Monday, 2 February 2009

Welders can be such ORGANISED people

Still cutting it, despite the lawyer's blatant interference with free speech

Now before I go any further, I must confess this isn't entirely all my own work. I was given a few tips of what to put in search engines, but when I got going I got rather anoyed. But as a former girlfriend of mine always said, "dont get mean, get even". Just before she dumped me and took up with a young farmer .....

What would you say if I told you that lawyers up and down the land are doing their damndest right now to climb into blogs, forums, and all the nooks and crannies they can find in cyberspace, armed to the teeth with injunctions, trying desperately to shut down any and all attempts at passing information from person to person. You'd say I've gone mad, wouldn't you.

Well maybe I have. But I'll tell you what, pop over to google and run a search for "uk welder sky news". Tell you what, don't bother I'll do it for you. Here you go.

If you click the link you will see an announcement similar to this:-

The UKWelder Forum is now closed.
An official announcement will be added to the site as soon as possible

Shades of "What's that Skippy?". "Someone's taken the uk welder forum and thrown it down the old mineshaft ?" "Why on earth would they do that ?". And I would say why indeed. what could possibly cause a trade website dedicated to the art of getting your old jalopy through its MOT to go into meltdown.

Finding the answer was not easy. But as the old saying goes, "seek, and you shall find". But this time google will not be your friend, because for some strange reason the searches I ran there didn't bring anything up. Which all sounds a bit chinese to me. As in, try looking for information on the Falun Gong in China and see how far you get. (Probably to their version of Guantanamo Bay, I reckon).

But on a website dedicated to providing a life of a king for those who've told Gordon to shove it, I found the truth. Read it for yourself here and the original article, that does not come up in any google search I try, is here and for those whose ISP is slow as a Virgin Train, I've extracted the essence of the article for you.

It's all about those awfully nice Italian and Portugese chaps over here taking the work that was removed from British firms and handed to companies whose head offices rather enjoy reaping the rewards of the Lisbon Treaty, and who naturally enough see no reason not to import their own workforce leaving ours on the dole. Here's what The Times had to say about the protests, and the speed at which they have gathered pace - a speed not seen since the Fuel Protests gave Tony The Lying Scumbag Blair a bigger case of the shits than a shower in a Sharm El Sheik hotel.

"The government appears to have been caught out by the speed with which the dispute is escalating. Already there appears to be division within its ranks... ...Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, issued a stark warning against moves to protect British jobs from foreign workers... ...His stance was echoed by the Prime Minister...

... In their protest placards and banners, the strikers repeatedly highlighted Brown’s speech aboutBritish jobs for British workerswhich was delivered to the Labour party conference in September 2007...

... The prime minister may now be hoist by his own petard
because Mandelson’s comments yesterday make it clear that the government has no power to legislate for British jobs...

Official statistics show that the number of foreign workers has risen by 175,000 since Brown’s speech, while the number of British in work has fallen by 46,000...

...Frank Field, Labour MP for Birkenhead, said: “These strikes are proving to be a double whammy for Gordon Brown. The claim of ‘British jobs for British workers’ looks a pretty empty promise. Worse still, it shows the European Union has us in a double arm lock. British workers are being specifically excluded from working on contracts by European contractors....”

And now here's the interesting bit

"Oil company bosses have taken to trawling the internet in an attempt to keep pace with striking workers who are coordinating action on websites such as Yesterday the website discussed possible action at the Isle of Grain - considered vulnerable because “there is only one way in” - and the London Olympics venues. Lawyers acting for Total have shown print-outs of previous posts to the website to a judge. The company alleges that workers have spent several weeks planning the main protest at its refinery at Killingholme where 400 job vacancies will eventually be filled by Italian and Portuguese workers."

And the even more interesting bit

"In an application for an injunction preventing demonstrators from setting foot inside the refinery, solicitors Denton Wilde Sapte stated that the site revealed plans for “disruptive” action at the Killingholme plant. The application quoted adverse comment on the site’s chatroom...."

And suddenly, not only is the UKWelder.Com forum closed, but all trace of it's discussions - and the links to newspaper articles revealing this denial of freedom of speech seem to have vanished from search engines.

Coincidence ? From a company that co-operates with the chinese government to prevent free exchange of information?

I think not.


The Green Arrow said...

Excellent article JOG.

Anyone currently taking part in the justified strikes and who wishes to write about it should just email them to and I will publish and be damned.

Anonymous said...

"In the 1930s, the Jarrow Crusade marched on London to demand work; now in 2009 they will be marching to demand foreigners are sent home. The British National Party is finally in from the cold - inheritor of the great tradition of British industrial militancy."

Taken from The Herald (para. 5):

Nationalism 1 (Marxist) Socialism 0

MagnaCarta said...

God, this is unbelievable!!! Next they'll be turning off mobile phone cells.

Orwell must be saying 'Told You So'

This Government has got to go...NOW!

Anonymous said...

We must not blame foreign workers!the corrupt thieving lying scumbags in gov: they are to blame we have to stand together bring the house of plenty down!they have destroyed the country with their greed!We have nothing to loose!all is going anyway!We will have to struggle but under the BNP we will rise again!

Mike said...

Now wouldn't it be a shame if someone created a forum displaying the names and company addresses of these anti-British lawyers, with copies of any injunctions for all to see...?

Regs, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Many of this Italian and Portuguese workers who take jobs from british people also had their jobs taken from them, in their own countries, by other foreign workers willing to work even cheaper.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Great research. This is so important. For each time they are caught out like this there are many more times they are not. What happened to public trials?

One legal theory to think about is that Churchill and Roosevelt agreed on war aims during WWII and these included the 4 freedoms. That meant the 4 freedoms as understood then under the US Constitution. It was once thought that Britain had unwritten freedoms that were the same as the US written ones. That was why there was not a Bill of Rights in the original US Constitution, its amendments. It was thought then that British Common Law already had all the freedoms in the US Bill of Rights. The US Constitution was written by an assembly of mostly lawyers who knew the law at that time.

One can argue that all the WWII era documents and even WWI in their broad statements essentially agreed that all the freedoms in the US Constitution and all US court cases upholding them were binding law on all the signatories of the WWII era treaties including UN, peace treaties, declarations of war aims during the war, etc.

On that basis, the lack of effective public trials today in the UK, the secrecy, etc. are not legal. Those are what the US and UK agreed they were fighting in WWI and WWII and the UK and other European countries in effect agreed to incorporate the US Constitution's protections and US court cases by all the agreements, treaties, declarations, etc. in the WWII and WWI eras.

Moreover, that is what common British people (actually pretty uncommon by world standards) who fought in those wars thought.

Anonymous said...

Another nail in Peter Hains Coffin

Bert Rustle said...

Newsnight had a group interview with a Unite shop steward, Keith Vaz and Nigel Farage. It was made clear that the action was unofficial, yet a Unite flag was to the fore in several camera shots of the protests.

Why would a Unite memeber wish to implicate his union in unofficial action and precipitate legal action?

Bert Rustle said...

Globalism vs. Ethnonationalism

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take before the first EU flag is burnt on the street? Going by the mood of those I hear it wont be long.

I doubt you will see it on the bbc though.

For emergency communication, if phone masts are turned off, you need high power walkie talkies to relay messages, no licence required, buy in any currys commet etc.


johnofgwent said...

Hi 'Anon' of 02-02-09 23:27

I don't [b]blame[/b] the italian and portuguese who have been "bussed in" to do this work any more than i blame the spanish nurses who Gwent NHS flew into Rhoose Airport a year or two ago - and flew straight back when their budget was slashed after the GP's surgeries funding fiasco.

And according to the Polish plumbers have stopped sleeping in their vans, and have raised their prices to the same as british tradesmen so as to enjoy the same standard of living. I have no problem with that. If they want to do the work to the same standard as the people already here, if they pay the same overheads to jump through the same red tape laden hoops, and if they get the same recognition from trade bodies then the rest is fair game.

But as that article says, as the Poles move upmarket, the Bulgarians and Romanians move in to the "what do you wanna pay gov, cash ot VAT" sector they have vacated.

And right now the Romanians have a plumbing and building problem themselves. It's not surprising if you keep your ears open and hear how many have been recruited to come to London th build the Olympic village and stadia. But the Romanian Economy Minister is on record teling Radio 4's Today Programme he fears giving free rein to all and sundry to come and work in Romania will cause "ethnic and racial tension".

Anonymous said...

"There is no point in saying, 'The workers must obey the laws that govern employment.' The laws which now govern employment in this country are no longer legitimate. They are no longer the laws drawn up by British democracy."

WOW! I can't believe this has come from a Tory paper. Green, I strongly suggest you make an issue out of this article.

ProudGeordie said...

That has hit me like a hammer. Last year I read with bored half-interest as search engines censored search results in China and thought "Ah well, that's commies for ya".

Now I see we have suffered the same fate. The internet is censored and it is creeping in its scope. It will be very difficult to censor the ENTIRE web but if the main search companies are bribed off then that will keep the truth from the vast majority.

Is it coincidence that the communist Chinese Prime Minister is in London this week making back-room deals with Gormeless McBroon? Our time shortens by the day. We must organise and do it fast.

If you havn't already may I suggest watching Zeitgeist the movie before Google remove all links. I just did and some of it is frightening