Saturday 28 February 2009

Praising the melting pot

By Sarah Maid of Albion

Anyone who takes an interest in the comments posted by readers at my own blog, will notice that we have recently received a few praising the alleged evolutionary benefits of interracial sex, including the one from a lady who ended her contribution by calling me a “bigoted, bored Nazi housewife, racist, bimbo” . (Gosh, it's over a week since I was called any of those, and even longer since they were all in one sentence)

These posters, ignore the fact that Europeans have done pretty damn well mating with other Europeans for thousands of years, as indeed have, Africans, Asians, Arabs and Orientals. Instead they tell us that, at this point in mankind's development, the best means for the species to survive is by the enthusiastic mixing of ethnic genes, which they suggest will create a more healthy, efficient, and, presumably to their mind, “ideal” specimen.

Lets disregard for a moment the fact that they are seeking to use my blog and my belief in free speech in order to further spread the sort of propaganda which can be found across the internet, in a way which they would never allow ideas such as mine to be spread on their ideologically pure little blogs and websites, and, for the sake of argument, actually give some consideration to their argument and take it to its natural conclusion.

A candidate for interbreeding?

Let us, for instance, apply this argument to other species, and, where better to start than with cats. Why on Earth do we need all these different breeds?, especially when they all seem to have their own unique weaknesses. Persian cats, as an example, tend to suffer from kidney problems, whilst their flat faces mean they are often martyrs to catarrh, and, of course, their hair is a nightmare to vacuum, the solution, according to our correspondents would apparently be to get rid of the thoroughbred breed of cat and create a longer nosed, shorter haired creature, called a “prabby” perhaps.

Many other breeds of cat could also benefit from the same treatment, Siamese tend to have that awful irritating high pitched Meow, Burmese can be grumpy, and as for Sphinx cats and the Cornish Rex, well they are just plain ugly. (Tabbies, of course, are so much prettier and healthier, albeit a little boring after a while.)

All these problems, it seems, would be solved by interbreeding, think about it , cats breed more rapidly than we do, given the same degree of dedication which has been applied to the colonisation of Europe, within a few decades we could rid ourselves of all the diverse breeds, with all their inconvenient breed related foibles, and create a single mono-breed, multi-purpose, cat. Perhaps we could call it a mogg.

Why stop at cats? Dog breeds are equally problematic, corgis snap, labradors go to fat, spaniels shed, and Afghans are totally useless when it comes to guarding your house. Surely the way ahead for the survival of the species is through the creation of the mono-breed mutt.

According to the logic of proposing interracial mixing as an evolutionary solution, amalgamating all the different cat and dog breeds into single homogenised moggs and mutts, with all the irritating weaknesses and hair loss problems bred out, would be for the betterment of both species. It would certainly make the process of choosing pets less complicated, albeit perhaps a little less interesting.

Beyond domestic pets, mass interbreeding within the animal kingdom would solve any number of problems, and think of the time it would save conservationists. Those currently fretting over that rare and endangered species of Saharan cheetahs, are clearly missing the obvious solution of importing a few thousand of the sub-Saharan breed and “Viola!” (its not as if there isn't a template).

Indeed for the sake of diversity (albeit, it would not be diverse for long) they could try bringing in some leopards, certainly a more hardy type of big cat. Who knows maybe leopards and cheetahs would mate successfully and they could produce, healthier and more efficient “Cheetards”, which would not only be better at climbing trees, but they would do it a damn sight quicker. (Not terribly useful in the Sahara, but, hey you can't have everything)

Sumatran tigers under threat? Just send down an Empire Windrush full of Bengal or Siberian tigers, problem sorted!

I accept that leopards and cheetahs are different species of big cat, and there is quite a a difference between Siberian tiger and a Sumatran one, but then again, unlike mules, which, as one pro mixing blogger by the name of Liliput kindly reminded me, can not breed, ligers and tigons can do so, albeit, as yet, without great success, so the scenario might not be so absurd.

However, more prosaically, when it comes to two breeds of cheetah , the differences are much less marked and they should mate with little difficulty. Surely those seeking to preserve genetic differences dating back thousands, or even millions, of years are being over sentimental, or even “racist” aren't they? - scarily such allegations are already being made.

“Woah!” I can hear the race mixing enthusiasts shout “We were not talking about animals, it is only different coloured people we want chucked in the melting pot!”

Ah yes maybe that's true, maybe it is only human beings who they want to intermix, indeed, in reality, their target is even narrower than that, they only want their meting pots in Europe or North America, but certainly no-where else.

It is only in the lands where there is still an indigenous or majority white populations where they want to set up their meting pots. As we all know, a desire for ethnic preservation is only a sin when white people do it, amongst any other group it is viewed as both admirable and indeed a basic human right.

I will, therefore, restrict the comments to human beings. However, for the sake of fairness, let us, for once ignore Europe and North America where the unquestioned dogma espousing the “benefits” of sex with other races have been preached to the point of indoctrination, and turn the spotlight on those races and nationalities who are never told they are racist if they wish to stick to their own, and who are not endlessly encouraged to jump between the sheets with the first foreigner they encounter.

I can not see why anyone would object, surely if there are such great evolutionary advantages to race mixing for white people, other races would doubtless also benefit from mixing their genes with those from other ethnic groups.

Most races have cultural issues, some might call them flaws (certainly the likes of Jack Straw do when referring to the English) maybe, like with white people. some of these “issues” are genetic, and can be improved by mixing in a few exotic genes. It is worth considering, after all, we are constantly told how good it is for us.

Lets look at Africa, where there certainly do appear to be some cultural problems, which are hindering development and which arguably put their long term futures at risk. It has been suggested, in the same way as the English are alleged to have a propensity for binge drinking and anti-social behaviour, the African character lacks drive and industry, and is prone to acts of irrational violence (recent events in Kenya and South Africa would seem to bear this out). If this is true, then the solution is obvious, they should import as many Chinese as possible (its already happening) and, in a few generations of Afro/Oriental amour we might see a new industrious and driven Africa, with a very rational approach to violence.

A long term solution to the Middle East might be to encourage the hot blooded young men there to become romantically involved with Melanesians and Australian Aborigines. Who can tell, if the benefits of race mixing are what we are told they are, the desire for jihad may fade as they discover the pleasures of making love and getting pi............

Hold on, what's that high pitched shrieking sound I hear?!! ... Oh. Its the fans of interracial sex, objecting to what I am saying. What's that they say?, (its so hard to hear them over John Cruddas's flatulence, and Lily Allen being sick) ..... “racism?” they shout .... “racial stereotypes?” they cry.... “sounds like eugenics?” ...... they gasp .

Of course they are right, it does sound racist, what I am saying in the paragraphs above does rely on racial stereotypes to argue its case and, if I was being serious, it would sound far too much like eugenics for comfort. Then again it sounded exactly like that when they said exactly the same thing to us. The only difference being that we were called Nazis when we objected.

Before you vote for The Establishment, remember this

The mobile coffin called a Landrover

I am not going to get into the illegality of the Afghanistan war but I would just like to point out a couple of things that have been going through my mind for awhile now.

I find it strange that we the taxpayers of this country can find BILLIONS of taxpayers pounds immediately, to bail out the global bankers who are playing their part in the genocide of the True British People but cannot find the money to help protect the lives of our soldiers in the "establishments" illegal wars.

I have been searching and reading for days now about the numbers of British deaths brought about by the use of Snatch Landrovers, that our troops refer to as mobile coffins.

And in all honesty, I am amazed at the betrayal of the soldiers under their command by the Senior Officers who put politics before honour and their men.
British troops will continue to be sent out on patrol in Iraq and Afghanistan in vulnerable 'Snatch' Land Rovers because there is nothing better available, senior commanders insisted today.

Responding to a growing wave of criticism and demands for a public inquiry, top brass mounted a robust defence of the lightly-armoured truck, insisting it was often the best vehicle of choice.

Commanders said larger and more heavily protected trucks were too cumbersome for built-up areas, or caused too much damage to roads and property, alienating local civilians.
You can read the full article first if you wish, but this is what I have found from reading information on a number of sites.

Over a quarter of the current 149 death toll of British Soldiers in Afghanistan have been caused by improvised explosives devices (IEDs). Roadside bombs and mines to you and I.
Three British soldiers patrolling in southern Afghanistan were killed by an explosive device on February 25.
And having just checked, I find that the three soldiers who were recently murdered by our government, were traveling in a Snatch Landrover(Mobile Coffin).

International Military Forums are amazed at the pathetic protection of these vehicles that might be OK to visit a supermarket in or take the kids to school in but certainly not for use in a war zone.

For our military leaders to say that there is nothing better is a lie. Much better would be squadrons of small helicopters, that they say we cannot afford. And to worry about the locals concerns about roads is pathetic. It is not British Troops planting bombs under those roads it is the locals themselves.

The Reva. B******s to the bankers and send these to our troops now

But if we will not give our troops more helicopters, then we should at least provide them with the vehicle of choice of the American Special Forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Reva, which is available now from a British Company and has a unique hull design that deflects 80% of an explosion away from the vehicle.
The REVA was evaluated by the US Army in Iraq and Integrated Convoy Protection (Pty) Ltd was awarded a contract to supply a substantial number of REVAs for deployment there. The ongoing success of the vehicle in operations and exceptional performance in protecting the lives of civilian and military personnel resulted in further contracts, not only in Iraq but also for US Special Forces operations and most recently for the Royal Thai Army. Currently more than 200 REVAs are being utilized in Iraq.
Digging further, I find the following that was taken from a statement released by the Ministry of Defence late last year in which the MOD say they are going to spend £700 million on new armoured vehicles.

And what is the replacement for the mobile coffins? Just a slightly bigger coffin with a bigger engine called the Snatch-Vixen that as already been slated in military circles. Just what is the relationship between the government and landrover that puts British Troops lifes at risk?
3. Snatch-Vixen - Snatch’s running gear, chassis, engine, and other automotive components have been modified to give the vehicle more power and the ability to carry a greater load.
By greater load, do they mean more troops to be blown to bits?

If you continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con alliance, you are voting for illegal wars, the deaths of more of our soldiers and for a government that will not even give them the equipment they need to survive.

In voting for the "establishment", you are just voting for more money for the global bankers and corrupt politicians who are shearing us like sheep. And perhaps that is all we are.

For those interested in seeing more images and details of the Reva.

A tale of illegal taxi drivers

Where does the time go? I was just updating the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site with details of two crooked councillors when I realised that I had no choice but to write an article about one of the cases.

You can read about the corrupt conservative councillor later, meanwhile let us look at the case of Bolton Labour Councillor, Sean Hornby.

Despite admitting using his car as a taxi without an operators license and using his car as a taxi without the correct insurance, he was let of with a caution instead of being prosecuted.

The investigation, that as cost thousands of pounds as now been dropped and the response from the leader of the Labour Council as been as expected.

Cllr Cliff Morris, leader of the Labour Group and Bolton Council, said: “The issue has been dealt with by officers in the appropriate way. There are no implications for Cllr Hornby’s position under the code of conduct for councillors.”
Salt in the wound for taxpayers and ratepayers, is that the shamed Councillor has been granted permission to apply for his costs from the Central Fund that is similar to legal aid but for privately funded defences.

Now have a look at how this crime is dealt with when the person involved is not a Labour Councillor.

In Northern Ireland an illegal Taxi driver was banned for two years and fined £1500 pounds.

And more recently, in Wales, South Wales Police, working with the local Council's licensing officers and acting on demands from taxi drivers who work within the law, brought a succesful prosecution against a man who committed an identical offence to the Labour Councillor.

The illegal driver, clearly not a councillor was fined a total of £715 with a 12 months driving disqualification.


Cllr.Hornby is not only a prominent Labour councillor for Little Lever & Darcy Lever but also the Treasurer to none other than the MP for Bolton South East Labour Party Dr Brian Iddon as the below link suggests.

I think we should send our disgust to Dr Iddon via:

You may also want to check out this piece on this charity theme by him!!

Corrupt Lords, Corrupt MEPs, Corrupt MP's and Corrupt Councillors. When will the sheep people wake up and realise the whole rotten lot need sweeping away and the only chance they have now is the British National Party.

The control freak and the (ex)banker.

by johnofgwent.

I noticed something on television yesterday. And while responding to a comment in an earlier blog entry, the memory of that came back to me, and I'd like to share that with you. Let's begin with a tale of two photographs.

Mister "Happy Smiley" himself, pictured in Davos in 2008

Now here's a man enjoying himself at the top of his career. This is a resized copy (why waste blogger bandwidth) of a shot of our glorious leader (yeah, right) as I am sure he would wish to be portrayed. Happy Smiling and Suntanned. The fact he's about to go into a world summit and start the ball rolling on a worldwide subsidy of the wunch of bankers that head up our financial institutions hasn't given him a care in the world.

Now for those of our readers who wish to have a copy of this for their very own to snuggle up to at night, you can get your hands on the original, almost life sized version of this photograph from wikipedia. I also think a printout of the original at 100% would just about cover a dartboard, or make a damn good mask to place on a thai kickboxing practice dummy.

But yesterday I saw this man being interviewed by the BBC over the farce that has been allowed to develop with regard to the former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland (now nationalised in all but name) Plc. Here's how he looked then, as reproduced faithfully by the Government Lapdog Propaganda Distribution Company.

So where's the smile and the suntan now, Gordon ?

Now am I the only person in the country to think this man has been seeking advice on where best to obtain certain substances from that pillar of respectability and role model to our young people, Amy Winehouse

The man is clearly rattled. But his television interview last night was startling. He appears pale, strained, fighting to control his irritation as he rolls out his prepared speech to the camera at just how "very, very angry" he is that Sir Fred Goodwin shows absolutely no sign of handing back his monster pension that he can go off and enjoy for the rest of his life, having managed to screw the system before reaching his 51st brthday. I have to hand it to Goodwin, he has arranged himself the lifestyle of a columbian coke baron until his dying day, without ever having to worry about looking over his shoulder for a "bush/obama sponsored assassin".

But the most telling part of that interview was when the reporter, not even bothering to let Brown finish his limp platitude, cut him off with the simple question "so what are you going to do about it, Prime Minister".

For then, just for a split second, we saw the real Gordon Brown. The eyes flashed pure hatred. The face wore an expression I last saw in a cornered thug disturbed trying to burgle my house. The expresion was unmistakable. The body language blared "I am going to rip off your head and shit down your neck you oily little scroat" for all to see.

The thing is, of course, Brown and Blair worked very hard to impose their control freakery upon the Labour Party to turn it from the disorganised, unlectable rabble it had become in the days of its "leadership" at the hands of Michael Foot. A command style that paid off, especially with the Prince Of darkness manipulating the PR.

But once a control freak, always a control freak. And when control starts to slip, what then ?

Tales were abounding not so long ago that Gordon was going through mobiles at the rate of several a week because he kept hurling them at the walls in fits of rage. The PR jerks were doing their best to pooh-pooh this of course, but having seen the guy yesterday,I know who to believe.

So what's the matter, Gordon ?

Does it worry you that you have no hope of entering the next election next election other than wearing a label "the fool who let the bankers run rings round him"

Are you frustrated that you had to abandon Prime Minister's Questions on Thursday as a "mark of respect" while the Mister Fixit that did the deal putting Blair in charge with you to follow as his poodle saw no problem in taking advantage of the lull in business to bring his Post Office Privatisation to the Lords, undebated of course, a day early ?

Are you just peeved that Sir Fred will be collecting a pension ten times your own paltry sixty or seventy grand and there is bugger all you can do about it.

Or are you just miffed that your gestapo tactics have merely increased the number of contributions to the Green Arrow Blog ?

Friday 27 February 2009

Parents and infants take refuge in school

In the article Riot Police called to School, I wondered how the story would develop and develop it has. As expected, this riot by adult Moslems did not make the "establishment" press but the situation, as also expected got worse.

Read this:

CRYING infants and their terrified parents took refuge inside a Sheffield primary school as a gang of up to 50 teenagers rampaged through a suburban estate.
No mention of who the thugs are but you know who they are. So do I. They are the "enrichers" and colonisers of Our Country, showing just who rules the roost by attacking a white housing estate.

In a typically cowardly fashion, the local rag reporting this event does not mention the fact that the thugs were Bangladeshi and neither does it say what the mob were chanting as they terrorised people, smashed cars and windows in an estate they paraded through.

Read the comments, especially the one that appears to be from an enricher. D
What These Kids Done Might Have Been Wrong, But They Had To Unleash Their Anger Somewhere...White Youths Had No Heart When They Attacked A Child, But We Had Heart When Lil' White Kids Went Past Us And We Did Not Say Anything To Them, Because We Knew It Was Wrong To Hit Someone Younger Than Yourself...Get That Into Your Minds!!!!
East is East and West is West and like Oil and Water just do not mix.

Just checked the comments again. Situation appears to be getting worse
Just drove up prince of wales road and gangs of asians waving banners and shouting get WHITE TRASH OUT !!!! imagine if this was the other way round, they think they rule this country
I suggest you go read them NOW as the rag is deleting most of them within minutes.

Have we no one with a camera in the area?

Fire fighter is injured in gang race attack

Imagine for one moment, that you are cycling home from your work as a fire fighter and suddenly you are confronted by a pack of baying Asians(that word again) who start chanting racial abuse at you before hurling bricks at your head. What fear would you feel?

Would you fear for your life? I know I would.

And a Littleborough fire man who is used to risking his life at work but not on his bike on his way home is feeling extremely lucky that he only suffered minor injuries thanks to his cycle helmet. As his wife said:

"It was a horrible thing to happen but it could have been a lot worse.

"Fortunately he was wearing a helmet so that stopped him from being seriously injured and somehow he managed to stay on his bike and cycle away from them.
Damn right it could have been worse. These kind of animals do not stop when their victim is down. They kick to kill.

Although perhaps one of the bricks did more damage than is obvious because after the attack the fire fighter said:
"Hopefully it will start a bit of debate and maybe the imams will speak to the youths to reinforce the message that it is not acceptable to behave like this."
Roll on the floor weeping and laughing alternatively. The imams or Islamic Generals as I call them, are the ones who give the orders and fire up the foot soldiers.

If you have not got the courage to join the BNP in the fight for Our Country, Your Country, then at least have the guts to put an X on ballot papers and vote for them.

Things are going to get worse.

The UAF’s Parliamentary Allies

The extremist group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) claims 58 Members of Parliament (or former Members) as ‘key signatories’ to its hate mongering activities. This analysis therefore examines the conduct of those particular MPs, in terms of their support for two vitally important contemporary issues – namely:

  • (a) for an inquiry into how, in 2003, a lying Government took us into an illegal war; and
  • (b) the vital need for a transparent (open and accountable) Parliament.

Parliamentary Voting History1
Name of MP (or former MP) -and UAF signatory
  • For an inquiry into the Iraq War2
  • For a Transparent Parliament
Abbott, Diane (L) Hackney North against never voted
Anderson, Janet (L) Rossendale & Darwen very strongly against very strongly against
Bailey, Adrian (L) West Bromwich West very strongly against very strongly against
Baird, Vera (L) Redcar very strongly against for
Benn, Tony (L) not applicable not applicable
Berry, Roger (L) Kingswood very strongly against for
Bottomley, Peter (C) Worthing West very strongly for for
Betts, Clive (L) Sheffield Aftercliffe very strongly against very strongly against

Cameron, David (C) Witney strongly for for
Carmichael, Alistair (LD) Orkney & Shetland very strongly for for
Bradley, Peter (L) Wrekin very strongly against no record

Caton, Martin (L) Gower strongly against never voted
Challen, Colin (L) Morley & Rothwell very strongly against never voted
Clark, Helen (L) Peterborough very strongly against no record
Cohen, Harry (L) Leyton & Wanstead strongly for very strongly against
Cryer, John (L) Hornchurch strongly against
Davis, Terry (L) Birmingham Hodge Hill not known not known
Dean, Janet (L) Burton very strongly against against
Donohue, Brian (L) Ayrshire Central strongly against very strongly against
Ellman, Louise (L) Liverpool Riverside very strongly against never voted
Etherington, Bill (L) Sunderland North strongly against against
Follett, Barbara (L) Stevenage very strongly against against
Garnier, Edward (C) Harborough strongly for for
Gardner, Barry (L) Brent North not known not known

Gerrard, Neil (L) Walthamstow strongly against strongly for
Gibson, Ian (L) Norwich North very strongly against strongly against
Griffiths, Jane (L) Reading East very strongly against no record
Hancock, Mike (LD) Portsmouth South very strongly for for
Hain, Peter (L) Neath very strongly against never voted

Hanson, David (L) Delyn very strongly against never voted
Henderson, Doug (L) Newcastle North strongly against strongly against
Hopkins, Kelvin (L) Luton North mixture of for / against for
Iddon, Brian (L) Bolton South East very strongly against strongly against
Illsley, Eric (L) Barnsley Central very strongly against against
Jones, Martin Clwyd South not known not known
Mahon, Alice (L) Halifax mixture of for / against no record
Marris, Rob (L) Wolverhampton SW very strongly against against
Meale, Alan (L) Mansfield very strongly against against
Moffatt, Laura (L) Crawley very strongly against moderately against
Morgan, Julie (L) Cardiff North very strongly against for
Organ, Diana (L) Forest of Dean very strongly against no record
Price, Adam (PC) Carmarthen East very strongly for never voted
Pickthall, Colin (L) West Lancashire very strongly against no record

Purchase, Ken (L) Wolverhampton NE very strongly against very strongly against
Ross, Ernie (L) Dundee West very strongly against no record
Sheridan, Jim (L) Paisley very strongly against very strongly against
Smyth, W Martin rev (UUP) Belfast South moderately for no record
Steen, Anthony (C) Totnes very strongly for never voted
Taylor, Teddy sir (C) Rochford & Southend moderately for no record
Smith, Angela (L) Basildon strongly against against

Tyler, Paul (LD) [Peer] very strongly for no record
Trickett, John (L) Hemsworth not known not known

Vaz, Keith (L) Leicester East strongly against against
Vis, Rudi (L) Finchley & Golders Grn. very strongly against never voted
Watts, Derek not known not known
Williams, Betty (L) Conway very strongly against never voted
Worthington, Tony (L) Clyde Bank strongly against no record
Wright, David (L) Telford very strongly against very strongly against

1 from:

2 In 2003 the Labour Government unlawfully took us to war against a sovereign country a – a country that was neither a threat to the people of the UK, nor to our national interest. Up to the beginning of 2009 there have been 178 British servicemen and servicewomen killed in the Iraq War, and (it is reliably estimated) more than 9,000 casualties.


Fingerprints, Minorities and Bleeding Heart Liberal Whingers

I think the words are "you're ******* nicked mate".
by johnofgwent

It must be a slow news day. Or maybe this is the best the liberal whingers can do against rising protest that the police are having to cut their cloth according to our means to pay their bills instead of their desire to go off and have a gay old time under a rainbow.

Because it's time to brace yourselves for "son of sus laws:the protest continues"

According to the online section of the British Imperialist Propaganda Machine PC Plod and his pals are using new "mobile fingerprint scanning technology" disproportionately against blacks and asians". The bleeding heart liberals complain that out of 29,000 people stopped and"invited" to confirm their identity with this scanner - or get a ride to the station in a black maria if they refuse - 14% were asian, and 16.5% were black, 53% were "white" 12% did not record their ethnicity and 4% were "other".

And the "left whingers" are complaining because the proportionof blacks and asians stopped and checked is out of proportion to their numbers in society ?

Yeah right.

Question One. Where were these checks made and what is the ethnic makeup of the local population there.

If the police are checking out black ghettoes, or all-muslim no-go-areas like the one in which a certain asian Hobby Bobby apprehended two white christian evangelists for the crime of preaching the good news of christ jesus their saviour, one must not be too surprised at a conspicuous absence of "white honkeys".

But Question Two is more to the point. The bleeding heart whingeing liberals complain of disproportionality in the ethnic mix of those stopped compared to the whole population. But we must ask is it disporportional to the ethnic mix of burglars, rapists, muggers, stabbers, shooters and paedophiles in those areas.

For as a police spokesman said in defence of stop and search ...
"when looking for people suspected of robbing a betting shop and making their getaway by jumping a high chain link fence and sprinting across a rubble-strewn building site, one need not bother questioning the town's population of eighty five year old zimmer-frame using pensioners, need one".

Battle for Britain, Special Branch and The Green Arrow

"When did you last see the Green Arrow?"

First of all, good morning to the patriots of the British National Party, the writers of the "establishment" press, Searchlight, UAF and finally Special Branch who like to keep an eye on me.

It seems that yesterday, Phil Bryant who runs the Battle of Britain site was arrested for sending an "offensive" email to a Labour councillor accusing it of being a "pervert" and "kiddie-fiddler" after being wound up after reading that the councillor concerned supported the promotion of homosexuality in our schools.

Now anyone knowing Battler, as I call him, will know that he calls a spade a spade and has strong feelings about such matters, as we all do. But Battler tends to react quickly without thinking to choose his words. And in the Police State we live in now, that can prove fatal.

Battler, who is the first to admit that he has been a bit of a wild boy in the past and still is no angel(who is?), accepted a Police Caution and was released from his cell.

So far so good but what Battler wrote next intrigued me. Prior to his release, he was taken to another room where he was questioned by two police officers who stated they were from Scotland Yard, advised him he was not being charged with any other offences and just wanted to ask him questions about his blog. I know what my answer would have been but we are all different.

Then Battler wrote:
The strangest question they asked me was whether I knew the Green Arrow personally! I find this strange because the first thing I do on my computer every morning is to visit the BNP website followed by the Green Arrow blog. Have the police been spying on my surfing habits!!!!
And of course you know the answer to the last bit. All patriotic bloggers should realise that from the moment they lift their head above the parapet and start sniping at the enemy "establishment", they can expect return fire.
  • Their phone calls will be monitored.
  • Their text messages read.
  • Their emails will be read.
  • Their snail mail will be opened.
  • Their blog articles read and stored.
  • Their web surfing habits noted.
  • Their sites hacked.
  • Their personal life investigated.
  • Their personal details revealed to the enemies of Our Country.
  • Etc, etc, etc
In short they will try to make life intolerable for a blogger that helps the British National Party to expose them and their treason to Our Country in the hope that the blogger will cease their activities in return for a "quite life".

Those who do know me personally, know I have no real desire to be a blogger or an activist, I am getting old. I want to go play poker, read books, look at the sky and get my former life back. But I will not, cannot, stand by and let the patriots of the BNP fight my battles for me like many choose to do. I will take my place in the Shieldwall until we have taken Our Country back or I am dead.

Now in the comments section of Battlers article, reporting his arrest, some have said that he betrayed my personal details to Searchlight. I do not believe this.

Yes, it is true that he once named me on his site after being fed false information by state agents stating that I was a paedophile, homosexual etc and used a false Green Arrow profile to leave sick comments around the websites and linked to a perverted Green Arrow site that they have created.

But once I had pointed these facts out to him, Battler retracted his claims and leapt to my defence in his own unique way. If Battler believes someone to be an evil pervert, he will say so, as shown by his arrest. Yes he should have got his facts right in my case, before launching an attack but I understand why he did it and may have done the same. The reds are good at this game.

The truth, is that long before the Role of Honour list was stolen, the state had already released details of my personal life and private telephone numbers to their bully boy thugs in Searchlight and the UAF and I was receiving death threats long before most of my fellow patriots.

Incidentally, they also know that my details in the list are incorrect and that I have never lived at the addresses published by some sites. They also know that I have moved twice since then and will be moving again shortly. Being single I go where I please and can live like a Spartan, so long as I have a laptop and basic food, that is all I need.

Now finally a message for Special Branch. If you have any "new" questions for me, come and get me. You know where I am. You have had a file on me now for over thirty years and you should know that, as one of your men said to me over a year ago, "In all that time, you have never dropped the flag" and I never will.

Arrest me. I will not accept a Police Caution but you already know that. Is that why I am still "free"?

But just in case, provisions have been made to ensure this site and sister forum will continue. Software as been used for some time now to backup the entire contents of my laptop on a weekly basis for use in any future trial.

For the truth about the Police, Searchlight and the UAF please read the following.

Searchlight - Finance

Searchlight - Political Violence

Searchlight Exposed

The UAF, Police and TUC

Unite Against Fascism

Bring it on boys and do your worst for I shall do mine.

Thursday 26 February 2009

I wish the Lib Dems would make up their minds

Early Liberal Democrats

I mean there I was thinking after writing the previous article that the Lib Dems were Nazis and now I go and read that they are also in bed with the communists.

Must be awfuly confusing for their members but I wonder what the people of Swanley are going to make of the Lib Dems this coming weekend.

They are attending an anti-British National Party rally organised by the Marxist Socialist Party in protest at the BNP winning at the Swanley by-election where the following votes were recorded last week.
  • Paul Golding (BNP) 408
  • Mike Hogg (Labour) 332
  • Tony Harry Searles (Conservative) 247
Did you notice anything? Not yet? OK. Well read on from the article:
Alan Bullion, who is from the Liberal Democrats, is attending the rally.

He said it is to show to people the dangers of voting for the BNP party.

Mr Bullion said: “It is going to be a rally raising awareness of what is going on and the dangers of voting for the BNP.”
And reading that, I wonder why, if the Liberal Democrats felt so strongly about the BNP standing in Swanley, they did not even bother to put up a candidate.

Then again their failure not to stand a candidate may have had something to do with not splitting the vote even further.

Either way it is a shameful reflection on the Lib Dems to attend a rally organised by another political party (that also did not field a candidate) because the people exercised their right to vote for the party of their choice in an election they could not be bothered to stand in.

If they insist on dressing up, then it should be in Clowns outfits. They are pathetic.

By all accounts, representatives from the tory and liebour party have also been invited to attend. If any of our people are in the area that day can they send us some images please.

Calls for Liberal Democrat Nazi Councillor to resign

Lib Dem Councillor goes to party in his work clothes

I have always said that the real Nazi's in Our Country were the Liberal Democrats and now we have the picture to prove it.

Porthcawl, Liberal Democrat Town Councillor, Sean Aspey is facing calls for his resignation after dressing up as a Nazi soldier for his 40th birthday and then posting the pictures he had taken on the internet.

Aspey also belongs to two Facebook online groups celebrating notorious serial killers Fred West and Harold Shipman and as a strange sense of humour for a "caring Liberal."
The first, “Fred West Was A Good Builder”, says: “Great builder, bit of a drinker, he often told me he could murder some Tenants”, while the second is called “Harold Shipman – Join My New Surgery” where one user jokes: “It’s a great surgery, free jabs for the over-65s”.

An inquiry estimated Dr Shipman killed more than 200 patients, while West murdered at least 12 young women.
Now there are two ways of looking at this article. See it with a sense of humour or be outraged like the Labour and Conservative councillors mentioned in the article.

Personally being ex-navy I have a sense of humour but I can also imagine the public outcry were a British National Party councillor to dress up and say the things that this Lib Dem councillor has said.

Martin Wingfield and Freedom of Information

For those of you who do not know, Martin Wingfield is editor of the the British National Party's newspaper The Voice of Freedom. He also has a very popular blog where he produces some excellent articles promoting the British National Party.

Too popular in fact for the red rubbish that runs Liverpool Council and Libraries. Because if you try to access Martin's blog from a LCC machine, you will get the following message:

- You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.

- URL:

- Category: Racism and Hate 
To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please contact the Helpdesk on 0151 225 2928.
Interestingly enough, that is the same message that you will get if you also try to access this blog, Home of the Green Arrow from any of Liverpool's council owned computers.

Now I do not care what the reds call me, racist, homophobic, transsexual, pervert or even a tin of pilchards, I am indifferent to the red dinosaurs whose day is almost over but to block to access to someone like Martin, who is a candidate in this years European Elections, is bang out of order if not illegal.

As the BNP site says, "We must not allow Liverpool Council to get away with such fascist behaviour" before adding:
Use the contacts below to complain. DEMAND they lift the ban on Mr Wingfield's Blog in all public buildings. Note: Ask for a full written reply.

Email: Telephone: 0151 233 3000
You can read more details here.

Now for the Freedom of Information part of this post. BNP super activist Giuseppe De Santis has had a reply from Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust in response to his question on how much they spent on Interpreters and Translation fees in 2008.

Thank you for your request for information asking how much this trust spent on interpreters and translation in 2008.

We are handling your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I am providing you with the following information which I trust meets your information request.

Excluding translations directly commissioned by our commissioners, for 07/08 Tower Hamlets PCT spent £871,879 on interpreters and translation.

If you are dissatisfied with how your request has been handled, you can complain in writing to:

The Associate Director of Quality and Governance
Burdett House
Mile End Hospital
London E1 4DG

One cannot help but wonder how many vital drugs could have been provided to save the lives and eye sight of our own people had this money not at to be spent on the diseased enrichers who benefit us by bleeding us dry. Remember this is just the money spend by one PCT, there are currently 152 PCTs in England alone.

South Wales Police: Thieftakers, or Publicity Seekers?

by johnofgwent

I'm getting more than a bit fed up of seeing and hearing Barbara Wilding.

Because in my personal opinion her job is to organise her not inconsiderable resource of professionals into doing as much thieftaking as they can with the resources she is given.

That is, after all, what Sir Robert Peel set out to do with his Bow Street Runners, was it not ?

And while the police have moved into a position where they now control aspects of our lives unthinkable to the man who invented them, inclding restricting our ability to collect photographic evidence when they cross the (ever-expanding) line, all I hear from this woman is whinge whinge whinge.

First she whinges that her authority is not going to get the money they felt would fall off the conveyor belt automatically as it does year in, year out.

Then she whinges that she needs an extra million pounds to police Cardiff because it is the Capital of Wales because the Scottish police get extra money to police Edinburgh the capital of Scotland. Note carefully that she does not say what she wants the extra million pounds for - just that she wants it. If she had said that the expansion of Cardiff Council's outrageous denial of the use of the streets to motorists policy had turned the streets near the centre into no-go areas where muggers run rife because no-one in their right mind passes by, and so she needs fifry more policemen, then maybe I might have had some sympathy.

But no, she decided her approach will be "they get it north of hadrians wall, so I should get it down here".

And on the subject of what she is getting, how is the freedom of information request for details of her sdalary and bonusses doing ? Because her whinges so far sound more like the whinge of Halifax Bank Of Scotland's wunch of bankers that they are not getting the same gravy train deal that their counterparts in Barclays got, and look where that got us

But does this woman stop her whingeing ? No she does not. Peeved at being put in her place by those who have to chuck her the endless sackfuls of cash, she launches a press campaign to belittle those who fund her, threatening to remove patrols from the motorways (but there are none anyway - they all skulk on overbridges raising revenue with speed cameras) and then tries to blackmail the welsh rugby union with threats that she will use her multitude of powers to cancel the six nations rugby matches at the millenium stadium.

And now she dexcides that she will waste christ knows how many barrowloads of twenty pound notes paying lawyers to mount a legal challenge to the amount it has been decided she will be handed.

Now I have a message for Barbara Wilding.

Even the "spend, spend, spend" maniacs who run Plaid Cymru have realised there is no cash left in the bucket for Rhodri to dish out to their pet projects. Which is why Plaid and Labour are having a bit of a tussle over subsidies to education, and why Teh Deputy First Minister is not exactly being feted by his party's ruling council right now.

So why should she be any different ?

Why indeed.

The reason for Rhodri's new found thrift is of course there's an election coming soon and he was almost thrown off his throne in the Cardiff Bay Hot Air Pit last time.

I say it is time Chief Constables had to face the same electoral music.

And there is only one political party whose manifesto includes the demand for chief constables to be elected in order to be accountable to the people that they are supposed to protect.

You know who that is.

Wednesday 25 February 2009

A good day to bury bad news - AGAIN

The Prince Of Darkness introduced his bill to Part-Privatise
the Post Office today - A Day Early. Why the hurry ?

by johnofgwent

Like GA, I also have little to say directly on the matter of the death of David Cameron's son. Except perhaps to agree that too many fathers faced a similar ordeal over their (some only just) "grown up" sons courtesy of Blair and Brown's support for Bush's military belligerence.

But it is a struggle for me to go even that far. Because when I read the BBC News pages this afternoon, my first thought was of standing, over twenty years ago, at the side of a deep dark hole in a welsh valley not that far from where I sit now. A deep, stygian black hole into which my brother was placing a small white coffin. It was such a large hole for such a small box, and it sent down such a long way. And once you've done that, it leaves its mark on you.

Yet as I sit here tonight I am spitting blood and wishing a similar fate a thousand times over for one spectacularly heartless bastard. Except that the "lifestyle" enjoyed by the chap inquestion means he'll never have to go through the same experience.

For I thought the Labour Party had sunk to the lowest that it was possible to go when spinmeistress Jo Moore proved that whilst having a beating heart wasn't a total barrier to political achievement, being a heartless bitch when it came to choosing when to bury bad news certainly helped.

But at 18:15 tonight, the BBC Six O Clock News revealed that there was a new depth to which the Labour Party could sink.

For earlier this afternoon, with Prime Ministers Questions abandoned as a "mark of respect", The Prince Of Darkness and Master Manipulator Peter Mandelson introduced his bill to part the privatise the Post Office in the House of Lords. And he began the proceedings a full day earlier than he had previously announced he would.

I could not find anyone prepared to write a new page or political blog on the depth of this man's uncaring. So the only proof I can offer you is this recording of the section in question from the BBC Six O Clock News.

"The controversial bill to part-privatise royal Mail has been introduced by the busiess secretary lord mandelson, a day earlier than expected. The plans to sell off up to thirty per cent of the business were not debated, and were given a first reading in the House of Lords. There were protests against the plans yesterday, and more that 120 Labour MPs have signed a motion opposing them. The Labour Peer Lord Clark, a former postman, shouted 'shame on you' as the bill was introduced".

Shame on you, indeed. C'mon Gordon. Get up on a podium and tell me this arse bandit whose "lifestyle choice" means he'll never have a son of his own didn't wake up earlier today, hear the news and think "what a magnificent opportunity to get this piece of nasty politics off to a good start".

The death of a child

British Paratroopers being "repatriated" last year
Every death inflicted "unbearable sorrow" on parents

Gordon Brown has said that the "death of a child was an unbearable sorrow that no parent should have to endure".

I have nothing to say about the death of David Camerons child, other than it is a tragedy, so to is the deaths of three soldiers who were killed today in the illegal war in Afghanistan.
"It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence has to announce the deaths of three soldiers from 1st Battalion The Rifles," it said in a statement, adding that their next of kin had been informed.
Brown has it in his power to stop the "unbearable sorrow" that he is inflicting on the families of our soldiers killed overseas in illegal wars.

If this article seems callous, it is not meant to be. One death was unavoidable, the other three deaths need never have happened.

Riot Police called to School

This is an interesting story and I look forward to see if and how it develops.

About a hundred angry Asian(that word again) adults tried to break through police lines to enter into a school where two of their youths are said to have been attacked earlier this week.

Asian parents held meetings in local mosques and a community centre after the attack, with feelings reported to be running high.

"This is the latest in a series of tit-for-tat incidents between white and Asian students - they have been going on for months,"
And the police of course have been quick to react and are expecting charges to be brought soon. Shame they were not so quick to react to the attack on Henry Webster when they first tried to cover up that case until the BNP started to make a fuss.
Another parent, and a former pupil at the school when it was Waltheof Secondary, said both Asian and white pupils had been hurt in incidents which went back years - and which were usually ignored or overlooked by the authorities.
Well East is East and West is West and like oil and water just do not mix. Another Asian parent points us to the future.
The feeling in the community is this sort of thing just keeps happening and nothing is done, so people then talk about reprisals.
Like I said, we shall have wait and see. Of course when these children grow up they may well have deal with another kind of fighting. The kind we saw in Kosovo.

When push comes to shove

During the American Presidential elections, 95% of the "Black" vote went to the mixed race Barack Obama. Nothing to do with party polices just colour of skin.

We saw the same in the OJ Simpson trial when from the evidence presented, thinking people saw through his lies and knew his guilt, most black people said he was innocent. The truth and weight of evidence had nothing to do with it. Again just colour of skin.

And Harriet Harman obviously understands how the "enrichers" minds work.

Realising that the only way now for Labour to cling to power is to get the votes of the Blacks and Asians, she is touring the country in a Campaign Bus to ensure that the colonisers and enrichers are registered to vote in the June elections.

"The stakes could not be higher – democracy simply doesn't work unless people can exercise their vote. Every vote counts."
And Labours idea of democracy is too flood Our Country with immigrants and grant illegals amnesty, so they also can vote against the True British People and vote for more of their kind to pour in and destroy us.

If you are a True Brit, then make sure you and your family are registered to vote because this time, push really has come to shove and the BNP needs every vote it can get.

Lord Ahmed Jailed but not for long

So much for the new government guidelines on sentencing for those who cause death by dangerous driving being increased to 7 years.

Motorists who read or write text messages on a mobile phone could face jail sentences of up to seven years if they cause a death, under new guidelines from a sentencing watchdog today.
The toad Lord Ahmed (who will be stripped of this title by a future BNP government) has received a pathetic 12 weeks jail sentence slap on the wrist for causing the death of another motorist.

So how long will he do? I reckon six weeks top. Then he will come out and proclaim his innocence and carry on just as before.

The trouble with Hitchens

A lesson in life for Peter

I meant to write about this yesterday but thought I would pass on it as the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, Simon Darby had already pointed to the article written by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Backstabber.

In Simons response to the article, that you should read before continuing here, he suggests that Peter Hitchens would be welcome within the BNP if he were genuine in his beliefs. Perhaps I am too cynical but I do not trust Hitchens one little bit.

Hitchens is an egotist of the highest order. Arrogant, conceited and always writing about himself(pot-kettle GA) and why he is always right. And he shows it again in the article, in which he attacks the British National Party.
This, by the way, sums up quite clearly why I shall always loathe the BNP, why I am not a secret supporter of it suppressing my views to save my job (as some of its members madly believe) and why I would never have anything to do with it, will always oppose it and would probably have to fly the country if it ever came to power.

I differ fundamentally from it and draw my ideas from another tradition. I am, in a way, flattered by the way such people have adopted issues which I have been warning about for many years. They realise that these are important and that many people are concerned about them. But I think they have adopted them for propaganda purposes, not because they really care about them or have serious remedies for them.
You see how he is flattered by the way such people have adopted issues which he has been warning us about for years. Arrogant twat. The British Nationalist movement in one shape or form have been doing this for decades.

It is Hitchens, who like Littlejohn, jumped onto the back of the BNP train to earn a very good living repeating the words of the British National Party whilst denouncing them in the next sentence. Traitors within is what they both are.

But the bit that really gets my goat, is the last sentence. He feels that the BNP have only adopted their policies for propaganda purposes and not because they believe them.

Such is his ego that he thinks he is the only person in the Country that really cares about it. He makes me vomit.

He is just a waste of space plonker who does very well at running with the hare whilst baying with the best of the hounds at the nasty BNP.

Then again Simom Darby is probably more pragmatic than I. In the coming months the BNP are going to have to accept into it a lot of people like Hitchens and Co who will profess to have seen the light.

I suggest these people who are Councillors and Journalists come early rather than late, otherwise they will never be allowed on the train.

Bit of other news, thanks to the writings of John of Gwent and Mister Fox, the Green Arrow and Friends blog made the front page of UKTabloid today.

Good also to see that the site is getting a lot of readers over from the Gruniard thanks to being linked to in an article about the BNP they published earlier this week.

Can I have more NO PLATFORM please.

LORD AHMED - Isn't he due for sentencing today?

Keep Calm and Carry On

Back in time, when mens upper lips might have trembled instead of them breaking down in tears in front of the world, a poster went up across Our Country with the message:

The sign, originally put up during the 1940's when invasion of Our Lands seemed imminent and we were prepared to fight the coming invaders on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and streets, instead of welcoming them with open arms, is going back up again in windows of homes and businesses once more.

Simon Heffer, writes in the Telegraph:

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON is a message designed not for a period of regular democracy, when if one dislikes the way one is governed one can soon choose someone else to do it instead. It was designed for the period after democracy. That is why it is so appropriate now.

For the Conservative Party, which presents itself as the government-in-waiting, hasn't the slightest clue what to do about this grave national predicament. And the public know that, too. The poster that, 70 years after its intended use, has become a cult reflects the public's sense that democracy again is failing. Changing the government may change nothing at all. It will not be Hitler's turning up on the Suffolk coast with divisions of stormtroopers that will throw the British people back on their own resources; it will be a collapsed economy and a vacuum of political leadership.

What that poster effectively says is: the politicians have failed, now we are on our own.
And he is right, we are on our own. Well almost. In an interesting article that you should read, Heffer worries about what will happen after the "Buggins Turn" conservatives fail the people after the next general election. And fail they will. They are programmed to fail.

He like, the readers of this site has, finally realised that Brigade of Guards will not turn back the enemy at the gates of Romford or Maidstone and worries about revolution. Don't we all.

However he is wrong to worry about what happens after the "yet-to-fail Oposition" fails. The British National Party is not the monster that the "establisment" portrays them as, they are in fact the Brigade of Guards that will turn back the enemy at our gates.

Join the Brigade of Guards - Join the BNP

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Plaid and Labour: Pals for how much longer, I wonder ?

All smiles then, but are the baseball bats coming out ? Only time will tell.

by johnofgwent

It was one of those truly historic moments. May 2007, and the latest round of so-called elections for the seats in the hot air pit in Cardiff Bay leave Rhodri Morgan castrated as he finally realised Blair's legacy of lies obfuscation and subterfuge had robbed him and the party he "led" of what he, until then, glibly assumed was his eternal god given right to a seat on the gravy train courtesy of a red rosette.

For one brief period it seemed that a Rainbow Coalition (not to be confused with a Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered Rainbow Alliance) might be formed from the ranks of Conservative, Lib Dem and Plaid Assembly members returned by the rigged voting mechanism.

The mechanism of deciding who gets the seat, and who gets told to go away, is structured, of course, to assure "buggins turn" hands power out only to Labour, Tory and Lib Dem arse kissers, and prevents at all cost the election of Green, British National Party or other troublesome AM's, who are pledgedto listen to the people and do what they want. Something that would never do in Rhodri's fiefdom. Well, not on his watch, anyway.

So, as I said, for one brief glorious moment it did seem that a series of complicated machinations that would put both the Jewish Knesset and the Eurovision Song Contest to shame was going to oust Rhodri from his throne.

But then Lembit Opik decided he fancied getting his teeth into a bit of a cheeky weekend and left the negotiating table, throwing Mike German's bid for power into the waste paper bin,.

And so the Plaid-Labour coalition was born. An ugly child, the product of a marriage of convenience, having neither the charm, nor the looks, you might hope it would inherit from its parents. Many pundits said it would not last. Messrs Coral and Ladbroke were most reticent at quoting odds for the offspring surviving its first year, and I know, for I tried to get some !

But time has now passed, and whilst the obnoxious child has survived, the river of subsidy that has flowed out from Cardiff Bay, which is of course de rigeur for a party whose politics are somewhere to the left of Michael Foot, has drained even Rhodri's coffers and exhausted his patience. And before long, it seems, the economy measures will mean the party will be over. And this is what will kill it.

Students. Or rather, their fees, and the subsidy welsh kids get for studying in wales.

For it seems the sacred cow of subsidies for welsh students in welsh universities is about to be turned into burger filling. And whilst the Plaid Party Faithful are up in arms, the leader has been forced to admit that he is impotent when it comes to getting Rhodri to write the cheque for this one for much longer.

Check out the details here but in summary Plaid's National Governing Body had "a bit of a summit" last weekend, and voted to maintan the subsidies to university students from wales studying in wales. After which Ieuan Wyn Jones had to stand up and tell the party faithful that there was no prospect of him being able to swing this one.

Probably because Rhodri knows he missed the executioner's axe last time by the most slender of margins but this time he's in for a (brief) pain in the neck.

So, gentle reader, think backto 2007 and ask yourself who you voted for, and why, and stand back and look at what you got as a result ?

And now ask yourself if you're going to make the same mistake again.

Eurabian Night falls Across Europe

By Mister Fox

This is an attempt to show how secret EU laws will oppress us as well as comments on this from Vladimir Bukovsky and then showing new developments to bring North Africa into the EU.

It touches on Brown and Mandelson offering influence over our banking to the Saudis. It is long but there is so much to be exposed. I want a debate about who is controlling or taking over banking because it seems to me behind the Sovietisation of Europe is a surrender to Islam. There are many citations in the text as I hopes others will read the original documents and get this thing properly exposed.

In an interview given to French magazine Café Babel,in November 2008, European Commissioner Jaques Barrot lifted the veil on the secret machinations of the EU rulers and their real views on Islam and mass Immigration and how they are trying to destroy Europe.(1)

The first three documents held in the national Archive expose the hidden agenda of bringing us under control in the EU totalitarian state. The law of treason was repealed but in fact we have been betrayed.

When Minister of State for Europe, Edward Heath, visited Professor Hallstein, President of the European Commission in November 1960, his report noted that Hallstein emphasised that joining the EEC was not just a matter of adopting a common tariff but an introduction to a new statehood. It would be necessary, insisted Hallstein, for any new entrant to accept the principle that the EU was to evolve into something much deeper “some form of federal state”.
See PRO/FO/371/150369

In 1969 the Council of Ministers commissioned the Prime Minister of Luxumbourg, Pierre Werner develop a plan to bring full economic and monetary union to the Common Market. At this time a secret briefing note to Heath from Con O’Neill, our senior civil servant responsible for Europe, described “a process of fundamental importance, implying development towards the political union... going well beyond the full establishment of a common market.

The Werner plan was for “the ultimate creation of a European Federal State, with a single currency.” Basic instruments of national economic management - fiscal, monetary, income and regional policies - were to be transferred to the central federal authority within a decade.
See PRO/FCO/30?789

Heath lied to the British people. In the White Paper distributed to every house in June 1971, he stated:” There is no question of Britain losing essential Sovereignty”. In a Television broadcast to mark our entry into the EEC: “There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. Those fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified.

The move to the Lisbon Treaty began in May 2000 when Joscha Fischer, then German Foreign Minister, and former Marxist extremist, called for a European constitution which was endorsed by EU leaders in December 2001 at Laeken, near Brussels as a “constitution for European citizens.”

Then in 2003 the constitution written by Giscard d’Estaing was passed to members governments.. The Constitution was signed in Rome in 2004. This was resisted but Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, demanded an inter-governmental conference to propose a new text.

This came out in October 2007 and was an old style “amending treaty” rather than a replacement of previous documents. This was an exercise in obscurantism and the chaos of cross-references, amendments, sub texts, deletions and protocols are impassable. It was “The Lisbon Treaty” and described as “The Treaty amending the Treaty establishing the European Community.” It was ratified in Britain on 18 July 2008 but the public were not told till the day before. As usual the Queen signed the instrument of ratification.

We had been promised a referendum on the original constitution at the last election by Blair, endorsed by Brown, but denied on the false grounds that this not the original treaty.

The Irish referendum result should have ended the Treaty because it should be ratified by all 27 countries. Sarkozy, told the European Parliament in July 2008:”Irish voters have plunged the EU into a crisis with the rejection of the Treaty. It is Europe’s duty to act now.” He suggested the Irish have another referendum - and another and another until they win!

The House of Lords didn't amend the Treaty Bill to provide for a referendum and refused to slow ratification to debate the implications of the Irish vote on 11 and 18 June respectively.

Giscard d’Estaing told the Irish Times on July 21st that the rejection had not finished he treaty as it should have done in law ”We’re evolving towards majority voting because if we stay with unanimity we’ll do nothing.” The substantive content of the Lisbon treaty is the biggest transfer of our power to the EU and the politicians and media know it.

Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxumbourg, revealed the import:” Of course there will be significant transfers of sovereignty.” Daily Telegraph 3 July 2007. He said he did not want to draw the attention of the British people to too much specific detail but gave an overall perspective: “There is a single legal personality for he EU, the primacy of European law, a new architecture for foreign and security policy; there is an enormous extension in the EU’s power; there is the Charter of Fundamental Rights.”

Then European Court of Justice was modeled on the French Conseil D’etat and this set the precedence for the EEC’s legal procedures from 1964. In Costa V Enel (Case6/64) the judgement is that “the transfer by the States from their domestic legal system to the Community legal system of the rights and obligations under the Treaty carries with it a permanent limitation of their sovereign rights, against which a subsequent unilateral act at variance with community principles can not prevail.

This showed the E.C.J. to be an administrative law court with competence to rule on any legal issue linked to, or arising out of, administrative actions. It is now an arm of the government of the new state, the European Union.

In 2008 the real nature of the contents of the Lisbon treaty was revealed by Michael Connarty, MP, Labour Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee: ”Every provision of the Constitution apart from the flags, mottos and anthems, is to be found in the Lisbon Treaty. We think they are fundamentally the same and the government have not produced a table to contradict our position.

Angela Merkel admitted to the European Parliament on 27 June 2007 that:” The substance of the Constitution is preserved. That is a fact.

Author of the Constitution, Giscard d’Estaing, chairman of the Convention, admitted on 17 July 2007:” In terms of its content the proposals remain largely unchanged; they are simply presented in a different way ...the reason is that the new text could not look too much like the constitutional treaty.

Bernie Aherne, Irish PM, told the Irish Independent on 24 June 2007:” They haven’t changed the substance- 90 per cent of it is still there.Gordon Brown is also in on the deception as he told us through the Labour Party election manifesto :” We will put the European constitution to the British people in a referendum and campaign wholeheartedly for a “Yes” vote". The EU elites are deceiving European people.

The articles show how we are being subsumed into a totalitarian EU state by the Lisbon Treaty. Article 4(2) was added to the Treaty protocol and gives the EU the legal powers to influence the UK into participating in EU plans to control our legal system and to comply in areas of justice and home affairs.
  • Article61(4) allows the EU to put pressure on us to recognise judicial decisions of other member states. This called the reciprocity principle and is to lead to harmonisation of civil law and constrain our common law and statute.
  • Article 69D(a) gives the EU Euro-just arm the power to bring criminal investigations and to instruct national authorities the power to bring proceedings.
  • Article69E(4) makes provision for a European public prosecutor with the power to override decisions by the Crown Prosecution Service and for mandatory co-operation between the police forces of member states. This includes the exchange of information, training, research methods and investigation techniques.
  • Article69G will expand the powers of Europol making it the EU police force.
  • Article 68(3) gives Brussels power to impose identity cards on us and the Treaty allows the EU to assume control of our asylum and immigration policies.
  • We lose control of immigration to the EU as Article 63(b) states we must help pay for asylum seekers on other4 EU states if their economies are not as sound\as ours.
  • Article 62(1)(a) removes controls on persons crossing internal borders - uncontrolled immigration from EU countries goes on.
  • Article63(1) gives the EU the power to decide on who and for how long residents of non EU states can stay in the UK.

That the EU is really a state in its own right is proved by article Article46(A) as it confirms that the EU can sign international agreements that will be binding on the UK.

The foregoing show the methods of EU internal control of the European peoples which is based on the Soviet union which was exposed by Valdimir Bukovsky who spent 12 years in Soviet labour camps and psychiatric units.

He told the Brussels Journal: “In 1992 I had unprecedented access to Politburo and Central Committee secret documents which have been classified, and still are even now, for 30 years. These documents show very clearly that the whole idea of turning the European common market into a federal state was agreed between the left-wing parties of Europe and Moscow as a joint project which Gorbachev in 1988-89 called our “common European home. (2)

In January of 1989, for example, a delegation of the Trilateral Commission came to see Gorbachev. It included former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone, former French President Giscard d’Estaing, American banker David Rockefeller and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. They had a very nice conversation where they tried to explain to Gorbachev that Soviet Russia had to integrate into the financial institutions of the world, such as Gatt, the IMF and the World Bank.”

The theme of the feral state again: “In the middle of it Giscard d’Estaing suddenly takes the floor and says: “Mr President, I cannot tell you exactly when it will happen – probably within 15 years – but Europe is going to be a federal state and you have to prepare yourself for that. You have to work out with us, and the European leaders, how you would react to that, how would you allow the other East European countries to interact with it or how to become a part of it, you have to be prepared.

On 20 February 2009 Czech President Vaclav Klaus likened supporters of greater European integration to the Soviets. Addressing th European parliament, Klaus said: “Not so long ago in our part of Europe we lived in a political system that allowed no alternative and therefore no parliamentary opposition... Here (in the European Parliament) there is only one single alternative, and those who dare think about a different option are labelled as enemies of European integration.”

The articles concerning immigration cited earlier show that this is now out of our hands when Muslims marched through our streets chanting support for Hamas, Hizb ut Tahrir recruit on campuses for the Jihad against Europe, a Muslim peer threatens mass intimidation of Parliament with impunity, but Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament is refused entry to address the British Parliament on the threat to the west.

The Home Secretary who banned Wilders told the News of the World on 13/04/2008 that security forces are investigating thirty terror plots which threaten Britain: "We now face a threat level that is severe. It's actually growing. "There are 2,000 individuals who are being monitored. There are 200 networks involved and 30 active plots... Since the beginning of 2007, there have been 57 people convicted on terrorist plots. Nearly half of those pleaded guilty—so this is not some figment of the imagination. It is a real risk and a real issue we need to respond to"- but banned Wilders! (3)

The Muslim bias was seen in the Gaza demos - the police on pro-Hamas marches confiscated Israeli flags because it would provoke violence, while Muslim demonstrators were allowed to chant about gassing Jews.

Bukovsky predicted oppressive EU laws against people they label negatively: “If you go through all the structures and features of this emerging European monster you will notice that it more and more resembles the Soviet Union... It has no KGB – not yet – but I am very carefully watching such structures as Europol for example.

That really worries me a lot because this organisation will probably have powers bigger than those of the KGB. They will have diplomatic immunity. Can you imagine a KGB with diplomatic immunity? They will have to police us on 32 kinds of crimes – two of which are particularly worrying, one is called racism, another is called xenophobia. .. Someone from the British government told us that those who object to uncontrolled immigration from the Third World will be regarded as racist and those who oppose further European integration will be regarded as xenophobes. I think Patricia Hewitt said this publicly.

On 20 April 2007 The Council of EU Justice Ministers in Luxembourg reached political agreement on a Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia. This concluded the negotiations at the European level, held since 2001... “In the future, there will be binding minimum harmonisation throughout Europe of the provisions on criminal liability for disseminating racist and xenophobic statements. Public incitement to violence and hatred, as well as the denial or gross trivialisation of genocide out of racist or xenophobic motives, will be sanctioned across Europe. With this, we are sending a clear signal against racism and intolerance” But Muslims are exempt.

Bukovsky added: “Look at this persecution of people like the Swedish pastor who was persecuted for several months because he said that the Bible does not approve homosexuality. France passed the same law of hate speech concerning gays. Britain is passing hate speech laws concerning race relations and now religious speech, and so on and so forth. What you observe, taken into perspective, is a systematic introduction of ideology which could later be enforced with oppressive measures. Apparently that is the whole purpose of Europol.

In The Eurabia Code(4) Fjordman reveals a level that is becoming clearer: “What has happened since 2006 is that European leaders are increasingly open about the idea of enlarging the EU to include the Arab world, although they do of course not present this as surrendering the continent to Islam. ... in 2002 Louis Michel, then Belgian minister of foreign affairs and today a member of the European Commission, told the Belgian parliament that the EU will eventually encompass North Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe.

Fjordman says:” EU leaders consider their people to be defeated and irrelevant. After the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution, the people no longer have a say and can safely be ignored. Open plans for a "Mediterranean Union"(5) or "Union for the Mediterranean," which will include all EU member states, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, was launched in mid-2008, under some concern among Arabs that such a Union might normalize their relationship with Israel

This came with plans for the creation of a "north-south co-presidency" and a permanent secretariat as well as the definition of a ''short-list'' of priority projects for the region. The European Commission proposes the creation of a co-presidency between the EU and a Mediterranean (Muslim) country, chosen with consensus for a two-year term. Brussels is drawing the institutional profile of what will be called "Barcelona Process — A Union for the Mediterranean." Notice how they tie this explicitly to the Eurabian Barcelona Process described by Bat Ye'or. “ (6)

Writing in an Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga in 2008, admitted that the government of Italy in the 1970s agreed to allow Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.

The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a "secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups."

According to the former president, it was Moro himself who designed the terms of the agreement with the foreign Arab terrorists. "The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were 'handled' by the secret services." As Interior Minister, Cossiga said that he learned PLO members in Italy had diplomatic immunity as representatives of the Arab League. "The Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country." (7)

This can only be seen as Jizya, and the practice has spread to the entire European Union, which pays the Palestinians tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of Euros annually.”

What was thought of as Jewish banking is being taken over by Saudis.

Gordon Brown and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson went to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in the first week of November 2008 to ask them to fund our faltering economies by putting billions into the International Monetary Fund and offered them some control over Britain and the West. The Saudi regime is behind Islamisation of the West. It is Saudi’s Wahhabi form of Islam which, together with the Shi’ites in Iran, aims to make Islam dominant in the world. Saudi money has financed the spread of Wahhabi mosques, preachers and educational institutions in this country promoting holy war and converting thousands of British Muslims.

Saudi Wahhabism seeks to conquer the West through a pincer movement comprising violence on the one hand and cultural infiltration on the other and our Prime Minister is colluding with them. Mandelson stated the Saudis and other Gulf states would be given more influence in global institutions. Barclays Bank, has had almost £6 billion invested from Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Islamist ideas are also spread through Islamic study centres attached to our universities. Professor Anthony Glees revealed eight universities — including Oxford and Cambridge — have accepted more than £233.5 million from Saudi and Muslim sources since 1995, spreading radicalism and creating two separate identities and sets of allegiance. Now the education system is being used to brainwash our children to excuse and encourage Muslim terrorism. (8)

The elites showed their submission to Saudi, ignored the law and abandoned the bribery investigation into the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE systems when the Saudis threatened that, if the case was not dropped: ‘British lives on British streets’ would be at risk, as explained by former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles. These are the controllers of terror groups in the West that EU officials are colluding with against the European people!


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