Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Inconvenient Truth

By Albion

The accusation of being a racist has long been used to silence the people who claim prior ownership of this land, so much so the word racist has ceased to have any shock value. It is purely and solely used as a threat of a jail term to anyone who objects to the colonization of this country, because that is precisely what is taking place.

Our country is being confiscated, being given to Europe and opened up as another land mass to house all the world’s poor. If you don’t do something to halt this treason you are going to lose your country to the European Federalists.

Who gave these people permission to do this? Our survival instinct tells us that the disgusting social and violent changes, the stifling of freedom of speech and the watering down of our culture that is taking place in this country is not normal but we are not allowed to say so. I smell fascism here.

If I remember prior to 1948 the word racist was never heard or used. The police force certainly takes racism seriously, they use it very selectively. Are Afghans brought before the courts for racist remarks to Pakistanis, what about the Kurds, can they be accused of racism? Of course not, it only applies to the people who call this island the land of their ancestors.

The word really starting appearing in our everyday language when the first Landing Craft the ‘Windrush’ ran up the beach at Southampton and has been used selectively against the people of this land ever since to silence any opposition to colonization. It has been extremely effective.

The people glower at the invader, they resent them but they say nothing, they dare not. In the privacy of their home or with their own tribe at the pub it’s a different matter. First they are careful to check that the ‘thought police’ are not around monitoring their conversations.

The pub owner who was foolish enough to pin newspaper reports to the pub wall was to find out to his horror the error of his ways. The newspaper reports were NOT racist when it was in the newspaper but suddenly they were racist once it was cut out of the newspaper and pinned to a pub wall. The person who reported it was one of our own tribe. That is a real cause for alarm. It appears even our own people are traitors to their own tribe.

Let us not forget the Radio Amateur that affixed an A4 size Union Jack to his radio mast and was accused of racist provocation and frog marched to the Police station.

This is true Orwellian stuff. The Prolls say nothing, they are far too frightened.

If the servicemen and women returning home from bloody battlefields of North Africa and Europe were told that the country they fought so valiantly for, there would be a Black Police Association and a Gay Police Association, same sex marriages would be legalized and that unnatural sex perversions and explicit sex foreplay would be taught to pre-pubescent children and that their own people would be blatantly discriminated against in jobs and housing, that their Christian celebrations would watered down so as not to offend the invader, and a female child given to a brace of male homosexuals to foster they would say you were mad.

But far left Socialism is mad and very dangerous

As the man of letters warned us, using the words of Euripides the Greek playwright, “whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad, we must be mad, literally mad” Well the madness has been taking place for quite some time.

Even Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984 was not aware of who his enemies were, they were his own people.

This horror is taking place throughout Europe. I suspect Holland, defender and champion of sex; drugs and rock and roll may be a lost cause, with France not far behind. Europe desperately needs political change but the Globalists are determined not to give up without a fight. Their grand design for Europe has been planned for many years, it is imperative the momentum be kept going.

What are we hearing from Brussels and Davos; we must not withdraw into protectionism but embrace Globalism. Our Mr. Brown knows all about Globalism, he never shuts up about it.

Perhaps he can give India another 600 million pounds of the tax payer’s money to keep their space programme ticking over. Our aged will cope; Iceland will keep up the supply of knitted woollies.

The workers object to foreigners taking British jobs, so their own Unions who are happy to take their subs and give a percentage of their subs to the political party who are directly responsible for taking their jobs in the first place, then accuse the workers of being racist scum, it’s that word again, Déjà vu. Whose interest does their union stand for? God help us! The Mad Hatter was more sane than these people.



Flashman said...

How true, it's articles like this that expose the danger of the liblabcon alliance. The British must wake up and turn the tide.

Anonymous said...

Political words which have been invented in the last 50 years and when they were first heard;
Sexism approx 1982
Homophobism approx 1994
The Holocaust 1978.
Racism...an oldie 1957.
Likewise the Common Market 1956 became the European Community 1983 which became the European Union 1993.
The Netherlands white indigenous will be a minority by 2030; not really that far away.

Anonymous said...

and the phrase 'Hate Crime' is now heard all the time and can almost mean anything.

eg in a news article Larry Kramer a gay Jew was quoted as saying ''well , lets face it they hate us'' it sems that there is a real 'hate crime' industry a building. And people make poltical and personal capital and kudos out of it..perverse ay?