Tuesday 31 March 2009

BNPTV Wales appeal by the Green Arrow

Most of you should have seen some of the videos that have been produced in Wales by two of the hardest working BNP activists I have ever met, Roger Phillips from the BNPTV Wales channel but just in case you have not, then watch some or all of the videos below before you read any further.

Now I think, whilst we all agree that they are good, they could be a lot, lot better. The BNP is proud that their activists can turn their hands to anything and learn how to become better than the professionals in everything they do. And that includes becoming news reporters and cameramen.

Plans have been put in place to polish and train Roger into becoming a first class investigative reporter who will be capable of going head to head with any person he interviews that will turn other investigative journalists like Roger Cook green with envy. Like Cook we will be going after the crooks and crimminals that feed off us and will be bearding them wherever we can track them down.

He will ask the questions that the state controlled press and TV stations will not. And Anthony will be there to record the details or film the crooks when they run for cover. Or rather he will be, with our help and some training.

Now, sadly, the old hand cranked film recorder that was used in the making of the above videos has finally given up the ghost and gone off to join Cecil B De Mille, who first owned it. But perhaps its passing as done us a favour because now we must get new equipment. No more picking up background conversations, no more wind whistling in the background.

And so, now to what BNPTV Wales needs to raise to become a real powerful attack force in the new Battle for Britain. But before I tell you. Let me give you my word on what we will deliver in the coming elections and in the years after them if we succeed in raising the funds.
  • BNPTV Wales will seek out all Tri-Axis of Evil politicans of all levels and Tango them the way they Tangoed Peter Hain. Gordon Brown will not escape from BNPTV Wales should he dare show his face in the principality.
  • BNPTV Wales will record all street activites of interest to the True Patriots of Our Country.
  • BNPTV Wales will produce professional videos on a range of subjects from meetings to paper sales to be distributed on Youtube, BNPTV and similar sites.
  • BNPTV Wales will interview BNP Councillors, Activists and the views of the voter on the street.
  • BNPTV Wales will travel the length and breath of the entire United Kingdom to get the news and the stories. You have our word on that.
So that is our commitment should we be successful in obtaining the required funds, which by now, you are all wondering what our target figure is. Well it is big. But big is relative. So we shall see. First this is what Our Boys need to fight their war against our enemies.

Cost: £1,201.75

Ouch. That is what I said as well. But it gets a little easier.

Cost: £89.99

And the machine apparently needs something to store the data on
Cost: £8.97

Now there is also a storage device required and we are looking at various makes and models but we estimate that it and some other extra accessories is going to come to around another £700.

So finally I get there and what you wanted to know some time back. £2,100.00 is the target figure to buy our camera team what they need to help us in facing down our enemies.

So there you go. Now I ask for your help to advance the BNP in Wales and in our sorties over the Bridge and the Borders. Please donate.

There are several ways to make a donation.

Via the Paypal button on the right of this site(account will be audited by BNP Officers)

Cheques should be made payable to "British National Party" and sent to PO Box 831, Newport. NP20 9HL

If you prefer not to put BNP on your cheque then make them payable to Roger Phillips and send them also to PO Box 831, Newport. NP20 9HL

Postal Orders can also be send to PO Box 831, Newport. NP20 9HL

I will be adding other donation options to this article over the next few days.

Can I please ask all supporters of this appeal to pass the link to this article to as many people as possible. A Facebook Group as also been said up. Please join it here.

Donors requiring a receipt or acknowledgment email me on voteforbnp@hotmail.co.uk

Regular reports will be posted here on this site and the Green Arrow Forum.

If you have questions or suggestion for BNPTV Wales please leave a comment. You can post as anon if you wish. Also leave a comment if you pledge a donation. Thankyou

Ten Good Reasons for electing a BNP Councillor

Above is part of a leaflet that was distributed around Wales last week by the Labour Party that was funded by the trade union USDAW whose membership is made up mainly from retail shop workers.

Now, despite admitting on their main site that it had been a bad year for their membership, with tens of thousands of their workers losing their jobs, USDAW, instead of attacking the Labour Party whose failed policies have cost their former members their livelihoods, they still continue to support them. Amazing stuff. Oh and still find time to attack the only party that can put things right. The BNP.

But let us deal with their lies in order. I will be brief as I do not wish to distract from the main reason for this article

Law and Order
For the full story on how USDAW twist the truth, read this article concerning the state funded Searchlight organisation.

Protecting Public Services.
This is just so much nonsense it is not worth responding to.

Standing up for the People
Now this is the bit of the leaflet, we are really interested in and I will adding links today from local authorities where councillors and politicians praise the work done by BNP councillors(more links welcome please). But here is the truth about what happens in an area lucky enough to be represented by BNP Councillors. A big hat tip to Made in Yorkshire for posting this information that first showed up in Facebook.

1) When a BNP councillor or councillors are elected in your ward the government will usually suspend sending any more asylum seekers and immigrants to your area under the governments asylum seekers dispersal policy. This means you will then have to pay less council tax, as the support services for those asylum seekers such as language translation services and social services are not required. It also means that demand for local council housing is reduced and local families have a far better chance of getting a council house. It also means waiting time for hospital and doctors appointments are reduced as the extra demand placed on the NHS and welfare services by immigrants and asylum seekers are also reduced. Local schools also do not have to spend money on extra teaching costs for teaching immigrant children English lessons and this money can be spent on trying to raise the educational achievements of local children instead.

2) When a BNP councillor sits on your local council then they can act to prevent the abuse of your council tax when politically correct councils try and spend it on things like building caravan parks for travellers and funding festivals to celebrate alien and ethnic religions and festivals. You will also find that your local politically correct council will suddenly find a renewed interest in holding a St. Georges Day festival and flying the British and English flags from council buildings as a way to ’reclaim the flags and St. Georges Day from the Far Right’.

3) Your local BNP councillors on your council can also monitor and whistle-blow to the public the incompetence, corruption and politically correct nonsense that councils regularly indulge in. They reveal the dodgy deals in your local councils between the corrupt establishment parties, and will act as guardians of the public interest. Many local council have been run by the same corrupt cabals of local politicians that are as corrupt as any Third World state, with council officers being paid bungs by local builders to get planning permission, and a myriad of other scams. A few BNP councillors on a local council means this corruption usually stops, as they know that finally someone who is not part of the cabal of crooks is watching them.

4) Your local BNP councillors will publicise and organise public protests about any insane politically correct spending plans that councils draft up in their smoke-free back rooms behind drawn curtains and out of public scrutiny. They will ensure that the millions spent yearly by councils on race relations courses, race advisers, lifestyle, sexuality and transexual lifestyle advisers, and the rest of the parasites of the politically correct race relations industry are not funded with your council tax. They will resist all attempts by corrupt councils to cut services for local people and spend council tax on assisting asylum seekers and immigrants. For the BNP, putting local people first is the entire basis of our existence.

5) Once a BNP councillor is elected you will find that the politically correct police in your area suddenly start taking seriously, race attacks against whites in the area. They will also start to arrest ethnic criminals for a change instead of treating them with kid gloves out of fear of being called ’racist’. The police will start to monitor and record race attacks against local white people in an area where before they will not have even bothered to acknowledge that such race attacks even exist. Local white people will suddenly find that the police have as much interest in protecting their community from race attacks as they do protecting all other communities from race attacks. The police will not be so politically correct and will start deal with crime faster and more efficiently.

6) Once the BNP become a major force on your local council, such as in Barking and Dagenham, then you will find that the government will give those local councils millions and millions of pounds in grants, funds and loans so as to build new council housing in order to try and undermine the social problems such as a lack of council housing that led to a BNP rise in support in the first place. The government becomes so worried about the rise in BNP support that they suddenly become interested in those areas and re-direct regeneration grants into that area in order to try and ensure the BNP do not keep getting re-elected back into power. You will find that local councils suddenly find the money to buy private houses from private landlords in order to increase the amount of council housing stock, and that council land which was once abandoned is now targeted for new council homes. Vote BNP and government money pours into your area in order to ensure that you do not vote BNP again in the future.

7) Once an area has become known as an area with a BNP presence and support, then ethnic crime gangs do not move into those areas. This means that you and your families are less likely to be the victims of immigrant crime, your house insurance costs will fall, and local families can stay in an area instead of it being turned into an ethnic ghetto. Whilst the government and the politicians all talk about how immigrants ‘enrich’ our nation and communities, it is interesting that those white politicians do not live in areas where such enrichment is usually experienced. As the old saying goes ’ A supporter of multiculturalism is someone who hasn’t been mugged yet’.

8) When an area gets a BNP councillor you will see that money taken from council budgets and spent on perks and junkets for councillors and council staffs are radically reduced. The cosy little trips abroad on “fact-finding missions” and the endless executive lunches usually suffer an instant reduction when they know that a BNP councillor is available to check the council costs and bills. This money saved from being spent on council junkets can then be spent on local services and local people.

9) A BNP councillor can also act as the independent voice of local people in the internal council processes and procedures. Many councils are vast, bloated monstrosities, and run like Soviet Union style beauracracies. They are hostile to the people who pay for them and are arrogant and out of touch. They no longer serve their communities and instead simply treat local people as cash-cows to be milked dry of council tax. BNP councillors are on YOUR side, not on the side of the corrupt councils. We are here to represent you and common sense, not the cosy consensus and political correctness. A BNP councillor represents the voice of the silent majority, and will act to ensure that the councils serve the people not the people serve the councils.

10) A BNP council is a council of common sense and fair play, simply because the interests of local people are also the interests of the BNP. The BNP is not part of the old political Left/ Liberal / Right party game like the establishment parties as the BNP represents the interests of all the British people, not factions, donors and classes. The old parties of the Tories, Labour and Liberals, are all monstrous party political machines. They are millions of pounds in debt and are run and controlled by their crooked donors and backers. The BNP is not funded by foreigners, crooks and criminals like the establishment parties and is instead funded by its members and ordinary British people. This means we are not under the control of those corrupt donors who fund the establishment political parties, and this means we will run our councils for the benefit of you and not our backers and funders.

Thank you for the above Yorkshire.

Now if you want to see what kind of people Labour Councillors are, then just follow the link to our sister site, Liars, Buggers and Thieves which I have set to report the misdeeds of Labour Councillors and MPs. There they all are. The pornographers, paedophiles, benefit cheats, fraudsters, drunken drivers, violent thugs, homophobics, they are all there. Only the BNP will root out those who still hiding under their stones.

Whilst on the subject of crooked politicans, I found yesterday, a new site that produces hard copy booklets providing detailed information on the crimes and convictions of politicans from all parties that people can use to pass around. Might be worth checking out. They are cheap enough and might be of use to Organisers whose areas those named in the booklet are based.

I must make clear that I had no part in its compilation or production, although I get the feeling from their blurb, that LB&T and Enemies of the People might have been used in its production.

No word From The Gravy Train (Yet)

by johnofgwent

As every patriot true to this country knows, there's an election for the european parliament just around the corner.

Not that the 'ordinary' voter or even the activists for parties other than the British National Party would know, or even have have noticed.

I mean, if it were not for Nick Griffin and his team, buoyed up by the time, effort and money given willingly by god knows how many people, all of whom have "done their bit" to get the "Battle For Britain Roadshow" out and about, and all the campaigning that has gone alongside that roadshow, would any of this country's electorate even know there was an election ? OK I admit the voters of Bridgend know - the Labour Party in that area had "an imodium moment" a week or so back and in a knee-jerk act of stupidity chucked out loads of leaflets urging the people to go out and "Stop the BNP at all costs". Funny how their leaflet urged them to do this "lest the BNP's candidate get elected and thereby have access to "unlimited unaudited european parliamentary expenses" though, but at least we can all see what the Labour Party see as the prime reason for standing for the European Parliament. The filthy lucre. No mention at all in their leaflet of the service "their man" (or woman) wishes to commit themselves to for the good of the electorate or the country. Hell they don't even say what their people will do.

And I donl't know about you, but round here I have seen neither hide nor hair of candidate or activist campaigning on their behalf, for any of the other parties.

Maybe they know what we all do, that their discredited representatives ought to be hanging their heads in shame at what they have allowed to be done to this country and its people on their watch.

So I decided that it was time to take the fight to them and see whether they have the stomach to engage in battle. I used the facilities of the excellent "writetothem" website (formerly known as "faxyourmp", but now expanded to allow contact between a concerned constituent and a much wider range of their elected representatives - including MEP's) and joy of joys I found out my current EU constituency was represented by a right shower, including none other than Glenys Kinnock, the wife of the Welsh Windbag Neil, whose first job once packed off to Brussels was to impose VAT on the Severn Bridge Toll so as to more heavily tax the people wishing to enter the Principality of wales.

It was too good an opportunity to miss. Regular readers of this column might remember I blogged here recently about a BBC TV News item covering the behaviour of a group of people camped out in filth and squalor near the French port and rail terminals at Calais hoping to smuggle themselves aboard something bound for england so they can claim political asylum.

I have often wondered what the official line on these people is in France. And whilst I know that every one of our readers and every member of the British National Party could provide me with more enlightenment on the subject than i could possibly ever wish for, it is still useful to ask the people at the top for an officlal statement.

And who better to ask for a European perspective on this issue than a woman who has been paid quite a few million over the past few years to be there as our elected representative ...

I confess the temptation was irresistible. Here is a copy of my recent letter to Glenys Kinnock MEP sent courtesy of "www.writetothem.com". I don't expect an answer, of course, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't make the woman work for her money once in a while, and as my company went under courtesy of this bunch of wasters a few years back so I no longer have the means to fund the BNP's campaign to anything like the degree that others have done so generously, the one thing I can do is give our enemies in this fight a hard time. Whilst remaining at all times impeccably polite, of course.

So, to all of you out there reading this and other articles on this blog who are then - or are already - moved to think "I wish I could do something but I don't know what to do or where to start", here is an example of one small deed by one man who considers himself a tiny cog in the well oiled machine that is going to bring these corrupt scum to book to answer for their action - or inaction.

Enjoy (!)

Thursday 26 March 2009
Dear Glenys Kinnock,

I understand from the website www.writetothem.com that you are one of the Members of the European Parliament representing the constituency in which I live. If this is not the case and I am mistaken, please accept my apologies.

I am having great difficulty understanding a matter that I first saw on a BBC News at Ten broadcast a few weeks ago. I have sought answers but have not yet been able to find any, and I think someone with a EUROPEAN perspective may be able to provide some insight.

On March 12th the BBC ran a piece on a large number of people living in conditions I would describe as filth and squalor outside a suburb of Calais, each trying to break into lorries to catch a free ride to Britain. The camera crew interviewed one such person who beamed straight at the camera and said "I want to go to england and claim political asylum"

Now I spent a month or so working a few miles from the French "Le Shuttle" terminal, albeit a few years ago. From my first hand experience I do not see any easy way that I could describe the area as a war zone or famine area, neither does France appear to me to be a country riven with dictatorial corruption or political or religious persecution.

So I find it most confusing that this man wishes to depart a land built on the principles of "equality, liberty and fraternity" to come to my country and I am even more confused as to how he can possibly be given asylum from persecution in France should he succeed in illegally entering here.

But the thing I find most confusing of all is this.

What is the status of this person standing there in that field in France ? What are the authorities there doing about him. How did he get there and why is he being allowed to behave in the manner he is?

I would REALLY like some answers to those questions and perhaps now you understand why I think someone with a European perspective on the matter might be better equipped to provide those answers.

No-one has seen fit to explain any of this to me in the past. but with the European elections coming up, I think I would like to hear some answers before I cast my vote.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you on this matter at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

John Of Gwent

.... of course, I don't expect to hear a word from her at all.

Monday 30 March 2009

Out of Africa

An African Street Scene

By Albion

To what depths of violence and depravity does society have to sink before respect for human life and compassion for ones fellow man cease to exist? As an example, a person’s politics are at odds with another mans politics so the disturbed, slighted man hits the other man with a claw hammer. We are not talking about the third world here. Does the assailant think for one moment that his violent action will bring about a weakened change in the other person’s political opinions? On the contrary his victim’s views will be hardened. That is how wars start.

Can we say we live in a civilised society when differences of personal opinion are deliberate provocation that can only be settled by mindless violence? I sometimes wonder if we are living in the end times. As time goes by very little seems to be making any sense any more.

Most if not all of Africa swims in a blood bath, human life has no value; it got infinitely worse when the colonisers left. This attitude to ones fellow man is being mirrored on the streets of what were once civilised, cultured western nations. No amount of money is going to make any difference to Africa. Remember when hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found moral consciousness at ‘Brand AidGeldorf’s Travelling Circus for Africa? Or perhaps the draw was Geldorf’s gyrations which mesmerised the masses?

Remember the pathetic song “Do they know its Christmas?" They didn’t even know where their next meal was coming from for Christ’s sake. At least Geldorf got a knighthood out of it, which was nice. What really surprises me that in this mad world we live in Mandela hasn’t been given one……….. A knighthood that is, for his services to terrorism.

No amount of moral conscious money is going to make any difference to Africa; the problem is not the people but their leaders, meanwhile another overweight, grinning be-meddled ‘Out of Africa’ anthropoid, squanders western aid on Russian fighter planes to subdue their own people whilst their army’s rape countrywide with tacit approval of their government, and not a squeak from the feminist you might have noticed.

Is it because the violated women were black? Perhaps Germaine was on yet another mindless air-headed chat or quiz show, and was not too concerned about her bloodied and battered sisters. Perhaps she might write a book about the rape of African children, or perhaps denigrating her fellow man was more financially saleable for her book publisher.

Remember Biafra! I don’t suppose you do. The cause was ethnic rivalry, you know racial stuff. 30,000 killed there. What about Hutus and Tutsis. Doesn’t happen in black countries does it? But who cares.

The swaying arms of thousands of people at yet another rock concert with Bono and Geldorf as the Musical Ringmeisters will herald another small cash advance to Africa’s monsters. They just don’t learn, do they?

So back to the man wielding a claw hammer; am I forced to assume he was also an ‘Out of Africa’ anthropoid? Well it follows. Was it an ex-Darfur militia-mans unconscious reaction, perhaps it was behaviour brought from a dark continent into what was once an enlightened civilised nation by a man who claimed sanctuary from mindless third world violence, and was welcomed in.

Was he a poor immigrant from the festering back streets of Kingston, Jamaica's crime-ridden streets where the police fear to tread, so much so they use a private militia and daily killings are normal?

Coming to a town near you?

As I wrote “as time goes by very little seems to be making any sense any more


Well I had just found my little cotton socks after I had laughed them off listening to that UAF broadcast but I was soon to lose them again.

By the way, they have now replaced it with a warning that they have your IP address if you dared to listen to it. Oh, I am trembling in my boots without socks on.

They know as well as you and I, that an IP address is only able to identify a machine using a static IP address and is only useful in reporting illegal comments to the users service provider.

But then someone sent me a link to the above video and after I stopped laughing, I did actually wonder about the mentality of the UAF whose supporters are supposed to be radical marxists dedicated to the overthrow of the state but instead fight to save the pigs of Westminster place at the trough of public money. They are about as revolutionary as as a dead frog.

Now some people say that I should not give these clowns a platform by showing videos and writing articles exposing them for what they are but I see it different.

Bristol Antifa is part of a national federation comprised of local groups of militant anti-fascists, affiliated to the international Antifa movement. We exist to confront fascist ideas, activities and organisations wherever and however they occur. We utilise a wide range of tactics and believe it is important to confront fascism physically as well as ideologically. We do not advocate the electoral process as the means of defeating fascism nor will we work with groups that do. Our structure is anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical. We oppose discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, disability or age. We will not work with, accept information from, nor pass information to the magazine Searchlight.
Even they know that Searchlight is run by the state.

When BNP super activist Tony Ward was attacked by The Claw Hammer Gang of the UAF, many people with misguided views who are not aware of the truth saw for the first time the true evil of this organisation that David Cameron is proud to be a signatory to. And consequently stopped their support for these one world marxists of the UAF.

So, if by revealing to possible supporters of this unelected and undemocratic organisation that is led by Red Ken Livingstone the truth and just a few of them leave their shrinking band of followers the job was worth it.

Take the videos shown on this site of the rabid Megaphone Mouthed Women screaming obscenities at decent Patriotic People who are worried about their children's future. Those videos, even if made by the marxists are not promoting the red cause. They are simply showing them to be the evil twisted creatures they are, that no sane person would wish to be associated with.

Any how enjoy the video. Funny tune. Funny UAF.

I have uploaded the original UAF News Broadcast here for you to download and laugh at.


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Spineless Eventually Equals Headless

By Elizabeth

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has become the latest missile in a global war between two civilisations. Without wishing to seem pedantic and pointing out the obvious this is of course the conflict between Western Civil Society and traditional Islam.

Wilders, now in hiding and under continual armed guard due to death threats, recently released a short film entitled ‘Fitna’ (‘strife’ in Arabic) over the Internet. Juxtaposing images of Muslim violence with quotes from the Koran, fury followed in its wake and the film declared grossly offensive.

Now the odd thing here, given that Muslims live in a permanent state of ‘deeply offended’ anyway, is that they often refer to these same passages as perfectly acceptable validations for their actions, so simply illustrating this correlation in a film would seem uncontroversial. Contentious or not, however, one would definitely envisage politicians and journalists in every free society defending Wilders right to make such a film. Well not here… you’d have to take a trip to another planet where its inhabitants did not happily renounce their most fundamental freedoms in the name of ‘religious sensitivity’.

Take a look at the world’s response to Fitna. The Dutch government sought to ban it outright, and EU ministers publicly condemned it, as did UN Secretary-General Ban (no pun intended) Ki-moon. Dutch television refused to broadcast it and when Wilders declared his intention of airing it over the Internet his American web-host Network Solutions closed down his website.

All this happened before the proposal to show the film at a private viewing in the House of Lords and when Wilders attempted to enter Britain to host Fitna and answer any questions about it he was promptly arrested at the airport and detained there until the next convenient plane arrived to take him home.

Predictably (yawn) there were instantaneous calls for an embargo of Dutch products throughout the Muslim world, and several Muslim countries blocked ‘You Tube’ in the endeavour to save their populations from the indignation of Wilders’ blasphemy penetrating their minds. Next followed isolated protests, attacks on embassies and ubiquitous demands for Wilders’ murder, although it must be said that nothing has yet occurred to rival the ferocious response to the Danish cartoons.

In the interim, incidentally, one of the Danish cartoonists threatened to sue Wilders for breach of copyright because he’d used the bomb-laden image of Mohammed in Fitna without permission. This said cartoonist has also been living in hiding since the publication of the cartoons in 2006. Ironically there does seem something rather amusing about one hunted man unable to venture out in public for fear of being killed by religious lunatics, threatening to sue another man in the same sticky situation over a copyright violation!

Wilders and indeed the Danish cartoonists have all been extensively vilified for ‘seeking to inflame’ the Muslim community. Even if this had been Wilders’ objective this condemnation represents an astounding concurrence of moral blindness and political incautiousness. The point is not (and never will be) that some free person spoke, or wrote, or illustrated in such a manner as to inflame the Muslim community. The point is that only the Muslim community is flammable in this way. The storm over Fitna like all such controversies renders one fact about our world especially significant: Muslims appear to be far more concerned about perceived slights to their religion than about the atrocities committed daily in its name. Our accommodation of this psychopathic skewing of priorities has, more and more, taken the form of spineless, blinkered, submission and compliance.

Another irony arises here that cannot have gone unnoticed. In the face of all provocations the position of the Muslim community appears to be; ‘Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say that it isn’t we will kill you’. Of course the reality is often more shaded, but this is about as shaded as it ever gets ‘ Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say that it isn’t, we peaceful Muslims cannot be held responsible for what our less peaceful brothers and sisters do. When they burn your embassies, or kidnap and slaughter your journalists, know that we will hold you first and foremost accountable and will use the bulk of our energies criticising you for ‘racism’ and ‘islamophobia.’’

Submission in the face of these threats has a chilling effect on the exercise of free speech. Failure of Western governments to make it safe for people to speak openly about the problem of Islam could be a matter of finance perhaps? They cannot afford to protect every person who speaks out against Muslim intolerance. No this is not the problem…the problem is that so few people do speak out, if there were tens of thousands of voices the risk to each would be radically reduced, and those who do are persecuted by not only the Muslim community but by their own governments as well.

While it remains taboo to criticise religious faith in general, it is considered especially unwise to criticise Islam. Only Muslims hound and hunt their apostates, infidels, and critics in the 21st century. There are to be sure reasons why this is so. Some of these reasons have to do with accidents of history and geopolitics, but others can be directly traced to doctrines sanctifying violence, which are unique to Islam.

What about the allegedly ‘moderate’ Muslims, all those civil, freedom loving reasonable Muslims, the ones who are just as appalled by intolerance as I am? By the law of averages alone there must be some, but vocal moderates are very hard to find. Wherever ‘moderate Islam’ does announce itself, one often discovers frank Islamism lurking just a euphemism or two beneath the surface. The subterfuge is rendered all but invisible to the general public by political correctness, wishful thinking, and ‘white guilt.’ This is where we find sinister people successfully posing as ‘moderates’. Take a good long hard look at the members who comprise The Muslim Council of Great Britain, they are an Islamist public relations organisation posing as a civil-rights lobby.

The association between the doctrine of Islam and Islamic violence is simply not open to dispute. Muslims themselves acknowledge and demonstrate this connection at every possible opportunity and to deny it is to retreat into a fantasy world of political correctness and religious apology.

Liberalist talk of how benign Islam ‘really’ is and about how the problem of fundamentalism exists in all religions only obfuscates what may be the most pressing issue of our time. Islam as it is currently understood and practiced by vast numbers, is antithetical to civil society.

A recent poll showed that thirty-six percent of British Muslims (ages 16-24) believe that a person should be killed for leaving the faith. Sixty-eight percent of British Muslims feel that their neighbours who insult Islam should be arrested and prosecuted, and seventy-eight percent think that the Danish cartoonists should have been brought to justice.

These are so called British Muslims, if there is such a thing.

The Muslim community is continuously exempted from paying any respect to Western standards of moral order in the name of cultural relativism which turns things completely upside down, and it is us in the end who are forced to ‘respect’ the glaring pathologies in their culture.

The lesson we should draw from the Fitna debacle is that we need more criticism of Islam, not less. Let it come down in such torrents that not even the most deluded Muslim could conceive of containing it. There is no such ‘right’ as the ‘right’ not to be offended; indeed I am deeply offended by the contents of the Koran with its overt hatred of Christians, Jews, apostates, non-believers and homosexuals, but cannot demand its suppression.

It is time we recognized that those who claim ‘the right not to be offended’ have also chillingly announced their hatred of Western Civilisation and will stop at nothing in order to triumph.

Remember Spencer Perceval

by johnofgwent

I must go find myself some stronger horlicks it's 2:50am (1:50 am by my body clock but the clocks went forward yesterday) and I cannot sleep. So here I am at the keyboard.

I have said for many years that it would be pointless me taking a machine gun and emptying the magazine into Brown (or Blair) for the way they destroyed both my business - and Green Arrow's for that matter.

I have said it because:-
  • even though they deliberately launched a combination of excise attack dogs against our clients, threatening them, with endless expensive tax investigations unless they terminated our totally legitimate business contracts forthwith and threw us onto the street...
  • even though they created red tape by the bucketload to increase our overheads, waste our time, caused us to being in costly expert help and therefore shafted our profitability...
  • even though they welcomed foreign businessmen sucking up to them, wishing to bring their own people in here illegally to do our jobs,...
  • even though they outsourced our work to bloated incompetent software houses who charged three to five times our fees to send a nerd whose degree certificate was still wet with the printing ink...
  • even though they refused outright to allow self employed people to sponsor their "List-X" status and this bid for secret government work,...
  • and even though they did all this with a ruthless ideological determination to destroy that went far, far beyond that which even Maggie Thatcher had in her heart when she destroyed the industries of this country,
Yes even though they did all that, they would still not understand why they were in my gunsights.

I said it would be pointles because even assuming one managed to penetrate the cordon of steel, even if one got a perfect line of sight and even if one managed to hit the target when one opened up...

... yes even if one got that far, it would sadly be a fact that as the lying treacherous bastards felt the bullets shred their internal organs to a jellied pulp ... as they felt their bodies shudder as the exit wounds ripped open, as they fell gasping for breath that would never come as the functional bits of their lungs were now hanging out of those exit wounds, smearing their nice suit jackets with a pink bloody froth...

Yes even as their eyes dimmed for the last time as they found out for themselves the hard way what over a hundred of our fine young men and woman had found out as they met their end in a pointless, useless, illegal military belligerence, it would never in a million years cross their minds that their nemesis was a pissed off businessman driven over the edge by vhe destruction of everything he had built up, to the point that there was no longer anything worth living for.

No, as the lights dimmed in their eyes they would curse me as a dissident irishman or moere likely a white muslim. I thought this because I thought they would have no idea because there was no such precedent.

But earlier tonight a chance post on ukdebate.co.uk sent me diving off to the cyber archives of wikipedia and to cross references in academic texts and educational material.

And I was wrong. There is a precedent. Step into the limelight if you will Mister Spencer Perceval. The only British Prime Minister to be assasinated. Wikipedia has this to say about the man :-
On 11 May 1812, Perceval was on his way to attend the inquiry when he was shot through the heart in the lobby of the House of Commons by a mentally unsound man named John Bellingham, who blamed his financial instability on a casual suggestion of Perceval.
I personally prefer these lines from Spartacus SchoolNet
Perceval held the post until 1812 when he became the only British Prime Minister in history to be assassinated. Spencer Perceval was shot when entering the lobby of the House Of Commons by John Bellingham, a failed businessman from Liverpool. Bellingham .... blamed Perceval for his financial difficulties ....
Now in reality of course I would never do this. And not just because despite what the lying treacherous scum has done to me I remain firmly convinced that violence is not the answer

No, I would not do this because, just as I saw the look in the eyes and on the face of the Labour Party puppet parachuted in to Blaenau Gwent whose hoped for cushy seat on the gravy train was so spectacularly derailed by Peter Law, so I want this piece of excrement in Number Ten to live to see his throne taken from him.

But it would gladden my hear to see a few G20 protestors wearing T shirts festooned with the slogan REMEMBER SPENCER PERCEVAL in a few days time.

Regrettably the majority of the people who might do such a thing have not been given the benefiit of an education that explains who this man is and how he met his end. On the other hand. maybe it's a good thing they don't know the guy ever existed.

Sunday 29 March 2009

BNP Wales interview Labour MP Nia Griffith

Another first for BNP Wales, with Roger Phillips putting LLanelli Labour MP Nia Griffith on the spot. Her voting record sums her up.

  • Voted against a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
Will be adding to this post shortly.


A flea on a Vampire

I am grateful to Ancient Brit for drawing our attention to the article concerning one Our Countries greatest leeches and parasites that feeds of the blood, sweat and tears of the True British People, Jaqui Smith MP.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s political future was in jeopardy tonight after it was revealed that her husband used her Commons expenses allowance to pay to watch pornographic films.

Richard Timney, who works as Ms Smith’s Commons adviser, used part of the Minister’s second-homes allowance to pay for the blue movies he watched on a subscription television channel.
Mind you, looking at images of Ms Smith I can understand why he might prefer the company of the five fingered widow to his wife.

What was it Johnathon Swift wrote in a Poetry, a Rhapsody.

So, naturalists observe, a flea
Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
And these have smaller still to bite 'em;
And so proceed ad infinitum.

Oh well there is only one sure remover of parasites from the public body and that is....altogether now, The British National Party.

The Establishment De-Humanisation of Opponents

Taught to hate by The State

By Mister Fox

The government has donated over £1.2 million in a road show which makes a hero of black racist Malcolm X, while it dehumanises its opponents and sets them up for violent attacks.

The payment to “Radical Middle Way” organisation is part of the government’s £100 million “anti-terrorist” programme called “Prevent.” and is to be expanded by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

But October the 26th is the anniversary of a rare event in England – a bomb attack on an mp’s home in 1965.

This is a lesson that de-humanising a politician could have fatal consequences as happened to Pym Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh. Mr.Griffiths had been Member of Parliament for Smethwick (now Warley) for just a year. He had been leader of the Conservative group on the council and won the election of 15th October 1964 against a national swing to Labour, which was led by Harold Wilson. The defeated MP Patrick Gordon Walker was Foreign Secretary designate and a personal friend of Wilson. Mr.Griffith’s turned Walker’s 3,544 majority into 1,774 for the Conservatives.

Alderman Griffiths was local-born and headmaster of nearby primary school, Fir Tree Lane. Mr.Walker lived in Hamstead Garden Suburb. Peter Griffiths lost his seat in March 1966 to Andrew Faulds (Labour) who lived in Stratford –upon-Avon!

Biased reporting created a dangerous climate in which Mr.Griffiths ceased to be seen as human and became a “racialist”- something to be reviled. When people are thus de-humanised they become figures of hate and it does not matter what is done to them.

Paul Foot wrote a book on this election “Immigration and Race in British Politics” and, though an excellent journalist, he could not overcome his prejudice to give Mr. Griffiths a fair examination.

However, he did note Walker’s hypocrisy and commented, ”The racial bitterness stirred up…could well last for a generation. For this Patrick Gordon Walker must take his share of the responsibility.” He quoted a Birmingham mp, “look at Patrick. He never left the subject alone.(1)

Walker had issued different election leaflets for each ethnic group. While he was preaching against race discrimination, Smethwick Labour club operated a colour bar! Mr.Griffiths told the Birmingham Evening Mail, on 24/9/1964, “The Socialists are attempting to obtain the coloured vote because they think it will hold Smethwick for them.”

Many contemporary attitudes were pre-figured in this election. The suggestion by Trevor Philips, head of the Human Rights Commission, has suggested young Black boys need schooling separately.

This is similar to a suggestion by Peter Griffiths in February 1964, when in response to complaints from white parents that their children were being held back, he proposed to hold special classes for Indian children who could not speak English for three hours a day. They were to be taught by their own teachers in English, maths and science and then rejoin the others for games and crafts. He was accused of trying to start Apartheid in local schools!

Some think the oppression of “whites” and social engineering a Utopian society began with Political Correctness or the advent of New Labour under Blair, but in fact it is part of the Multi-Racialists’ mentality and underlying is prejudice against “whites” or here, the English and prejudice in favour of other ethnic groups.

The first act of positive discrimination was in 1950 when Minister of Food John Strachey(L) announced that no Government contracts would go to caterers who did not employ coloured people.

In 1955 Smethwick a Conservative candidate for the council had his election addresses printed in Urdu as well as English as did Conservative General election candidate John Wells.

In 1965 Enid Blyton was being pilloried for her book "The Little Black Doll".

Many were appalled in 2001 when mps were asked to pledge they would not mention race in their campaigns and there were agreements among candidates in some constituencies. Also in 1964 the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination sent out forms for general election candidates to sign pledging not to us race as an issue.

Meanwhile, back at the narrative –
An offensive slogan was being posted on walls before and during the election,” If you want a N***** for a neighbour, vote Labour”. Harold Wilson attributed this to Griffiths on national Television, when asked by Robin Day on Panorama of 9th March 1964 .

Mr. Wilson replied, that he understood that this was said by the Conservative candidate in Smethwick. Griffiths denied he or any member of the Conservative party had used this slogan, but did refuse to condemn its use saying it was an expression of frustration felt by local people at being ignored by their representatives. He explained that the only person who had heard it was Mr.Walker, who claimed it was in use in the Municipal elections of 1963.

A Labour spokesman said that Wilson had said no more than was in the morning’s Times. Mr.Griffiths threatened to sue Mr.Wilson but later declined. After the Election new Prime Minister Wilson broke from his address on the Queens speech to insult Griffiths by calling him a “Parliamentary Leper”, who would be shunned by everyone in the House. This breached the convention that new members be protected until after their Maiden speech!

Harold Gurden Birmingham Conservative mp (Selly Oak) told the Times 25/1/1965, “He “had not met Griffiths but would be his friend in the House.

Then on October the 5th 1964 just two weeks before polling Griffiths was denounced for his campaign in the Birmingham Post and the Times Midland correspondent wrote, ”It is abhorrent to all Conservatives candidates and officials of stature to whom I have talked.

The column of October the 12th, “Vile –its all in Black and White.”As the election result was announced on October the 16th Socialists made Nazi salutes. Mr.Walker, the embittered loser griped,” I feel the result tonight will give Smethwick a bad name.” The Bishop of Southwark called the electorate “unchristian” and the Bishop of Chelmsford and Archbishop of Canterbury also condemned them but that local people supporting a local-born candidate in a democratic election over a local issue is a model of Democracy at work yet, these un-elected Bishops who lived far away, were imposing their a priori ideology on the situation but not drawing inferences from the facts or observation.

The way to understand this piece of history is not through the prejudices of outsiders but through real examples.

A supporter of Mr.Griffith’s campaign was Cllr. Alan Vernon, 23-years old, who had fostered a young coloured child. Mr.Vernon, who had supported Griffiths campaign, told the Times of 15th February 1965, June, “I do not think the campaign was conducted on racialist lines. I feel that immigration should be restricted". He had also fostered a young coloured child eighteen months previously and supported the Marshall Street plan.

This plan was an attempt by the Conservative council to buy the remaining houses in Marshall Street to sell to white people as 40% were occupied by coloured people.

Martin Luther King himself had addressed members of Parliament in December 1964 on his way to Oslo to collect his Noble Peace Prize and had warned of the creation of “Little Harlems”.(2)

Conservative group leaders had taken the decision after meeting a delegation of worried housewives. Housing Committee chairman E. Gould remarked,” This is not colour prejudice. We understand that over thirty houses in Marshall Street are occupied by coloured people and we think they should not be allowed to occupy more than half the houses in any street.” Griffiths agreed and told the Times of 7th December, 1964 ” coloured people can only be integrated if they live alongside white people.

Later a delegation of housewives visited Richard Crossman Minister of Housing for support, who with his PPS Bob Mellish treated them harshly and upset the ladies. A request for funding was sent but turned down. Crossman a leading left-wing intellectual was proud of having opposed the 1961 Commonwealth Immigration Bill, as a “shameful piece of legislation", but wrote in his Diary,“Ever since the Smethwick election it has been quite clear that immigration can be the greatest potential vote loser for the Labour party if we are seen to be permitting a flood of immigrants to come and blight the central areas of our cities.(3)

Mellish had said “Smethwick’s name stinks and “Smethwick is well regarded in Alabama.

But in May 1976 with an influx of Malawi Asians into his own Bermondsey constituency, Mr. Mellish, then Labours’ chief whip, told the Commons, “With 53 million of us we cannot go on without strict immigration control.

Ever consistent the BBC took Malcolm X the American Black Power leader to Marshall Street in February 1965 to film for their current affairs programme “Tonight”. He told the world’s media,” I have come here because I am disturbed by reports that coloured people in Smethwick are being badly treated. I have heard they are being treated as the Jews under Hitler. I would not wait for the Fascist element in Smethwick to erect gas ovens.

I wonder who he heard that off! He told the London Times that the BBC had taken him there for a programme on “race”. This was nine days before he was assassinated after his return to the States.

The BBC denied having brought him but Smethwick’s eloquent mayor Alderman C.V.Williamse investigated and revealed, that he was appalled at "the BBC bringing algebraic characters to Smethwick and then denying it. I was most amazed at the finesse displayed when I spoke of him being brought in a BBC car. I was told the car was not a BBC car but it was owned by one of the directors.

Griffiths was outraged by the visitations of extremists and wrote to the “SmegsTelephone, “

The visit of Malcolm X was an affront to decent people and a direct provocation. That he should have been brought to Marshall Street by the BBC, which is supposed to be a responsible public corporation, makes matters worse.” I say to all extremists Right and Left, black or white, get out and stay out.

A blazing wooden cross had been left against a door in Pink Passage, with KKK painted on the pavement. The front room was a store for an Indian shopkeeper. Earlier a Labour Councillor described the council as being like “Peter Griffiths’ Reichstag.

Mr.Griffiths also called for health checks on immigrants when he responded to a question in the local paper the “Smegs Telephone”, “Immigration should be limited to those of sound health who have jobs and living accommodation arranged before they enter.

This was prescient as there was an outbreak of Typhoid in Smethwick in April 1965.
Dr.John Briant the Deputy Medical Officer of Health said ”Smethwick had contained one outbreak but another might occur if people were let into the country without health checks.

The campaign of vilification which lasted for eighteen months and had been featured in media all across the world, culminated in a time bomb being planted outside Peter Griffith’s home.

The bomb was a battery and clock placed on a meter cover, connected by wires through the letterbox to a detonator and an explosive substance. The explosion splintered part of the front door, blew the dining room door off its hinges, broke the hinges on an upstairs door, blew off the loft entrance, smashed some windows and drove splinters into the walls and stair banisters in the hall. The police thought it the work of experts.

The media created a climate in which Peter Griffiths was made a legitimate target for political fanatics. This shows that irresponsible journalists and politicians set up people for attack if they disagree with them and put people’s lives in danger especially now we have many Muslim extremists in the country, if they use wild and emotive terms of abuse based on lies.

1 Foot, Paul 1965. Immigration and Race in British Politics (Penguin)
2 Griffiths, Peter 1966. A Question of Colour (Leslie Frewin)
3 Crossman Richard1975. Diaries of a Cabinet Minister. Vol.1David Hamilton

The UAF and Monty Python

It is always the same, you are in a real rush to do something and you can bet your last devalued pound, that your machine will play up. Today it is Scribefires turn to be a red bitch. Just one more time and it is the Sin Bin until I have time to sort it.

And talking of reds, I see that the UAF, "The Funny One" side of the Searchlight and UAF double act against democracy have come up with a new way of trying to silence The Home of the Green Arrow. Right Scribefire - off you go. Come back when you want to play.

Unable to silence the Green Arrow through threats of violence they have been clutching at straws for ways to silence me. Today they almost succeeded. They attempted to make me laugh until I died. Seriously. I almost died laughing. Coffee spurted from every orifice in my body and my entrails almost burst from my body as it was wracked with side splitting laughter.

Let me get a replacement coffee first, roll up a cigarette and then we are good to go.

Right then, do not say I did not warn you. You have had ample time to remove all liquids away from your machine.

Checking out one of the red shite site forums that remind me of an old American Ghost town inhabited only by two crazed maniacs called Denise Garside and Atreus, I came across the following thread where they are discussing how to try and catch up with the British National Party in the Cyber War. Here we go...

First Norfolk Unity podcast

Denise and myself have been breaking our heads over this, but we think we've come up with something that works.

There aren't any intros or stings yet, but we've got copyright cleared on some we like, and this first cast is all speech.

We're not interested in comments on the content, just on presentation, voice modulation, intelligability, listenability.

We like the Radio 4 kind of presentation but you might not.

We reckon that a 30 minute webcast would come in at between 12-15 mb in good quality MP3 format. This one is 8:44 minutes long and the file size is 3.5 mb.

If this comes off we could, with a bit of cooperation, widen it out to include AF music, discussion inserts, etc. But we need to walk before we run.

Anyway here's a link to save going to Norfolk Unity. It should open up Windows Media Player in Internet Explorer, but you might need to set Firefox to use WMP instead of Quicktime.

Let us know what you think.

Re: First Norfolk Unity podcast

Don't think the synthesised computer voice works.

Lancaster Unity
Re: First Norfolk Unity podcast

Love it. Very neat indeed. Smiley

Re: First Norfolk Unity podcast

Don't think the synthesised computer voice works.

We loved our little Indian-accented voice.

We've got other voices (and they aren't cheap), all of them better than the regular MS synthesised voice.

It looks simple to start with - just paste in your text and off you go. There is, though, a lot more to it than that - we spent a lot of time matching phenomes to come as close to natural speech as possible, but some things defeated us. We couldn't get it to pronounce "Dagenham" for love nor money, no matter what we tried. And everything is controlled with XML commands - pitch, speed, emphasis, pauses, etc.

We're not displeased with the one we put up to test the water with, but it's quite a learning curve and we're somewhere near the bottom of it. That file did seem to lose something in the conversion from WAV to MP3 though - its seems faster, the clarity suffered, and a wobble seems to have come into the voices that wasn't there in the WAV.

Unity News
Re: First Norfolk Unity podcast

Not being funny but why the computerised voice in the first place?

Kirklees Unity
Re: First Norfolk Unity podcast

Kirklees Unity wrote on Feb 17th, 2009, 9:47pm:
Not being funny but why the computerised voice in the first place?

Because none of us has good modulation - and I've got a Norfolk accent, Marion has a Fen accent, Atreus has a West Midland twang.

As this stands I don't think it would do much more than provide an easy means of making blogposts more accessible to those with bad eyesight, or who don't want to sit in from of a computer reading.

Unity News
Re: First Norfolk Unity podcast

Surely, as a former Beeb gal, you could do this better in your best Pimms-on-the-terrace accent, Denise?

OK me now. There was a lot more of the same but the above gives you the drift.
First thing I done was to download the two MP3 files originally referred to.

But before that, I want you to consider this, and remember these maniacs are being serious.

They fret about doing the podcast themselves because, basically their accents are too British.

I've got a Norfolk accent, Marion has a Fen accent, Atreus has a West Midland twang.
And of course, full of self loathing for being born white, they decide to go for the "We loved our little Indian-accented voice."

Right. No need to give you the link to the test file, that was funny but better was their finished polished product. Start the day off with a laugh and go listen to the News Digest from the Bizzaro World of the UAF.

Now let's go get the next two articles, one by our popular Mister Fox and the other from our fairly new writer from Scotland, Elizabeth.

Saturday 28 March 2009

One rule for bankers .....

Click on the link for larger image.
Be sure to take a good, long, hard look. The original won't be there to see come Monday

by johnofgwent

To reprise the title of this post. One rule for banks and bankers ...

... and another completely different one for mutual building societies, it seems. Thie following is taken from the "about us" page of the website of the Dunfermline Building Society.

With assets topping £3.3 billion, an electronic distribution service augmenting a network of 34 branches and 37 agencies and an expanded Commercial and Social Housing department, the Society is well equipped to meet the challenges of the financial marketplace.

The Society is a mutual organisation and as such, exists to serve the needs of members without the necessity to satisfy shareholders. Profits made are sufficient only to provide for the costs of the business. Coupled with significant and continuous investment in communities across Scotland through sponsorship and support to various organisations, the Society has earned the title of "SCOTLAND'S BUILDING SOCIETY".

What was that saying about good intentions being used as a paving material ? Well, the sociery is certainly going to hell in a handcart. The BBC News website reports that the The Dunfermline Building Society is to be put on the market by the government after it effectively collapsed. It was hoped the Dunfermline could continue with a government bailout of between £60m to £100m. However, the "tri-partite regulators" - the Bank of England, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the UK Government - have decided it is no longer viable, with a £26m loss expected to be announced next week.

Now maybe they deserve this because it sems the management of this mutual building society semto have lost £9 million on its IT business (I wonder who they outsourced it to ?) and "diversified" into property mortgages operated by those two fine upstanding property loan companies GMAC (the General Motors Acceptance Corporation, organisers of credit cards corporate fund deals and leases on company vehicles worldwide) and Lehmann Brothers

Someone tell me what the hell a Scottish Mutual Building Society is doing dabbling in that kind of hocus pocus. Please. But on the other hand, if the loss is only £26 million, well, can someone remind me again how much money had to be thrown into "Fred The Shred's" pension pot to give him that index linked £700,000 a year ? About that sum, wasn't it.

Searchlight: Dealing With The Natives

Battle for Britain beat me to the draw on this story. Well done Battler.

But I might as well push it out also.

The following is Chapter 3 from 'Searchlight: Dealing With The Natives' (author requests anonymity). The full PDF document can be downloaded HERE.

[3] ‘Diseased’ English Vermin

The question is this: how – in the course of less than a half a century – did the perceptions by ‘outsiders’ of the native, British working class change from one of charitable understanding to that of hostile loathing? How did the white working class,formally “the salt of the earth”, latterly become regarded as “the scum of the earth”? The historian and writer Michael Collins asks specifically: how did “the ‘natural goodness’ of most of the inhabitants” – of people such as London’s indigenous Cockney community – become turned around in the latter half of the 20th Century such that “ … what became apparent in the aftermath of the [Macpherson] inquiry was that reports on racism had segued into a demonisation of the white working class”.

One part of the answer is quite straightforward. It is a part of a politically inspired process for disconnecting the native people from their land, and for destroying any sense of nationhood and sovereign identity. And to frustrate any resistance to this process it is also equally importantly to convince the natives (especially the English) that they deserve to be hated.

We see this the relentless agenda of demonisation in, for example, Searchlight publications –such as: ‘White Noise’; ‘White Riot’; ‘The English Disease’; and ‘A New Ingerlund’.The disturbing part of this is that this racist agenda is so remorselessly expressed in the form of targeted, extreme hatemongering. The people to hate are white. The people to hate are English. It is difficult not to conclude that the Searchlight agenda is to conduct an especially nasty, racist,anti-white, and anti-English (especially) campaign.

The choice and use of language and of imagery is both interesting – and highly disturbing. The English (as an ethnic/racial group) are portrayed as uniquely having a race-specific “disease” of racism – an extremely negative attribution that is intended to bring down opprobrium upon the native people. Searchlight is only interested in directing its hatemongering activities against members of the indigenous population of the British Isles (the ‘white’ people). The abuse is relentless and nasty – of references to “Neanderthals”, “knuckle-draggers”, “village idiots”, “rats out of sewers”, The invitation is to see people being singled-out only from the native population as subhuman – as vermin or mentally retarded, to be marked out for violent confrontation and elimination.

The process of de-humanising the native British people – of transforming a perception of the white working class from members of a proud and patriotic community to “rats out of sewers” – therefore has a political purpose. People who are dehumanised in this way are more easily disposed of. Organisations such as Searchlight (or affiliates, associates, and political masters) promote the stereotyping of visibly patriotic Britons as “less than human”. This is done in the knowledge that the already excessive violence against the white native population (especially lethal violence) will be further encouraged.

It is interesting to note that when commenting on activities specifically involving members of the native, indigenous community, Searchlight will parenthesise the word ‘indigenous’ – as if the existence of a native population should be challenged and disputed. This is yet another example of the way in which Searchlight can indulge its loathing towards those stubbornly independent natives – those people who wish to assert their ancestral rights and hard-won freedoms. Contrary to this, many native Britons will intuitively understand that they, as members of the indigenous population, have a right of self determination that is not negotiable – and which cannot be
negated by any amount of bullying, threats or hate mongering.

The use of lying by Searchlight reveals an astonishing level of brazenness. Events such as a ‘White History Month’ draw comment from Searchlight that “white people in Britain are not discriminated against because they are white, they are not victims because they are white”. This is blatant lying. Searchlight knows this to be grossly untrue, but promotes these views regardless. To see an organisation such as Searchlight casually
resorting to lying in this way simply beggars belief.

Searchlight will know (though will not admit) that discrimination against white people (by such means as ‘employment quota schemes’, or of targeted help and assistance within the criminal justice system) is rife throughout the UK. Even more importantly, Searchlight will know that the white population suffers much more from racist crime and racist violence (including murder) than any other ethnic or racial group.

The full PDF document contains source references and will be permanently linked on my sidebar.