Sunday 31 May 2009

Roger Bolton does it again....

by johnofgwent

Earlier today I mentioned how Roger Bolton's "Sunday" programme allowed the archbishop of canterburistan to lob pot shots at those criticising his actions in attempting to get the voters to vote for anyone except the BNP.

Bolton's at it again. In "feedback" he was out shoving microphones under BBC executives noses demanding an admission that it is hypocritical for BBC journalists freelance and staff alike to go out and criticise the MP's when those same journalists are paid from the public purse and doubtless claim expenses too.

Wrong. Wrong ***WRONG*** Mr Bolton.

You overlook the fact that every one of those BBC executives, BBC journalists and Freelancers On Contract to the BBC are handed a tax return which thay must use to persuade the taxman that every penny of their expense claim was incurred "wholly necesarily and exclusively" for business and that failure to do so can come back to haunt you with penalties, interest and interviews under caution on suspicion of fraud.

You overlook the fact as transmitted on a programme ten days ago on your own radio station that expense claims are subject to a duality of purpose test. An actor faced with crooked teeth which prevent him succeeding in getting past the audition for the cameras must pay for the dentistry out of his own pocket. The taxman freely admits the expense was necessary for him to gain work and thus keep the taxman employed, but the teeth to which the dentistry were employed eat food as well as glitter for the camera, and thus "duality of purpose" rules scupper the claim.

And you overlook the fact that NO Member of Parliament must meet this standard with their paper chases covering the barrowloads of gold they have squirrel out of the public purse.

Mr Bolton you owe every single BBC journalist and freelancer on contract to the BBC an apology for this outrageous slur on the system that vets the legality of their expenses to the same standard as every other working man and woman in the country - except the 650 odd scum in London SW1A 0AA

Lynn Harper, Labour Party Thug

Take a look at the above video, that was taken at Saturdays BNP Day of Action in Neath.

Remember Neath, this is the Welsh town that Peter Hain MP, the South African associate of terrorists, said would run the British National Party out of.

Since then the BNP have leafleted at least three times and been made more than welcome by the real Welsh who live there. There are no "No Go Areas" for the BNP and there is no hiding for the crooks and criminals of The Establishment, like the carpet bagger Peter Hain.

In the end the only people who turned out to support him were people on his payroll and his thug, failed councillor, Lynn Harper ,who is also on Hains payroll. But you already know about Hain and the vanished £103,000 that he forget to mention after his failed attempt for Deputy Leader of the sinking Labour Party.

You also know about the £339,720 Hain sucked off taxpayers to fund his permatan and pay for fatboy Harper to strut around Neath. £91,415 Hain leeched of us last year just to help pay for his bully boy friend.

So lets move on to Lynne Harper, failed councillor and soon to be unemployed once Hain is kicked out of Neath come the next general election.

In the video you see what sort of coward Harper is, whispering threats as he walks by Roger Phillips of Wales BNPtv, because what he has to say is not fit for public viewing.

No questions, no debate just threats. Rest assured Harper we are on to you big time. Pity the police were there, I suspect you would have bit of more than you could chew. Unlike you, the BNP are opposed to violence but will defend themselves when physically attacked.

The BNP gentleman speaking at the end of the video is of course, BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards, who is also one of our Election Candidates, that you can vote for on June 4th. Help send a dismissal note of intent to Peter and his paid thug by making sure your X is boldly placed alongside BNP on your ballot paper.

Punish the Pigs on June 4th

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Oh no! its THEM again! The people’s popular front.

BNP Leaflet Neath 2009
5am alarm call s
ignals the start of another Saturday in the life of a BNP activist. My mind snaps awake when I realise this is it! Last weekend before the country goes to the polling station and we need to get every spare vote we can before d-day.

Quick check out the window reveals a lovely sunny day, so it’s a go situation. I then cant help but smile when I think of the target town for the day Neath! home to our old friend DAY-Glow Hain! I wondered if he would have the balls to appear in public after his expenses were exposed to us all in an ongoing saga that has changed the face of UK politics forever.

Hain had claimed £3000 from the taxpayer for heating oil for his £400,000 home and also billed us for repairing the plastic shed roof on his log store. Cant help but laugh to myself when I think of the leaflet we have in-store for the day reminding the good people of Neath of the extortionate cost we face in keeping the glow on Hain’s face. Not to mention the freebies this particular tax sucking vampire eagerly accepts.

Quick scan of the local newspaper before setting off and an article jumps from the page “anti BNP demo Saturday” surely not? I read further and all is revealed Local MP for Lie-Bore Nia Griffith of the tir-gofal funding fame and Plaids Helen Mary Jones along with the usual bunch of misfits are going to hold a ,march through the town of Llanelli.

Now surely any normal person would ask why 2 opposing parties are joining forces on the last Saturday before the EU elections are held to demonstrate against the BNP instead of canvassing their own policies? Ah I get it now, they don’t really like facing a really angry public at the moment and they also know the whole country is sick and tired of the EU and Labours rather silly lies on the promise of a referendum oooops! Sorry meant the Lisbon Treaty were not allowed to vote on.

The mind boggles at the level of fraud that goes on in this tax funded gravy train they have created against our wishes. Anyway my fellow team members arrive and we set off to Neath and we hatch a rather daring plan.

A few quick phone calls and its decided were going to take our film camera to Llanelli and ask them exactly why they cant face the public on their own merits without using the BNP as a smokescreen in the hope we will all forget about the expenses scandal brewing away daily.

We arrive at Neath and park up soon to be joined by the rest of the team, good turnout with 25 people present for the day before heading off to Llanelli we help carry the thousands of leaflets/stall and hundreds of Voice Of Freedom into town centre.

As we arrive at the centre square I spot it. A red rosette! Its Labour! And even better its our old friend from last weekend Leighton Veale. I then spot something rather unpleasant. At first I thought a dog had fouled the pavement but then realised it was a certain Andrew Fitton of the Socialist Workers Party along with some unwashed UAF members. WOW! Sod Llanelli this will be fun!

No sooner had we set up and started handing out our information to the passing public they started with the usual megaphone and tired rants (you can all guess the 2 words these people were taught at school!) but now things are different, something has changed, I see members of the public verbally abuse the pony tailed drug hazed hippy with megaphone and tell him to stop lying and that the BNP are exactly what this country needs.

I grabbed a big handful of our Hain expenses leaflets and started handing them out. Incredibly I count the people waiting for info from me 3-4-5-6-7 wow! 10 minutes gone and I need more stock! Back to the counter passing by the abusers and anti free speech crowd smiling away to myself I cant help but notice their frustration is rising at our immediate success.

They begin to panic and the ranting gets louder so we bring out our secret weapon the TV camera and start asking Mr Veale some pointed questions that he was not very comfortable with answering. Errr in fact he didn’t answer!

Selective dumbness in Labour is rife! I will not bore you with all the details of exactly what happened, you can watch the film work when we post it and draw your own conclusions but to give you an idea of just how ignorant these people are, there was a wedding in the church next to us and they didn’t even have enough respect to stop their abuse for the wedding party to enjoy their day, that is until the local police showed up and sent them packing!

Labour hung around for another fruitless hour or so looking for “weapons of mass destruction” before finally giving up and leaving looking very very dejected.

The shoe is now well and truly on the other foot and this is a party who’s members know that the end is near for them. We have two film crews present from BBC and ITV and the BBC crew are gobsmacked at the level of BNP support.

We carry on till 2pm when the last of many thousands of leaflets has disappeared and after baking in hot sun all day we retire to a local pub to wind down and chat about the events of this “day of days” one things for sure, its all looking good for Brussels!

Roger Phillips
BNP Wales Tv

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The Archbishop and the BNP

by johnofgwent

No pictures on this one, I have to rush off. I will be back to fill this in with details.

My ideal Sunday morning starts with bacon and eggs and Radio 4. Always has. But today I nearly choked on them. Roger Bolton's "Sunday" propgramme interviewed the traitor to the Christian Faith Rowan Williams and couldn't resist the opportunity to have a dig at the BNP. In a weakly worded "challenge" which was nothing more than a plug to allow Williams to repeat his disgraceful attack on the democratic process, Bolton asked "was it right" for "His Greasiness" to advise the electorate not to vote for us.

The well oiled response was that he felt it was right in this progressive society to "speak out at the dangers of turning the clock back".

Bolton of course ignored the fact that Williams can hardly stand there and urge the electorate to vote for the BNP given that he is on record saying it would be good to have elements of sharia in our society.

But I think the programme editor should be given a roasting for not making that challenge. Why not pop over to the BBC Web Page for today, find the link to the Sunday programme, and email them to let them know what you think.

Ballot Fraud and vote rigging

Time now to be brutally honest about what the British National Party is going to be up against during the period between when the polls open on Election Day on June the 4th and the The Count on the 7th of June.

The Establishment and their supporters are rotten and corrupt, from the top to the bottom. From the government ministers to their aspiring councillors and activists on the street. They will lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, attempt to bribe and anything else that is necessary for them to retain or gain power.

Do not think for one moment that they are as you and I. That words like honour, duty, freedom and love of country mean anything to these people. Those words mean nothing to them. They are alien concepts and and they will use them only to further their own aims, be they political or personal.

In two previous articles today, I published some advice from Our Party and the rules for those of us who are going to be involved during the election. Do not expect our enemies to play by the rules. Rules to them are for fools and weaklings.

It is very important that everyone knows just what is expected of them during their period of duty. They must also be able to make clear to any "officials" or the police who might attempt to intimidate them, that they know exactly what their duties and operating parameters are during the election.

If you follow this link here, it will take you to the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site and show you just some of the methods used by the enemies of democracy to thwart the will of the people.

Do not think for one moment that because most of those caught ballot rigging have been colonisers, that this type of crime is unique to them. Those caught were usually done so by colonisers from other parties who understand better than the True Brit of how the politics of corruption work and would have done the same. They do not see what they do as a crime. They see ballot rigging as just another political tool like leafleting and canvassing.

The moslems will be voting in block. Their "people" will do as they are told. Their women do not read election pamphlets, they do as they are told by their men and their men will do as their generals tell them.

Our enemies, will have in place on voting and counting day their people and they will have been instructed on what to do and they will carry out their instructions unless we are vigilant and let them see that we are watching their every move. Stand over their shoulders and let them know you are there.

Do not be distracted by their attempts to divert your attention from your duties. Ignore their insults and do not be taken in by false friendship during the time you are on duty. These people are your enemy. You must assume from the start, the very worst about them. True some may be honest but you cannot know that for a fact and so again I say, assume that they are crooked and corrupt and watch them like hawks.

Good Luck. We are counting on you to do your duty.


Labour MP makes expenses claim for Donation at Battle Of Britain Memorial Service

by johnofgwent

It seems to me that not a day goes by without my hearing of Labour politicians fighting each other in their rush to stoop to a new low in their attitude to our armed forces and past and present.

When they aren't sending our people out to die in Afghanistan and Iran without body armour, or in Snatch Landrovers incapable of protecting the occupants from being shredded by Taliban roadside bombs, they're busy preventing merchant seamen who survived the convoys marching to commemorate those for whom their "final resting palce" is a restless bed of an angry sea, whilst all the time ensuring the "enrichers" of our society have the right to march, carrying banners demanding those who insult islam be beheaded down the very same roads as our merchant seamen are prevented from marching along.

And who can forget Rhodri Morgan's decision to go and have a cosy chat about the Ryder Cup coming to "The Usk Valley" when his rightful place should have been on a Normandy beach, head hung down in respect for those who paid the ultimate price to allow this strutting peacock to blather on in his hot air pit in Cardiff Bay.

But now comes news of what has to be the ultimate contemtible act.

Over here you can read of how Labour MP for Stockton On Tees Frank Cook tried to claim back as a Parliamentary Expense the five pounds he decided to "donate" at a Battle Of Britain Memorial Service in his constituency.

For some reason the Fees Office actually decided to reject his claim. My God, there are some things even they decide are a junket too far.

For some reason that totally escapes me, Cook has been pictured in camouflage battledress in the newspaper article above. For behaving like that he should be flown straight to a Taliban battle zone and left there with nothing to defend himself with other than a limp pece of celery. That should give him the time he so obviously needs to reflect on why that collection was being made.

Roles and Responsibilities in an election

Summary of roles and responsibilities of agents, sub-agents, polling agents, counting agents, postal voting agents and tellers at a European Parliamentary election in Great Britain

National election agent
– registered political party standing in more than one electoral region

The national election agent is the person responsible in law for the election campaign, except for the campaign’s financial management which is the responsibility of the party treasurer/registered campaigns officer, in every region in which the party is standing. National election agents are also entitled to observe various parts of the election process, including the conduct of the poll at the polling stations, postal vote opening sessions and the verification and counting of the votes.

Election agents – registered political party standing in one electoral region only
The election agent is the person responsible in law for the election campaign, except for the campaign’s financial management, which is the responsibility of the party treasurer/registered campaigns officer. Election agents are also entitled to observe various parts of the election process, including the conduct of the poll at the polling stations, postal vote opening sessions and the verification and counting of the votes.

Election agents – individual candidates
The election agent is the person responsible in law for the proper management of the election campaign, which includes the financial management of the campaign. Election agents are also entitled to observe various parts of the election process, including the conduct of the poll at the
polling stations, postal vote opening sessions and the verification and
counting of the votes.

Sub-agents are, in effect, deputy election agents. Parties standing in more than one electoral region can appoint one sub-agent to act in any electoral region, and further sub-agents to act in any part of an electoral region, as long as the parts do not overlap. Parties standing in only one electoral region or individual candidates can also appoint sub-agents to act in any part of an electoral region, as long as the parts do not overlap.

Polling agents, counting agents, postal voting agents

Polling agents

The main duties and responsibilities of polling agents on polling day are
summarised below:
  • To be present at their designated polling station before the opening of the poll to observe the Presiding Officer showing the empty ballot box prior to sealing.
  • To detect impersonation and prevent people from voting more than once at the same election. Voters believed to have committed the offence of personation or who attempt to vote twice should be challenged before they leave the polling station. To do this effectively, the polling agent should require the Presiding Officer to put the statutory questions to the elector before they are issued with a ballot paper.
  • To report to their election agent any improper occurrences and retain notes for use in giving evidence to a court, if required.
  • To be present when the Presiding Officer marks ballot papers at the request of electors.
  • To be present at the close of poll when the various packets of documents are sealed. At the close of poll only, the polling agent may attach their seal to any packets made up by the Presiding Officer, including the ballot box.
  • To maintain the secrecy of the ballot. Polling agents must not give information to anyone as to who has or has not voted, or a person’s elector number, or the official mark. Although polling agents may mark off on their copy of the register of electors those voters who have applied for ballot papers, if they leave the polling station during the hours of polling, their marked copy of the register must be left in the polling station in order not to breach the secrecy requirements.

Counting agents

The main role of a counting agent is to observe the verification and counting process and to ensure that it is undertaken in an orderly, accurate and correct manner. The verification and counting processes may be held on different days. There is no separate appointment for verification agents, and counting agents are entitled to observe at the verification process as well as attend the counting of the votes. Counting agents are there to observe the proceedings and cannot participate directly in the administration of the verification or counting processes; e.g. counting agents must not handle the ballot papers.

Additional duties and responsibilities of counting agents include:
  • to observe the verification of the number of ballot papers in each ballot box against the ballot paper account
  • to challenge any ballot paper that appears doubtful so that it is adjudicated by the Local Returning Officer

One counting agent per party or individual candidate may also be authorised to ask for a recount of the votes at the time of the provisional result. Only one such counting agent per party or individual candidate, per local counting area, will have this additional power.

Postal voting agents

Postal voting agents can observe the opening of postal voting ballot boxes containing returned postal votes. They can observe the opening and verification of the returned postal ballot packs and can object to any postal
vote that is rejected due to the postal voting statement being rejected. While agents can observe the opening of postal votes, they are not entitled to attend the issue of postal votes.

Polling, counting and postal voting agents are required to maintain the secrecy of voting, and are subject to the important legal requirements relating to secrecy contained in Regulation 29 of the EPE Regulations.


Tellers work for political parties. They stand outside polling stations or polling places and record the elector number of voters who have voted. By identifying electors who have not voted and relaying this information to the party, tellers play a vital and important role in elections. Parties may then contact the voters who have not yet been to vote during polling day and encourage them to vote.

There should be no more than one teller at a polling station for each individual candidate or political party at any time. Where a polling place contains more than one polling station with separate entrances, it may be appropriate for there to be tellers at each entrance, but no more than one per individual candidate or party.

Tellers have no legal status and voters have the right to refuse to give them any information.

Tellers must:
  • always remain outside the polling station
  • only enter the polling station to cast their own vote, to vote as a proxy or to accompany a disabled voter always comply with the instructions of the Local Returning Officer and Presiding Officer

Tellers must not:
  • be able to see or hear what is happening inside the polling station
  • impede, obstruct or intimidate voters on their way in or out of the polling station
  • demand any information relating to a voter’s elector number, name or address
  • ask voters to re-enter the polling station to ascertain their elector number
  • have discussions with voters that may give rise to allegations of undue influence (e.g. voting intentions, party affiliations or party campaigns)
  • display any campaign material in support of or against any particular political party or individual candidate other than a rosette

Tellers may:
  • approach voters for information as they enter or leave the polling station
  • display a coloured rosette displaying the name of the individual candidate or political party they are working for the rosette should not bear a slogan and must not be oversized


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Ghost Vote Polling Fraud Alert—Call to BNP Voters

All British National Party members and supporters have been urged to be on the lookout for polling station fraud committed by corrupt officials who may seek to cast ghost votes in the election on June 4th, party leader Nick Griffin has announced.

“We have received information that certain corrupt officials at some polling stations have devised a plan whereby they intend to vote on other people’s behalf towards the end of polling day,”

“Apparently the plan is to wait until late on polling day, and then to start crossing off names of people on the electoral register who have not yet voted and then voting on their behalf,”

“Such a scam is simple to carry out with only two corrupt officials in on it at a polling station,” he continued.

“The plan also involves an escape route if the person whose name has just been crossed off comes in to vote at the last moment. The answer that has already been devised entails simply giving the voter a ballot sheet and then crossing someone else’s name off the register as having voted.

“The plan is outrageously simple to effect, and an unaware public might well be none the wiser.

“We need all members and supporters to try to vote as late in the day as possible, and then to demand to see their entries on the register.

”If anyone spots any such signs of tampering, or if they find that their names have already been crossed off, they must immediately call the police and contact the BNP by whichever means is most direct, either using the telephone hotline number 02070 783286, by email to fightback @ or by contacting a local BNP organiser or official,”

“We know that the far left are planning all sorts of underhand tactics in the run-up to polling day, but this one is of such a severe nature that we have no choice but to publicise
it,” he said.

“Together we will be able to put a spoke in their plans - but everyone must play their part.”


Saturday 30 May 2009

What the Mirror calls a "Racist Rant"

Cracked mirror

According to today's Daily Mirror Nick Griffin was guilty of "A racist rant" against the boxer Amir Khan when he said:

"Perhaps we will lose one good boxer, but there are more important things."

One is tempted to ask, if that is a "racist rant" what the f##k isn't a racist rant?

This is now becoming pathetic, the controlled media is now so desperate, what fake stories will they come up with next?:

BNP man has Nazi hamster

BNP Assembly member Richard Barnbrook's pet raises paw in "Heil Hitler" salute
(posed by Classically trained Hamster model)

BNP the "Lithuanian" connection

Picture of Vilnius with rather Nazi looking wind-cocks

Internet users have reacted in horror to note the prominent use of the colours blue, red and yellow on the evil. nasty, racist BNP website, coulors widely connected with the sinister Lithuanian Nazi group "Booteezi Black Bottomzkees". The connection is even more sinister as the Mirror can reveal that someone who once voted BNP has an aunt called Mavis who attended a hen night in Vilnius, where only white male strippers performed!!!

Incidentally, anyone who tried to leave a comment on the Nick Griffin story at the Mirror site on Saturday, will have found they are not taking comments. I wonder why?!!!!

This is Sarah Albion reporting from Fantasy Land UK!!

Score one to the controlled media

I see that the media succeeded in damaging Susan Boyle's reputation just in time and just enough to ensure that a dance group called "Diversity" won "Britain's got talent.


The future they have in store

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

We are told that our population is ageing, and it is certainly true that due to healthier lifestyles and improved medical treatment, more people are living into old age than was ever the case. We are also told by our government, that same government which was able to find tens of billions of pounds to support the banks, and tens of billions more to fight wars, which many call illegal, (not to mention the billions which go towards the EU) that we as a nation can not afford to support the growing number of elderly citizens.

They go on to tell us that the only way this country can survive as a thriving economy and continue to afford to support the growing, grey haired, masses is to import millions of immigrants to "boost the economy" and "pay the taxes".

Of course, what they say is total codswallop (says she, once again resisting a more colourful choice of language). This claim is made repeatedly, and I am sure that many otherwise intelligent people accept it as a fact, yet it is both incorrect and it is dishonest.

Firstly to accept this argument requires us to ignore the evidence of our very eyes, in that immigrants have self evidently not “boosted our economy”. As I pointed out in a post I made a few weeks ago, after 10 years or more of mass immigration at levels never before seen in this country, our economy is now in the worst state it has ever been, other than at the end of the last world war. Much good immigration did us!!!!

Many, and I am one of them, have argued that both immigration and pandering to various minority groups was at the heart of the sub-prime fiasco, which brought about the recent financial crisis, however, whatever the cause, even the most passionate multiculturalist can not argue that immigration has made our situation any better.

It can not be disputed that our economy is in a far worse state than it was before the decade long tsunami of immigration we have just lived through, so how exactly has immigration made it any better?!

Secondly, this demented theory that mass immigration is the solution to coping with an ageing population, assumes that all the new arrivals which the establishment is so frantically importing have discovered the secret of eternal youth, and will never, become pensioners themselves.

It is beyond belief that so many fail to see through the dishonesty and basic madness of this argument. This strategy depends on an ever increasing number immigrants providing for an ever increasing number of immigrant pensioners. Very much like the health service, where we are told we need to strip the third world of qualified medical staff in order to cope with the strain caused by ever increasing numbers of third world immigrants.

The indigenous population of Britain is not growing, yet the strain on our services and infrastructure is increasing by the year, and it does not take a genius to work out what is causing it.

The earlier waves of immigrants are now becoming pensioners, each year their numbers grow, and in twenty or thirty years, those arriving now will be joining them. If you believe the crazy argument we are being fed we will then need even more new immigrants to support them., and more again after that. Given that space is finite, do we continue this lunacy until we are required to stand on each others shoulders? And what then? Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children?

Beyond this is the inescapable fact that at the current rate of immigration, immigrants, and their descendants, will have outnumbered the indigenous population within the next fifty, or at the very outside sixty, years. (if anyone reading this has a child or grandchild under the age of 10 they have to accept that, if nothing changes, by the time those children collect their pensions they will will be living in a Britain where white Europeans – let alone white Britons - are in the minority).

That is not a BNP scare story, it is a mathematical certainty, which every politician is aware of but will not admit.

If you are happy with the prospect of Britain becoming a majority non-white nation within two generations, than that is a view you are entitled to, but remember you were never given the option of a vote on it.

However, even if you are one of those who do look forward with pleasure to a time when this country's indigenous population become an ethnic minority, you have to accept that it will not solve the pension problem.

Non-European immigrants have a considerably higher birth rate than Europeans, and there are no political or cultural reasons which suggest that is going to change any time soon, in fact very much the reverse. Hence, as more and more come the faster the population will grow, causing greater stress on the infrastructure, and inevitably creating more pensioners, and more, and more.

To any rational person, this argument in favour of immigration to pay for pensions, services or anything else is total lunacy, which is merely storing up problems for the future.

However, as you must have realised by now, the ideologues who run our country are not rational.

Every main political party in Britain subscribes to the same discredited belief that the insane levels of immigration we have seen are somehow good for the country, not one of them, Labour, Tory or Lib Dem, will do a thing to change the current reality. no matter how mad it becomes. And the same applies to UKIP, they are a single issue, anti-European pressure group, who's policies might effect the number of white, Christian Europeans coming to Britain, however, as far non-European immigration is concerned, UKIP are in bed with the Lib/Lab/Con troika. In any event, a single issue pressure group like UKIP is not going to solve the multiple issue problems we face, particularly one which refuses to acknowledge the main problem.

Do not be fooled, continued mass immigration into Britain is not going to solve the pensions crisis, or anything else, in fact it will make them all infinitely worse. It has not helped us, and it will not help us, it is creating a monster which will destroy our Country's future. If you vote for any of the main parties you will be embracing their failed policies on immigration and the blighted future that will bring.

Do not be lured into voting UKIP either, for they do not offer an alternative. Surely the very attempts by the controlled media to make UKIP seem attractive should warn you it is not in Britain's best interests to vote for them.

If you wish to avoid the nightmare future which will inevitably follow from continued, uncontrolled mass immigration, there is only one option, and only one way to vote on June 4th, and that is for the BNP. If you do not, you will be choosing a future which your children, and your country will not thank you for, worse, they may well curse you for it.


Another victim of the dream

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

The trial of those accused of murdering 16 year old Ben Hitchcock back in June 2007, started this week at the old Bailey in London.

By many accounts, Ben, of Lewisham in South East London, had bought into the multicultural dream, many of his friends came from the ethnic minority community, and he would often hang out with gangs of black youths.

It was when he was out with a gang of his black friends that he became involved in a fight between two of of London's many, primarily black, territorial gangs. Ben was the only white person to be involved on either side of the fight, and he was the only one to die.

As Ben lay dying his final words were “Call my Mum, Please call my Mum”, however it was too late. Later his alleged killers would speak other words describing the events of that tragic night, phoning rival gang members they announced “We've stabbed up your white boy ...... he's waste”

Despite this, and the fact that the only white person present was the only casualty, the police have stated that Ben's colour was “of no relevance” and his alleged killers have not been charged with a racially motivated crime.

Thus ended another young life in the enriched multi-cultural paradise our leaders have bequeathed us.


Friday 29 May 2009

Slavery is alive and flourishing in Britain

By The Informer

I have just been reading about a Muslim matriach who arranged marriages for her sons. Nothing unusual about that. In fact it is seen as standard practice in the Muslim world and to a lesser extent in the rest of the Indian population. There are pro's and con's about this practice, but I am not about to discuss these.
What I do object to is when it is used as a way of gaining entry to the UK. Why were the marriages not arranged with women already in the UK?

What I read today was that a woman. (no mention of background or religion) had used the wives of her three eldest sons as slaves, and that she had just been jailed for three and a half years for doing so.
On further investigation I find that these sons of hers had very little to do with these wives except impregnate them, and use them as a source of forced labour. This continued apparently for a period of thirteen years for one in sweat shop conditions sewing clothes. The other two were used as unpaid domestic servants. These daughter in laws had no rights and were not allowed out alone.
Also none of them learned to speak English.

There are three morals to this story.

1/ Slavery is still practiced by muslims in Britain
2/ Women have no value in Islam except as unpaid workers and the providers of children.
3/ Arranged marriages are a sham and are being used as a means of importing more muslims into the country.

Lastly. Is this an isolated case or is it the tip of the iceberg?

The Rats get ready to run

No it just will not do. Letting the thieves, some of who have defrauded us for decades, being allowed to remain in Parliament until the next general election so they can collect huge "golden goodbye" pay-offs is just not on.

Remember, the expenses that have been revealed to us, are only for what they stole last year. What about previous years.

We want each and every one of the MPs in Parliament to be investigated, going back to the first day they became Pigs and shoved their snouts through the doors of Westminster Palace.

Another thing, totally out of the question is the news that no less than 52 Labour MPs are now actively seeking a place in the House of Lords. Rats leaving a sinking luxury liner and hoping to swim to another almost equally as luxurious.

Punish the Pigs

Vote BNP on the 4th of June


New Hampshire Ballot Box Fraud Caught On Video

No, this would never happen in Our Country would it?

Postal ballots in the Copeland Council, Cumbria North West European election region are being stored in easily opened cardboard boxes until counting day, reports Clive Jefferson, British National Party regional organiser.

“The boxes being used are of extremely poor quality,” Mr Jefferson said. “This is extremely alarming because the council has steel boxes but they are deliberately not using them.”

Mr Jefferson pointed out that Copeland council have never before used anything else but the steel boxes. “All of a sudden, because our support has grown in the region, we are confronted with cardboard boxes in which the postal and other votes are going to be stored until they are counted,” he said.

The BNP polled 40 percent of the vote in the Kells by-election in December, Mr Jefferson said. “Why is it that as our support rises to an all-time high, the council sees fit to stop using steel ballot boxes and switch to poor quality cardboard ones which could easily be tampered with?”

This is an outrage and an invitation for electoral fraud,” he said. “I have made the strongest possible complaints to the returning officer in Copeland Council and to the North West returning officer. It appears that despite my best efforts, the security of the English ballot has been reduced to a pile of flat pack cardboard boxes.”

Mr Jefferson appealed for all those concerned about a free and fair election to telephone or email Copeland and Manchester Council, and politely voice their concerns over this matter.

“A polite email or call to the Whitehaven News to firmly express your outrage about this disgraceful situation would also be appreciated,” Mr Jefferson said.

Copeland Borough Council can be emailed at or called on 0845 054 8600.

Manchester Council can be emailed at or called on 0161 234 5000



Fiona Hamilton and the BNP

Fiona Hamilton - Liar
As Roger would say. "She has the manners of a dog"

One of the things about the ongoing smear campaign against the patriotic British National Party by the government controlled Fourth Estate, that helps defend and promote The Establishment, is that you get to learn about a lot of people and also pick up information on a range of subjects.

Let us take as an example Ms Fiona Hamiliton, who judging from the numbers of articles she has written in the last few day for the Times, must have been commissioned to write only articles attacking the BNP.

You can find out how many for yourself, by visiting this site here that provides information on journalists and any articles they have written. Five articles, this crow has produced for the Times since Wednesday attacking the BNP. Busy little liar.

However, although she is not very good at it, she has learned something about the seven main propaganda techniques that were first identified by the Institute for Propagana Analysis in 1938 and the rules are, is that there are no rules.

I will not go into the details but here are some examples of what the enemy propagandaist attempts to achieve.
  • Attack the Leader of the enemy side by attempting to discredit them in in the eyes of their activists and supporters. Imply they have been stealing party funds.
  • Association. Use words to link the enemy to repugnant subjects and organisations so the readers mind then links the two. "The BNP are Nazi Scum" is very popular at the moment
  • Testimonals. Get "celebrities" to support your cause. Even D list ones like Billy Bragg???
I could list a lot more examples but again, Time is Tight and you already get the picture so time to move on.

Now if Fiona wanted to do a REAL story, why does she not look into the funding of Searchlight and why the Metropolitan Police refuse to investigate them. Nothing to do with the communist led Searchlight being employed by them would it?

Some other propaganda techniques can be found here. See if you can link them to recent press articles.

, ,

Searchlight and the Metropolitan Police

By Tony Shell

In the course of my research I’m not normally in the habit of putting original source material, or correspondence, into the public domain. However, given the serious issues being raised in this particular matter, I shall make an exception.

As a result of the publication early this year of reports on the activities of a number of registered charities – including that of the organisation Searchlight Educational Trust – I wrote to the Metropolitan Police asking them if they would carry out an investigation. This request was sent to the police on the 5th February. I eventually received a letter from the Met after seven weeks of waiting (on the 25th March). A copy of the police response is shown below.

Please click to enlarge images

I’ll leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions as to the adequacy of the response, however there are a couple of points worth highlighting, which are summarised below.

Firstly, the notion that “no credibility” can be given to a complaint if the evidence (material) is accessible to the public is, to put it bluntly, pure nonsense. The assumption that the Charity Commission, or “the media”, can be trusted to expose any possible wrongdoing is (in my opinion) an extraordinary statement for the police to make.

Secondly, the assertion that: “it is the overall upkeep of the Charity for which donations are made” is simply not true. The public donate to a charity, trusting that the money will be used for the purpose being promoted (advertised) by the particular charity. Yes, it is certainly the case that long-established charities may become (by name and by reputation) synonymous with a particular charitable purpose – but that is an entirely different matter.

I feel that the concerns are fundamentally very simple, and that the situation can be as summarised as highlighted below.

The registered charity Philip Green Memorial Trust (PGMT) solicits money from the public to “help sick and disabled children”. Clearly from the PGMT advertising, this refers to very worthy activities such as hospital and hospice care, medication, remedial care, respite care, physiotherapy – and so on. People who donate to the PGMT do so believing and trusting that this is the purpose to which their donations will be put.

Over the last six years it appears that the organisation Searchlight Educational Trust (SET) has drawn on this PGMT funding to the total amount of some £11,700.

Therefore the obvious question to be asked is this: how this money has been used by SET on providing help for sick and disabled children?

It would be entirely reasonable to have a list of recipients of the help provided by SET – for example Searchlight’s help in providing: hospital and hospice care; medication; remedial care; respite care; physiotherapy, et cetera. I am sure SET would, as a registered charity, have this information readily to hand.

Six weeks ago there occurred a disturbing development when the secretary of Searchlight Educational Trust posted a personal attack on me, on one of Searchlight’s political websites.

This occurred almost immediately following my last communications with the Charity Commission and the Metropolitan Police.

I found the content of this attack to be extremely abusive and insulting and, given the content of the Searchlight posting in the context of recent events, somewhat menacing.

This behaviour was quite astonishing coming, as it did, from an official of a registered ‘charitable’ organisation.

Finally I should make it absolutely clear that I have no complaint against individual police officers who have an immensely difficult job to do, under very difficult circumstances. The problem is, as I perceive it to be, that of a police service that has become institutionally politicized. Copies of this article will be forwarded to the Metropolitan Police Service.

Tony Shell

Searchlight, Clear Channel and the BNP

In the article entitled, "Is Blue State Digital ripping of Hope not Hate?", I showed you evidence of The Daily Mirror and the yankee company Blue State Digitals involvement with Searchlight, the state funded organisation that is run by the convicted communist criminal Gerry "Unstable" Gable.

The article went on to report that Searchlight, angered at the success of the patriotic British National Party billboard campaign, had set up on their site, an online form that the rare visitors to the dive could fill in and an electronic letter of complaint, then be sent onto Clear Channel, the company that owns the billboard sites.

I also told you, that the figures showing the numbers of emails send had been "massaged" to show a much higher figure than Searchlights wild boasts warranted.
In under 90 minutes over 1000 emails have been sent to Clear Channel. We’ve had to double our target to 2000 messages – send your message now!
Now Searchlight are claiming that Clear Channel has been deluged with with letters calling on them to rip up their contract with the BNP and submit to political intimidation.
Campaign group Searchlight says over 4,000 letters were sent to the company by its supporters over the bank holiday weekend, and it was less than 500 letters short of its 7,000 target this morning (May 28).
However, the truth as usual when dealing with Searchlight is somewhat different. A Clear Channel spokeswoman says that the number of complaints received was actually less than one hundred letters.

Less than one hundred letters. But that about sums up the real support for this organisation that the press allows to insult their readers with every day by quoting Searchlight, as if Gerry's butt was the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom, instead of an evil, puss spewing ulcer of lies.

Hats of though to Clear Water who said that it was not for them to "censor" messages that are legal or and I liked this bit, or "bow to pressure from lobby groups and activists."

You can send Clear Channel a letter of thanks for their support of freedom of speech by going here.

Good morning BNP.

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Thursday 28 May 2009

Statement from the Solidarity Trade Union

Patrick Antony Harrington posted an announcement to the cause Solidarity Trade Union.

Smears, Stings and Solidarity

The Times carried a story today concerning a donation of £5000 to the Solidarity Trade Union from Nick Griffin. Nick Griffin is the Leader of the British National Party.

Solidarity is an established Trade Union that has been in existence for the last three years and active within the last two. As with all Unions we offer advice and guidance and represent members. We attend investigatory, disciplinary and grievance meetings/hearings and take issues forward to Employment tribunals. at workplace disciplinaries.

We take a strong stand in favour of British workers over cheap non-unionised migrant labour and do not discriminate over whom can or cannot be members i.e. over race, creed or politics. We believe the majority of our members are not members of any political party. We don't donate to any Political Party (unlike many other Unions) and have no block votes within any Party (again unlike other Unions). We don't have a 'Political Fund'.

In February of this year Mr Griffin contacted us and offered us a donation of £5,000. At this time there had been a number of 'wildcat' strikes by British workers over the issue of companies using foreign over local labour. Mr Griffin stated that he had received a donation from a member to use as he thought best - in other words at his absolute discretion. He had decided to offer this donation to the Trade Union Solidarity since he supported our stance on British jobs for British workers and respected our non-political approach to membership which including protecting the rights of our Union members to be members of any party, including the BNP. Mr Griffin has also said that he suspected that there was an attempt to set him up in a 'Sting' operation - those involved hoped he would personally take the money or re-direct it to the BNP (in contravention of Electoral Law. He did neither.

We accepted the donation and thanked him for his generosity.

Solidarity General Secretary Patrick Harrington said:- "We are grateful to anyone that wishes us to help us operate a Trade Union that is independent from the TUC and Bosses. In these dark political days it certainly makes a change to hear that a politician is prepared to donate money to a good cause rather than pocket it for themselves."


Eddie Lizard having a laugh

You are one sick puppy Eddie. Did you know that?

I really liked the response from North West British National Party organiser Clive Jefferson, when responding to an an attack by the perverted lizard, Eddie Izzard, a D list comedian who makes a living by poking fun at God and Jesus whilst strutting around stage dressed as an overweight hooker with hair all over. Stomach churning stuff, I tell you.

The sad, sick man!!, Izzard who likes to wear a pair of false breasts, told Lancashire voters they will be going to war against fascism when they go to the polls next week. Clive came back with;
"This is yet more nonsense about D-Day from a D-list semi-celebrity. He must be a comedian because he's given me a laugh."
But here is the bit I liked, that was at the end of the article. "The comic later performed an intimate show to 450 people... to cover his expenses for the trip" up to Lancaster. The tickets were £20 each and brought in a nice cool £9,000 for Eddies day out. Not so much a comedian as a conman.

And what is an "intimate show"? Let us hope it is nothing like an "intimate act". That would be too much to imagine, even for a battle hardened blogger like myself. Skin crawl.

, ,

Ratepayers of Llanelli to fund French trip

I suppose it will do for a free weekend

You really want to know how deep the rabbit hole is and just where it leads? Then the only way you are going to find out is to replace your local Lib/Lab/con councillors with British National Party patriots.

Take this little tiny story tucked away over on this is carmarthenshire in which they report that NINE town councillors are jetting off to France for the weekend at the taxpayers' expense.

The group, along with two members of the, I know let us Twin with Towns in nice parts of the World and go there for free Committee other wise known as Llanelli and District Twinning Association and a council officer, are heading to Agen to mark the 20th anniversary of the twinning link between the two towns.

The Mayor of Agen invited his Llanelli counterpart to bring a delegation for the celebrations, which run from Friday to Monday.

No doubt next year the Mayor of Llanelli will reciprocate the favour and wash his French other hand and invite corrupt French Councillors to have a freebie over in Wales at the expense of French rate and taxpayers. How cosy. How corrupt.

Seriously people, if you only knew just 5% of how corrupt our Local Authorities (Councils) are, you would not be calling for elections,you would be calling for a revolution and looking for someone to import enough guillotines for every crooked and corrupt Councillor in the land.


UK Jobs for German Workers

by johnofgwent

In a week's time the polls will open and we will have the opportunity to tell our current political masters what we think of them. How fitting it is, therefore, to see that once again the future of British workers is being decided not by the workers, or even their employers, or even our government.

Last night the GERMAN government, anxious that it would get slaughtered in an upcoming general election, sat down with bankers and the American General Motors Company Executives to discuss how best they could fund the continued operation of the "Opel" brand under which rathr a lot of Germans are gainfully employed. Germans who will round on Angela Merkel if handed the german equivalent of a P45.

This of course comes on the back of Sarkosy's decision to fund French jobs for French workers by offering subsidies to French car companies only if they agree to mothball, or permanently close, production lines established in cheap-as-chips eastern european countries and bring the production home where it can be given to French taxpayers who will be voting in due course on how well their interests have been served by their politicians.

Meanwhile Britain is prevented from making similar arrangements because to do so would be a violation of European rules, says our Prime Minister and his Price of Darkness "handler" now safely embedded in the House of Lords.

It was quite interesting to hear Mandelson's attitude to demands from Trade Unions that we ought to have a presence at that table where the jobs of British workers were being sacrified on the altar of German economic survival. Mandy rounded on the people criticising him for considering his "long and detailed telephone call" on the subject, saying they had not expressed any interest before.

You'll live to regret those words, Peter.

Our canvassers, leafleteers and activists manning the stalls up and down the country are all reporting record interest in our party and the fact that when we say "British Jobs For Britsh Workers", we mean it.

And none of those people enthusiastically engaging our activists and our candidates in debate on the streets expressed any interest before either. But they damn well are now.

Peter, you should recall the fate that befell Marie Antoinette.

She was believed to have not given a toss about the ordinary people.

In her case, a travesty of the real situation.

But in yours, I think the accusation can be quite easily proved that you don't give a toss about this country as long as your beloved European Union, the source of all your lovely income and totally unaudited expenses after you were thrown out of the government, is allowed to ride roughshod over us.

You hoped we'd forgotten, hadn't you, Peter. You hoped the fact you were thrown out government not once, but twice, and sent to Europe in hope you would be less of an embarrassment to Tony Blair had been forgotten.

Not a bit of it. Neither have we forgoten that one of the debacles that got you thrown off the Front Bench was the little matter of your fraudulent mortgage application. Something that would get most people a jail sentence.

A Fine Day out in Haverfordwest

Cor blimey. This video editing stuff is hard graft. Gonna leave it to the pro's in future.
Anyway just managed to get hold of this video of our finest setting the standard in Haverfordwest.

Nearly two dozen BNP activists turned up to shame the opposition labour bunch who numbered three. These comprised an ageing proper type activist who could not persuade one person all day to take one of their poorly produced rags, a banshee type who turned out to be Labour Assembly member Mzzz Joyce Watson, and a chubby cheeked youngster called Leighton Veale who having many addresses qualifies to be their number four Euro candidate for Wales.

Well there we are then. We handed out several thousand eagerly accepted leaflets and newspapers, and the Labourites handed out none.Although it was hysterical to watch them chasing fruitlessly around there was just a hint of sadness at witnessing the death of a once great political idea.
Secretly though I am laughing my head off! Watch the above video and enjoy.

Footnote by the Green Arrow

Anthony, the regular cameraman for South Wales BNP was away filming another event and the cameraman on this occasion was West Wales Patriot, Mike Green with his old Cecil B. De Mille camera. Well done Mike.

Also doing a good job, this time in front of the camera was BNP councillor and European Election candidate, Kevin Edwards. I quite liked his open approach and the way he tackled another European Election candidate, Leighton Veale, who is a "absentee" Labour councillor, who has been criticised by his own group leader in London. Veale draws £8,200 a year for doing nothing in London whilst working for a "charity" in Cardiff.

The wide beamed woman, who so rudely attempted to stop Mike filming was of course Labour Welsh Assembly member Joyce Watson, who last year faced an investigation by the Standards Committee over allegations that she misused public money.

You can read a more detailed report on the Haverfordwest day of action here, that was written by Roger Phillips who shown in the above video.


Wednesday 27 May 2009

Cameron starts to lose it

The spoilt brat spits his dummy out

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But not Diddy David Cameron, when the going gets tough he cracks like an egg sat on by John Prescott.

Admitting that many people were angry at the main parties over their theft of our money he urged them to keep on voting for more of the same by not voting for the patriotic British National Party. Does he think we are as stupid at the morons who authorised his expenses?

David, who is getting to remind me more and more of that bigger turd, Tony Blair, does not know what it is like to hunt around for two for one special offers in the cheap supermarkets, his party wants to stop these offers because they think they encourage us to eat too much. And whilst some of us drink .25p Somerfield Specials, he quaffs Perrier-Jouet whilst watching workmen earn £700 of their our money for pruning his wisteria.

David showed his unfitness to govern when he lost the plot over a reasonable question from a member of the public at the Bath and West show in Shepton Mallet who said that the BNP "have a point when it comes to immigration".

Cameron, instead of giving a reasonable reply, snarled at the lost vote:
"Go and have a look at what the BNP have said. Do not be naive about what these people stand for.

"They dress up in a suit and knock on your door in a nice way but they are still Nazi thugs".

No David, you are the only one who dresses up in silly costume and make stupid replies because you have not got the courage to tell the truth.
"There is a proper national debate that we should have about immigration. I want us to limit the number of people coming to Britain, but do not believe that the way to beat the BNP is to half agree with them.
The time for having a debate is over David. It is too late to talk about immigration. The invasion barges emptied years ago. They are not on the beaches any more, they are in our towns and cities and we have already lost most of them to the colonisers. I doubt we will ever recover them because of scum like you but we WILL bring you to justice.

David Cameron is a major signatory to the violent Claw Hammer gang also known as the UAF. When are the press going to ask him about that and whether he condones their attacks on people and property of people exercising their democratic right to support a legal and patriotic political party.

, ,

Nick Griffin Pulls out of Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

The British National Party’s member of the Greater London Assembly, Richard Barnbrook, will be taking the mother of a soldier killed in Afghanistan to a garden function at Buckingham Palace instead of BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Making the announcement at a press conference addressed by Mr Barnbrook and Mr Griffin outside Parliament this afternoon, Mr Griffin said the reason for his decision to withdraw from the event was to prevent the left-liberal elite from using his presence as an excuse to attack the Queen and the institution of the monarchy.

Instead, the mother of a squaddie killed in Afghanistan will be Mr Barnbrook’s guest at the function,” Mr Griffin said.

“It is outrageous that by making a fuss over my presence at the function, the far left has been able to turn this into a political issue,” he said.

Had they not been so hysterical, I would have been but one of 8,000 other guests, and no one would have noticed. Mr Barnbrook, as a democratically elected public representative was entitled to invite whoever he wanted.

“However, the liberal elite are already using their own corruption in Parliament as an excuse to destroy core parts of our parliamentary tradition under the guise of ‘reform’. They would love to do away with many of the aspects of our constitution which they regard as too nationalistic, and that includes the institution of the monarchy.

“In a constitutional monarchy such as ours, the crown is an important part of the pomp and circumstance of the parliamentary institution, and we do not want to give them ammunition with which to attack those traditions, including the crown.

“In other words, the BNP does not want to grant the enemies of Britain a chance to attack the Queen because of a garden function which I attend. While we have in the past criticised certain things members of the royal family may have said, that is quite different from attacking the institution itself, which is where this is going.”

The person who will now accompany Mr Barnbrook has not been named. “We don’t want the media camping outside her door and harassing her,” Mr Griffin said.

Earlier, during an interview on Sky TV News, Mr Griffin defended the central tenet of the BNP’s manifesto, saying that “We are a party for British people, because if we are not that we do not have anybody standing up for them.”

He also told Sky News that the BNP’s policies on the European Union were common sense. “Right from the start of the expansion from the European Union, we said that there would be huge numbers of white Eastern Europeans, especially people from Poland. We said that they would be coming here and it would not be fair to local people. We said it would be hundreds of thousands, and we are correct.

During the Sky interview, Mr Griffin also said he would be happy to swop the Gurkhas “who have fought for this country” with 100,000 bogus asylum seekers and terrorist sympathisers, and said that Winston Churchill was opposed to Third World immigration into Britain.

Referring to the fact that first indicators back from the East Midlands postal vote returns indicated that in certain areas the BNP had polled up to 20 percent, Mr Griffin added that “In the European elections we thought if we were lucky we might get a couple of seats, if we did very well, but we are looking at a fair bit more than that.

“If we could get three or four members of the European Parliament, the next few years will be crucial as to whether Turkey would join the European Union. Eighty million Muslims having the right to come here, it would be a disaster. We would like to be able to oppose that as well.”


Chairman of the BNP - Sky News 27 May

In a lengthy interview, British National Party leader Nick Griffin begins by telling Dermot Moynahan why the use of Winston Churchill in the party's latest ad campaign is justified.

A really excellent video that I recommend you watch in full.

You can then go here, rate and leave a comment.

Return of the Red, White and Blue

Last years was great - this years will be better

Looks as if the family gathering of the British National Party, known as the Red, White and Blue festival will again be held near Denby for the third successive year.

The Derbyshire Police have again confirmed that there will again be an objection to an alcohol and live music license for the event should the BNP apply for one.

However like all families, the BNP can make its own entertainment and so this act of spite on the part of the politically controlled police bothers them not a jot.

Alan Warner
, the brave owner of the land who has had his property vandalised as a result of defending freedom of speech and association said:
"There has never been any trouble on the site but what have they done with the people they arrested last year, for violent disorder and throwing things at the police?
Good question Mr Warner. Just what did happen to those 36 brain dead thugs from the UAF/Searchlight who were arrested last year? Given a slap on the back, a packed lunch and sent home in a cab, I should imagine.

More articles on last years Red, White and Blue can be found by clicking on this link.

Might interest you to know, that in the ten years the RWB going, not one member or supporter of the BNP has been arrested. How many people have been murdered, mugged, raped and assaulted at the London Carnival of Death and how many enrichers been arrested?

, , ,

Apathetic Union members continue to support illegal Wars

In a previous article, entitled Ten Good Reasons for electing a BNP Councillor, I made you aware of the part that the trade union USDAW was playing in a Third Party campaign to assist the Labour Party in attacking the patriotic British National Party.

When I wrote that article in March, I was aware that USDAW is a signatory to the violent claw hammer gang, the UAF, the militant wing of The Establishment but I was not aware until today, just how much of their members subscription money was being channelled into the Labour Party.

Despite admitting on their web site, that it had been a very bad year for their membership with tens of thousands of them losing their jobs to overseas and the recession, they still managed to donate in the first three months of this year, over 3/4 of a million pounds to the political party that is still sending Our Troops off to die in illegal wars.

If you are a USDAW member who has not opted out of the political levy, then the blood of those dead and wounded servicemen and women is on your hands. Hang your head in shame.

And just what was this about?

Meanwhile, five political parties received £2.1m in public funds, according to the Commission.

Why? Typical BBC. Half a story again. I want to know which political parties and why? Do you know?

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