is still peddling its 'Muslims Invented Everything' toxic mixture of grovelling dhimmitude and barefaced taqiyya.

The truth, of course is rather different: fast-breeding Muslims are a serious waste of space and resources on an overcrowded planet.

Is this propaganda an attempt to downgrade the Judeo-Christian contribution to the modern world, or to make the British feel happier about having these fast-breeders bring ecological and social havoc to a once green and pleasant land, or is it to make the pedo-worshippers themselves feel better about being such backward, inbred, useless parasites?