Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Riot Police called to School

This is an interesting story and I look forward to see if and how it develops.

About a hundred angry Asian(that word again) adults tried to break through police lines to enter into a school where two of their youths are said to have been attacked earlier this week.

Asian parents held meetings in local mosques and a community centre after the attack, with feelings reported to be running high.

"This is the latest in a series of tit-for-tat incidents between white and Asian students - they have been going on for months,"
And the police of course have been quick to react and are expecting charges to be brought soon. Shame they were not so quick to react to the attack on Henry Webster when they first tried to cover up that case until the BNP started to make a fuss.
Another parent, and a former pupil at the school when it was Waltheof Secondary, said both Asian and white pupils had been hurt in incidents which went back years - and which were usually ignored or overlooked by the authorities.
Well East is East and West is West and like oil and water just do not mix. Another Asian parent points us to the future.
The feeling in the community is this sort of thing just keeps happening and nothing is done, so people then talk about reprisals.
Like I said, we shall have wait and see. Of course when these children grow up they may well have deal with another kind of fighting. The kind we saw in Kosovo.


Anonymous said...

Islam has bloody borders. Always has, always will. Civil war is inevitable unless these Muslims can be returned home.

They have drugged, raped, maimed, tortured and murdered our children, bombed our transport, intimidated our parliament, made our cities uninhabitable, bankrupted our health system and much, much more.

In short, they have abused our hospitality in every conceivable way and long since outstayed their welcome.

It's either them or us. They must go.

BRICKBAT said...

The last sentence sums it up in a nutshell!
An old friend & very extreme "right-winger"back in the nineties and i believe banned from the bnp(wife and daughters on the list)(divorced)said "IF YOU LOOK AT YUGOSLAVIA NOW THIS WILL HAPPEN TO GREAT BRITAIN IN 50 YEARS TIME"
I have not seen him for 15 years or so, but that always stuck in my mind!like enoch

Anonymous said...

We have had the same in Oldham at St Augustines school in what once was a Roman Catholic school. Once they got a foothold then the trouble started gangs of older Pakistanis waiting with weapons as the kids left school.
Where will it end ?

Anonymous said...

Naturally, the nasty racist white kids will be to blame, and those poor asian kids just protecting themselves, and certainly how the biased and evil media would want to portray it.

Wolfblood said...

Our schools and streets are plagued by gangs of arrogant, swaggering muslims, threatening violence against native children every day.
Meanwhile their mosques preach hatred and death, and Cameron says we must submit to their 'superior' ways.
Vote BNP to live.
Vote liblabcon to die.

Faith said...

All children had better wise up and toughen up....we think it's bad'll be a different kettle of fish in 20/30 years time.

God help them!

kgo42 said...

Its about time the word Asian was dropped and the TRUTH was exposed. It is what it is MUSLIM. Well out stayed their 'welcome'.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that somehow the BNP will be blamed. It's only a matter of time before the BNP is banned.

Anonymous said...

The MSM must have missed this, how typical anything to do with a minority is censored.politicalMIZZ

Meltdoon McBroon said...

"I'm sure that somehow the BNP will be blamed"

Yes, henceforward these 'Asian' immigrants will be known as 'British New People'.

So when this kind of thing happens in future, the newspapers will report that British New People attacked a school. Of course this is rather long for a headline, so it will need to be abbreviated, as with the following examples

'BNP attack school'
'BNP paedophile gang pimps children'
'BNP at centre of heroin trade'
'BNP bomb plot'
'BNP serve human flesh in kebabs'
'BNP suspected in beheading'
etc etc

extant said...

3 attacks in one day Newport with no descriptions !

One 15 year old girl described as savagely sexually assaulted.

A 14 year old girl attacked and hospitalised by a group of 10 youths for walking what they say was their park.

A Stabbing in Newport central bus station.

The South Wales Argus report all 3 offences on the 26th 02 2009, with no descriptions of the attackers.

I have called Newport Police station and spoke to C.I.D. Mr Simon Thomas, he would not give any details of the attackers.

I will now lodge a formal complaint for failure of his duties and failure to protect the public.

I will also send FOA request.

jump on it folks ,something needs to be done.