Friday, 27 February 2009

Parents and infants take refuge in school

In the article Riot Police called to School, I wondered how the story would develop and develop it has. As expected, this riot by adult Moslems did not make the "establishment" press but the situation, as also expected got worse.

Read this:

CRYING infants and their terrified parents took refuge inside a Sheffield primary school as a gang of up to 50 teenagers rampaged through a suburban estate.
No mention of who the thugs are but you know who they are. So do I. They are the "enrichers" and colonisers of Our Country, showing just who rules the roost by attacking a white housing estate.

In a typically cowardly fashion, the local rag reporting this event does not mention the fact that the thugs were Bangladeshi and neither does it say what the mob were chanting as they terrorised people, smashed cars and windows in an estate they paraded through.

Read the comments, especially the one that appears to be from an enricher. D
What These Kids Done Might Have Been Wrong, But They Had To Unleash Their Anger Somewhere...White Youths Had No Heart When They Attacked A Child, But We Had Heart When Lil' White Kids Went Past Us And We Did Not Say Anything To Them, Because We Knew It Was Wrong To Hit Someone Younger Than Yourself...Get That Into Your Minds!!!!
East is East and West is West and like Oil and Water just do not mix.

Just checked the comments again. Situation appears to be getting worse
Just drove up prince of wales road and gangs of asians waving banners and shouting get WHITE TRASH OUT !!!! imagine if this was the other way round, they think they rule this country
I suggest you go read them NOW as the rag is deleting most of them within minutes.

Have we no one with a camera in the area?


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Look across the channel to Paris where they riot, loot and burn almost every night in their ghettoes. This little skirmish in Sheffield is just a start, a sample. It will soon get much, much worse and even the MSM wont be able to keep their identity secret for ever. We all know by now that when the offender is not immediately described a white then you can bet your last shilling he is either moslem or black. Wales play rugby in Paris tonight. I hope none of our naieve lads from the valleys dont happen to get tempted into the bannlieues (or whatever they call the immigrant hell holes) or they will be coming home in a bag or a box.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim communal violence that Enoch Powell predicted.

To paraphrase Kipling:

'For the strength of the pack is the Muslim, and the strength of the Muslim the pack'

Anonymous said...

So it's all going to plan, then?

Anonymous said...

Expect the MSM to censor this under the instruction of CP, we won't want the natives to know that the muti-culti experiment isn't going to good. Can we just imagine the Global Hysteris if this was the other way around ? When the MSM mention no colour it means its an ethnic because if its white the anti-British establishment will always say if its a white suspect.politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Ah, Friday night, I see.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that this was a trial run, perhaps unconsciously. Once these people have understood the kind of response they get, which will be negligible on the part of the authorities, they will increase their actions until outright rioting on the streets and ethnic cleansing of whites occurs.

Faith said...

When the newspaper deletes comments these can be retrieved by clicking RSS Feed situated just below the comments section.

The comments give the reader a better idea of the tension within the situation from both sides.

Reading the Sheffield Nationalist blog it would appear that this is one battle within many battles of different nationalities.

Should the whole thing escalate I think it would be difficult to differentiate between just who is battling with who.

What a sewer we are living in!

Anonymous said...

More BNP votes then.