Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Vote and a Soundbite on the wildcats

As you can see, you can vote only once!

Just a small piece to start the day off with. There is an article here in the Mail online about how the British Lion Wildcat Workers may help tear down the evil EU empire.

You are probably going to read it anyway, so I will not go into too much detail other than to say that the writer is making comparisons between what is happening now, and Polish Workers standing up against the equaly evil Soviet Empire in the 80's and saying;
'On our knees before God, but on our own two feet before all men.'

Their strike spread across Poland, and cracked the power of the quislings in Warsaw who did Moscow's work. The strike was the beginning of the end of the Soviet empire.
Recommend you read the rest of the article and whilst there cast your vote in support of "British Jobs for British Workers", where currently the score is 85% of the voters supporting and 15% against them. One assumes the 15% are the enrichers, reds and the imported workers themselves.

"British Jobs for British Workers", leads me on to the next link and it also is equally important, for it reveals the minds of the unelected traitors that govern us. Brown was never elected to be Prime Minister and neither was the deviant crook, Peter Mandelson elected by the The True Brits to be our spokesman and elevated to the Lords.

Mandelson, who has also "imported" a piece of fancy foreign stuff himself defended Gordon Brown's use of, "British Jobs for British Workers" by saying;
"We must all expect to have our soundbites misused from time to time, taken out like a stick with which to beat us. Such are the trials of political life."
There you go. Have it right between your eyes. That is all it was, this expression that was coined by the British National Party, it was just a "soundbite" to the political filth that govern us, impoverish us, enslave us and seek to destroy us and Our Country.

But Mandelson got one thing right. It will be used as a stick, a stick to beat him and his stinking, rotten, evil cronies of Eurabia to political death. And when we have done that we will put him on trial for treason and hopefully hang him straight after.

Because when the British National Party says something, they mean it. Words are not soundbites to them. They are statements of real intent. Now please go do that vote.

The British National Party says what it means
and means what it says


Anonymous said...

Vote done.

Anonymous said...

"And when we have done that we will put him on trial for treason and hopefully hang him straight after."


They know it. They know full well what they have done and they know full well we're going to make them answer for it.

Traitor's Gate awaits.


Anonymous said...

Another superb article on that site GA is The Singing Reveloution.
Real people power.


Heres a snippet.

The Revolution started in the summer of 1987, when mass protests by the Estonian people began against Russian occupation of their country. In the June evenings of that year over 10,000 people a night packed the Lauluväljak (The Tallinn Song Festival Grounds), where they sang patriotic and national songs forbidden by the Soviet regime. These gatherings helped unite the Estonian people and ignited a renewed wave of passion for their national identity (which was being marginalised by aggressive Russification of the country), furthering the country's desire for freedom. In September of 1988, 300,000 Estonians gathered at the Lauluvaljak to continue their protest and to hear Trivimi Velliste make the first public demand for independence.

Never forget that we the people are the real power, not the crooks in Troughminster.


Anonymous said...

Dissable your cookies, you can then vote as many times as you like

Anonymous said...

Peter Mandelson, and the rest of Labour, should remember that generations of working class Brits put them power in the first place. Now these same Brits feel absolutely betrayed.

This Labour Government will be the last Labour Government we will ever see. The working class will never forget how they have treated us. They are a bunch of worthless parasites who's sole interest in life is to feather their own nests.

Self interest is the dominant theme running through the rotten core of Labour....and we won't forget. My absolute loathing of New Labour knows no bounds. There isn't one Labour MP who has stood up and supported the demonstrators....and they claim to be the party of the working class. What an obscene joke.

BTW, Green Arrow, Peter Hain is a foreigner and does not represent the genuine people of Neath. LOL

wellard67 said...

Spot on Arrow. Vote cast and could i also point out the british wildcats facebook group so everyone joins