Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Wildcat strikes and the word racist

All over the main stream media and on the communist trade union sites and acting in orchestration, the tools of the Establishment and the New World Order are trying to portray the British National Party's support for the striking British Workers as somehow being "Racist".

This is a desperate attempt by those marxist/globalists to divide the workers and their only real political supporter, the British National Party and to discredit the workers in the eyes of the general public and remove any sympathy for them, so there will be no objections when the Soviet European Union seek to crush their protests.

But the workers and supporters, fighting for their jobs and ultimately their homes and families are not fooled. They have access to the truth at numerous sites.

One of those sites, is that of the British National Party legal eagle, Lee Barnes over on 21st Century British Nationalism who clearly stated, in my opinion, the views of the British National Party in this article here.

In the article he clearly makes the following point;

All British workers, regardless of race, colour, creed or class will be put to the front of the queue for British jobs.
The British National Party does not just speak in the support of "White" workers but also in support of all those genuine and legal "ethnic" workers who are just as concerned about their futures as their white counterparts.

No matter why they came here, they are here now and if they are now legally British Citizens, they have equal rights to work and protection also.

Who then are the real "racists", if not the globalists who seek destroy the lives and way of life of all British Citizens in their quest to create their One World build on slave labour?

Even Trevor Kavanagh over on the Sun has realised the truth at last
Brits of all backgrounds, including established migrants, have been simmering over immigration for a decade.

They were treated with contempt as Labour recklessly opened the door to countless newcomers.

Yes, the vast majority are decent, law-abiding workers, grateful for our hospitality.

But there is an ugly side to immigration we are not supposed to talk about...

Freeloading on the welfare state, jumping housing queues and mopping up health and welfare provision for which they have paid no tax.

Immigrants feature disproportionately in criminal violence.

Organised gangs from Africa, Albania and Asia run ruthless drug and vice rings. And ministers do absolutely nothing about it.

Labour champions equality but ignores its own natural supporters — hard-working tradesmen priced out by EU rivals.

Labour vigilantly imposes Health & Safety fascism yet turns a blind eye to migrants exploited as slave labour.

Unions hail the minimum wage as their greatest triumph while workers compete with foreign rivals who work all hours for what they see as a king’s ransom.

Labour decided long ago that all immigration is good.

If it raises tax revenue, the more the merrier.

All minorities, even those with no link to this country, take priority over the established population.

Inner cities are colonised by entire communities who live, pray, dress and speak as if they still lived in tribal villages.

Shockingly, there are 300 schools where English is not the first language.

Labour is obsessed with its diversity agenda, yet it sits mute as women in ghettos are kept ignorant, forced into marriage or, in some cases, murdered for refusing.
Will Trevor now be condemned as a "racist", because he is only saying what the British National Party has been saying for decades? Why does Trevor not have the courage of his convictions and admit that only the BNP have the right ideas and the solutions to our problems.

The British National Party unequivocally condemns all forms of racism. No person should be intimidated, harassed or attacked because of their colour. Irregardless of whether they are in the country legally or not.

However the British National Party would and make no mistakes about this, deport all illegal immigrants and bogus refugees within a very short period of time. Included in deportation would also be criminals whose origins are from overseas countries.

This action would or should be welcomed by all True Brits and "ethnic" British Citizens whose livelihoods are also threatened by the flood of economic migrants from overseas.

Believe it not, but I believe that any Black, Asian or Martians who are in our country legally, should vote for the British National Party in order to prevent the situation in our sad country getting worse and eventually leading to bloodshed in the future, which would find us at each others throats.

Finally I would like you all to visit a couple of sites today. First is the UKTabloid which really does have a grip on what is happening in the UK today with lots of articles from around Our Country.

The second site is the British Wildcats site which advocates British Jobs for British Workers and as a selection of really useful posters and leaflets for any workers involved in the current disputes.

I see it as gone 1300. I think I will treat myself to can of cheap beer and a cheese sandwich. Cheers Odin you old dog you.

Coming later today, Part 3 in the series of articles by one of our top writers, Reconquista.


ProudGeordie said...

Another excellent article GA.

The point about established ethnic minorities being legal british citizens is excellent, and very true.

I seriously believe that unless some, if not a lot, of the established families, some of whom have been here quite literally a lifetime, do not make a stand against the criminal immigrant communities then the REAL racists will band them all in the same camp according to colour and tar them with the same brush.

They must realise that they are as much at risk as the indigenous peoples. Not all black immigration is bad just as not all white immigration is good. It is an economic and law-and-order issue, not a skin issue.

Strider said...

Regarding the workers issue, I agree wholeheartedly.

Nevertheless, we should not ignore the fact that if this country had 60 million Black-British citizens, it would not be a 'British' nation at all.

Hate is for fools, but sound ideological common sense is for the BNP. We will look after honest, hard working British citizens, but we also know that British culture comes from the English, Irish, Scottish, Cornish & Welsh.

The Green Arrow said...

Strider agreed about the British culture and its origins.

I should have also mentioned the BNPs more than generous policy on voluntary repatriation which will also be in place for those British Citizens who wish to take advantage of it.

Sgt Troy said...

I'm a bit suprised we are including Islam here in our definition, but no doubt the voluntary repatriation programme will be appropriately targeted

Anonymous said...

Strider says: "Nevertheless, we should not ignore the fact that if this country had 60 million Black-British citizens, it would not be a 'British' nation at all."

... and this must be underlined again and again. Of course the law must treat everyone fairly regardless of race or status, but never forget there are no "blank slate" nations. Races differ in crucial ways, and Britain is Britain because it is white. Multiracists can deny this truth all they like, but anyone with eyes in their head can see that white dominated Africa was different from today's black controlled Africa: when white dominated, it functioned; now that blacks are in control, it is dead. There is no "Rainbow Nation" in South Africa, only a Xhosa dominated thugocracy with the state on the verge of collapse as whites leave the scene. Yes many factors come into play, but the most important factor is RACE. Refuse to recognise this at your peril. Of course there are good and bad in all races, but that doesn't change the FACT that racial characteristics differ, and that the desire to preserve one's own is right and true.

Don't let the charge of "racist" frighten you. It is merely the bogey tactic of the left. It only has the power of a half-truth (ie of a lie). Instead of facing up to the universal problem of bullying, leftists make out that the BIG EVIL is "racism". We all know that at times we've had bullying attitudes toward others (our wives, husbands, children, others). Growing up and the discipline we receive as children is meant to educate us out of this. But LEFTISTS WON'T GROW UP. They throw tantrums when they can't get their own way, and think they can achieve this by bullying and intimidation. But of course, they don't want to think of themselves as bullies, so they invent the "crime of racism" to batter us all into accepting their domination, while maintaining their "good" self-image.

But the important thing is this: leftists conflate "racism" with bullying. NO SANE PERSON SHOULD. Of course we're against bullying. But we're not against defending our own, standing up for our own, yes preferring our own. That's what every healthy family does. And from the Good Book: "Love your neighbour as you love yourself" - you can only love others, if you've first learnt to love and respect yourself and your own.


JPT said...

The tide is most certainly turning, and the left will try to hijack things mark my words.

Salford Supporter said...

My take on these newspaper columnists who appear to sail close to our shores is this. They act to contain popular political dissent by articulating nationalist sentiment - in the main expressing what a large section of their readership already believe and want to hear spoken. It helps the newspapers to maintain some credibilty and connection with its' readers.

However,at the same time, it is by keeping their readers attention and loyalty in this way that they can more effectively act as pied pipers - leading those same readers to be blinkered towards the BNP ( by regularly denouncing the BNP in this context, as they do) and byultimately leading them back to voting for the Lib/Lab/Con gang.

P.S I haven't seen Leo McKinstry of The Daily Express do so yet,though I fear it is only a matter of time before he does.I hope he doesn't, it makes him unique.

Cultural Nationalist said...

The excellent Citizen Warrior has a new thought-provoking article about the multiculturalist dogma that 'all cultures are equal' . The article was actually so thought-provoking it set me to thinking of whether there is any logical argument that can demonstrate the inequality of cultures, and it occurred to me that different cultures can be thought of as 'sets' of beliefs and customs which may or may not overlap.

If we apply set theory to multiculturalism, then Judeo-Christian civilisation can be shown to be superior to Islam, because when examined closely, Islamic culture is seen to be nothing other than an impoverished subset of Judeo-Christian culture. Consequently, Islamic culture cannot add anything to ours, it can only subtract and destroy.

Every aspect of present-day Islamic culture that appears to be different from our own is in fact already contained within our culture, it's just part of the subset of beliefs and customs marked 'history'. For example - tribalism, theocracy, punishment by amputations, repression of women, honour killings, blasphemy laws etc - we've been there and done that and given it up centuries ago.

As with adolescent vandals, those who lack creativity can only express themselves by destruction, and Muslims are very good at destroying the products of other civilisations (known as 'Jahiliyya') . Remember the Buddhas of Bamiyan!

If you look carefully at the process of Islamification in Europe, you'll see that nothing is being added (apart from babies and mosques), but much is being taken away. Almost every Muslim demand is culturally destructive and 'subtractive' rather than 'additive'. They want to remove pig statues, ban alcohol, curb free speech, stop teaching art, music, drama, biology and other 'un-Islamic' subjects in schools. And the mere presence of Muslims in the West reduces the quality of life, with security restrictions on travel; and kaffir women and children in Muslim-infested cities unable to move and play freely for fear of sexual predators.

In contrast to the subtractive impacts of Muslims on Western civilisation, Muslim clerics in in Dar al-Islam are paranoid about the addition of aspects of Western culture such as fashion, music, toys, cinema, art, science etc to their own, which they refer to as 'Westoxication'

So, no matter what the multiculturalists tell us, Islam cannot bring 'cultural enrichment' to the West - it can only bring cultural impoverishment.

To say that Muslim immigrants are worthless is to overvalue them. In fact they have a negative cultural worth, because their attempts to Islamify the West are an attempt to reduce the rich culture of a superior civilisation to a depleted and restricted subset.