Tuesday 30 September 2008

Quote of the decade

Lehman Brother historical stock chart - 1 year

“Lehman Brothers is a great company today that can both look backwards with pride and look forwards with hope. And in wishing Lehman Brothers the success it deserves for its future, let me thank you for the privilege of being here and formally declare this new building open.”

- Gordon Brown, opening Lehman’s flashy new European HQ, Canary Wharf, 5 April 2004

Interesting thing about the collapse of Lehmans are the warning signs present in their stock charts. For those of you understand anything about Technical Analysis and share trading, which I do. Having once been a Day/Short Term trader living on a Level 2 Screen of information almost 24 hours a day until the stress almost killed me, I can say this.

Anyone holding stock should have been selling at around $50. After the drop to $35 and its recovery to $45 and then its plummet past $35 again it should have been enough to make any investor remember the golden rule "Run Profits. Cut Losses". Anyone still long at $20 deserved everything they got.

I still have my brass plaque on my desk after learning that rule the hard way. After that the bears have control and it is all over. Whilst people were losing their pensions, the short sellers were raking it in and laughing at the little people all the way home to their mansions. Short selling should be made illegal.

So should Gordon Brown, who you also remember was responsible for selling off Our Country's gold reserves for peanuts. Meanwhile the real moneywise people and other countries outside the EU were shoving it away ready for what is coming.

What about the Christian graves?

Almost enough to turn me off bacon for ever. I said almost.

Take a look at the fat conservative toad above. This particular toads name is Councillor Jason Stacey of Ealing and like his Dhimmi master, David Cameron, his specialty is sucking up to the colonisers of Our Country in groveling at the feet of Islam for their votes.

A large number of graves were wrecked in Southall cemetery over the weekend but if you read the rubbish written by Alex Hayes of the Ealing times you might be mistaken into thinking that this dispicable act of vandalism was only carried out against the graves of Moslems.

Dhimmi licker Stacey said;
“Grave markers and commemorative vases in the Muslim area of the cemetery were vandalised and we are assisting police in their investigation into the incident."
The police of course have said that they are treating the damage as being "racially motivated". This despite the fact that Islam is not a race but a religion. In my opinion it is not even that. It is a cult and a particularly evil one at that.

Of course the truth is a little bit different but would not make such a good story. In fact equal numbers of Christian graves were also vandalised but this only recieved a footnote in a tiny story reported here as "Some damage was also done to Christian graves".

Dhimmi Stacey went on to say:
“Council officers will be on site all day today clearing up the damage and returning all grave markers to their rightful place as quickly as possible.”
And you can bet they will but I wonder which graves will get priority, those of the Moslems or those of the Christians that the slug Stacey could not even be bothered to mention.

One wonders how the police will handle this business. Is it a religious attack against Christians or is it a religious attack against the colonisers? Or is it just plain old vandalism? What do you think?

The turnips, understandably, are outraged but also fail to mention the fact that Chrisian graves were also desecrated;
Dalawar Chaudrey, whose father is buried in the cemetery on Bridge Road, said the damage was a “callous calculated act”.

He said: “I was there yesterday and it was just a callous calculated attack to coincide with the very holy month of Ramadan when everybody’s fasting."
Especially those in their graves. Note to self. "Curb your sense of humour."

Whilst in Ealing, I advise white people to stay away from Southall town centre later this week when thousands of turnips will be taking to the streets to "celebrate" Eid-ul-Fitr.
Chief Inspector Perry Gwillim, who is responsible for operation, said: “Local community representatives are fully supportive of our policing strategy to combat unacceptable behaviour, which will allow the celebrations to take place without incident.

There are sometimes a few people who use these events to behave in an anti-social manner, such as driving dangerously or behaving in a disorderly way.
Disorderly is plods code for rape and violence. If they think or indeed know that there is going to be public disorder then the event should not be allowed to take place. But then again Ealing is Turnip Territory now and so can do as they please.

Monday 29 September 2008

In Memory Of A Hero, Ed Freeman

I carried out two tours of duty in the far east during the time of the Vietnam war. Based in Singapore and then Hong Kong and I visited Thailand and many other places.

During this time I met and drank with hundreds of US Servicemen who always asked the same question. "Why arnt you with us and helping?". The ANZACS were there doing their bit and I and fellow British servicemen felt ashamed that we were not there also.

Especially if the walking wounded came into a bar from an hospital ship that had called into port. We were young and as Gung Ho as any American or ANZAC trooper.

Many years later, I read the book Chickenhawk, the greatest book ever on the experiences of a "chopper" pilot in Nam. So detailed is the book that you felt you could fly one after reading just a few chapters.

This video is a tribute to one of those chopper pilots who recently died. Paint it black.

You're a 19 year old kid. You're critically wounded, and dying in the jungle in the Ia Drang Valley, 11-14-1965. LZ Xray, Vietnam. Your Infantry Unit is outnumbered 8 - 1, and the enemy fire is so intense, from 100 or 200 yards away, that your own Infantry Commander has ordered the MediVac helicopters to stop coming in.

You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns, and you know you're not getting out. Your family is 1/2 way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you'll never see them again. As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.

Then, over the machine gun noise, you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter, and you look up to see a Huey, but it doesn't seem real, because no Medi-Vac markings are on it.

Ed Freeman is coming for you. He's not Medi-Vac, so it's not his job, but he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire, after the Medi-Vacs were ordered not to come.

He's coming anyway.

And he drops it in, and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 2 or 3 of you on board.

Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire, to the Doctors and Nurses.

And, he kept coming back...13 more times...and took about 70 of you and your buddies out, who would never have gotten out.

Medal of Honor Recipient Ed Freeman died last Wednesday 24th at the age of 80, in Boise, ID...May God rest his soul...


The hypocrisy of the Liberal Democrats

But if you are a Liberal Democrat we will not do a damn thing

It seems that the petitioners who objected to the appointment of the crooked Councillor Gul Nawaz as Deputy Mayor of Peterborough have failed in their bid get the Brown Clown to intervene.

Nawaz who was imprisoned for his part in a £3,000 benefit fraud back in 2002 after a very lenient sentence of just two months in jail meant that he was free to stand as a councillor on his release. The law states that three months is the minimum prison term for disqualification for the right to apply to serve.

However it is a bit rich of one the petitioners supporters, Liberal Democrat city council leader, Nick Sandford to complain by saying;
"The question was whether it was appropriate, in terms of the reputation of the council, to have someone convicted of a crime involving dishonesty appointed to such a position of responsibility."
I mean, it was one of their own Lib Dem Councillors, Arif Waghat who recieved a paltry 8 weeks suspended sentence after also committing benefit fraud to the same amount. In fact they did not even suspend him from their party prior to his trial. Then again he was the Deputy Leader of their party in their area.

The following is from a Liberal Democrat site on the subject of benefit fraud.
"The Courts do not take benefit fraud lightly and neither do we. We must ensure money goes where it is intended - to genuine claimants. And I urge anyone who suspects fraud to contact us without delay. All calls will be treated in strict confidence. Our investigators have a good track record in bringing the fraudsters to justice and their efforts will continue without let-up."
Remember, this only applies if the thieves are not Liberal Democrat Councillors.

Big gains for the Austrian Resistance

This is not the first time Austria has resisted an Islamic invasion

Well we will not have the full results of the Austrian elections until October the 6th as absentee ballots and those turned in at polling stations outside voter's home areas are counted but enough are in to get a good idea of the big picture.

The Austrians equivalents of Labour and Conservative have suffered massive losses but enough to form yet another one of their unpopular coalitions. Between them they managed to secure almost 56% of 4.6 million votes cast.

But the big winners who give us hope for the future of Europe, are the Freedom Party who will have increased their number of parliamentary seats to 35, up from 21 and the Alliance for the Future of Austria which will now have 21 seats as opposed to the 7 seats they started the campaign with.

Between them, these two patriotic parties now have the support of 30% of the Austrian electorate. It would have been better obviously if there had only been one nationalist party rather than two but that is the way politics go. The Telegraph reports that if the two parties combine they would have 54% of the vote.

So what now for Austria. The ability to tip the scales of power lies in the hand of the Nationalist Parties and given that the "established" traitor parties have said they will not enter into another coalition, anything is now possible.

There were 183 seats up for the taking and the breakdown of seats I have found is:-

Old Guard - Eurabian Parties
  • Social Democrats 58
  • Peoples Party 50
Patriotic Parties
  • Freedom Party 35
  • AFA 21

And whilst the Eurabian politicians have taken heart at the sometimes bitter arguments between the two patriotic parties they must be feeling rather sick at Sundays announcement by Joerg Haider of the AFA saying that it was "something worth thinking about".

Another item of interest in the Austrian elections was the dropping of the age limit for voting down to 16. This I believe to have been a desperate ploy by the "elite" to grab the vote of young people, many of whom who have no real understanding of politics but tend to vote with their hearts rather than their heads.

Well it appears that this has backfired on them spectacularly and shows that the forthcoming British National Party plan to mail all young voters in the country to be a move in the right direction. Especially as a recent poll as shown that 60% of young people feel that immigrants and colonisers are diluting the nations identity.

One wonders also now, what the stalinist European Union will do. When the Freedom Party helped form a coalition government in 2000, the New World Order went bananas, spat their dummies out and ignorning the will of the Austrian electorate carried out sanctions against Austria.

What will they do now, if as seems likely, the resistance now form part of a new Austrian Government? Bomb Vienna the way they bombed Belgrade into submission and into the non democratic EU?

Sunday 28 September 2008

Where the hell are the police?

The only time you see the police on the streets

Many years ago, during a parade through my local village, I managed to raise a huge laugh from the watching crowd as the local police marched by in the annual parade by shouting out; "Look everybody. That's what a policeman looks like".

As a result, my car was pulled over every morning for weeks after at 0520 in the morning as I began my long drive to work. But it was worth it.

But seriously, where are the police when you need them? I will tell you where they are NOT and that is where lone white people are being attacked by the enrichers of Our Country.

Over in Dewsbury the young Moslems become more arrogant as they daily grow in numbers as their army of "colonisers" pour in from overseas and more drop from their womens wombs. Their future army of Islam with one aim only. The conquest of the West.

Gangs of Asians(code for Moslems) are tormenting elderly and disabled people with foul mouthed racist abuse and making lewd suggestions to young girls and women.
Police have been repeatedly called out but residents say nothing gets done. Now the residents, most of whom are too afraid to speak out publicly, are fighting back.

Residents’ spokesman Tony Gott, 71, said old people shouldn’t have to put up with the abuse.

“It has gone too far,” he said. “People are at the end of their tether and don’t know where to turn.
“No one should have to live their lives in fear like this and when we go out to ask these youths to move on all we get is abuse.
“They called me a ‘fat, white bastard’ and the other day I was showered with a pile of bricks.
“We had the police up here the other day and they spoke to this gang but they denied everything and the police said there was nothing they could do.
“The police say ‘we’ve taken their names’ but all that is a slap on the wrist. It doesn’t stop them.

Can you imagine the public or rather media outcry were this kind of behavior being carried out by white youths against "Asians" or in fact anyone who was not really British?

Glad you have something to smile about. One day we will have your pensions

No nothing is done. So where are the police? Well I will tell you, they are either off organising gay pride marches, hiding behind trees, watching children drown or in the case of their senior officers, off stuffing their faces at the expense of their new masters.

The British National Party really does have its work cut out when it finally becomes the Government of the day. Help them get there sooner. Join and support them now or one day you to will be a victim of enrichment. Your shout.

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In memory of Mother Teresa

The only earth the meek shall inherit is a mass burial grave if we do not win

Remember Mother Teresa? A thoroughly good egg who won the Nobel Peace Prize back in 79 for doing things like ministering the poor, the sick and the dying of India?

Well obviously the ungrateful Indians do not, they have just burnt down the house of the Missionaries of Charity where she lived until death took her.

In all fairness to the Hindus who torched the place, it was not personal. They are burning down lots of other Christian homes and churches. Stopping only to gang rape the Christian women and beat Christian men to death.

Showing that Hindutva, a word that you are going to get used to reading, is right up there with Islamic when it comes to reporting terrorism, is a group activity. 700 peace (cow) loving Hindus, armed with axes, swords and iron bars destroyed everything on the five acres of land occupied by the Nuns.

Nuns? No wonder they needed those weapons. However given that most Christians are now living in the jungle in that part of the world, the place was deserted and so they could only burn down the Church and buildings. Including an image of Mother Teresa that had been left behind to protect the place. Mother Teresa said before her death
"When I am dead, I will not stay in paradise, but I will walk throughout the world, wherever darkness prevails, to illuminate it with the Light that comes from the love of God".
No need to worry about light Mother, the Hindus and Moslems of the world will provide it with fires from the burning of Christian Churches around the world.

Christians in Our Country must learn from the suffering of fellow Christians in places like India, that the only earth the meek shall inherit in our land, is a mass burial grave should the BNP not prevail and end the colonisation of our land.

As long as I don't write about the government, religion, politics,
and other institutions, I am free to print anything.


Mike German thinks it's laughable to break the law

Looking for a way out of this one, Mike ? Good Luck

by john of gwent

Sometimes the postman brings nothing but grief. Sometimes he doesn't bring at all, but keeps for himself (like the one who diverted the debit cards - and the PIN numbers to go with them - sent to me by the Royal Bank Of Scotland with whom I ran my company bank accounts. But sometimes they bring amusement too.

Like yesterday for example.

While the Liberal Democrats Conference was on I e-mailed Mike German who is my regional welsh assembly member, and therefore the nearest thing I have to a costituency MP of yellow hue. The two matters I wished to obtain Mr German's opinion on were published on the Green Arrow Blog here but in brief :-
  1. In the light of their statement by their health spokesman that people should be given a card to swipe each time they attend a gym session in order to be given a health and fitness tax break, and given the revenue's particular susceptibility to identity fraud, have the liberal democrats now done a U turn on their "No To ID Cards" stance ?
  2. In the light of Mr Lembit Opik's recent criminal act of riding a Segway on the public highway and public pavements in violation of the Highways Act, are the Lib Dems a party of lawmakers or lawbreakers
In short, are the Lib Dems going to call Mr Ian Blair and have Mr Opik arrested and his Segway confiscated and crushed, which is what the police do to illegal riders of unlicensed, untaxed, uninsured mini-motos which like the Segway cannot be ridden on public roads because they violate the Construction and Use regulations, or are they now jumping on the bandwagon that has been set rolling by the court's decision that protestors who trespassed onto the site os a coal fired power station, climbed the chimneys and erected propaganda banners and did various other things, all of which specialists had to be brought in to undo at a cost of £30,000, were not guilty of criminal damage because they were protesting about alleged environmental damage and that means it wasn't a crime.

Well, Mr German's reply is in. And he thinks I'm having a laugh.

Specifically, he says Mr Opik's action was "light-hearted" and in any case "The Segway is legal in many other countries"

Well, Mr German, I like the cut of your jib. I like the idea that because something is legal in another country, it should be enthusiastically welcomed here. So I'm off to brew up a big bowl of khat, after which I'm going to take my motorbike out without a helmet, find myself a fourteen year old brazilian who fancies a bit of consensual sex and after that I might just hang a few gays by the neck. I take it can call upon you, Mike German, as a character witness in my defence, as after all, every one of those actions is legal in another country (and one of them is legal here, apparently) .....

On the other hand I might actually consider voting for a political party who believe in law and order, believe in the right of the British Parliament to make the laws that apply to all who live in the sovereigh territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and believe that no-one is above those laws.

Anyone got any suggestions as to who that party might be.....

Saturday 27 September 2008

The Cult of the Dead Paedophile and the Jewel of Medina

The Jewel of Medina or a victim of child abuse. You decide.

News in earlier today from the "no real information" BBC that three men were arrested early this morning after a small fire was put out at a property in Lonsdale Square, London.

The fact that they were charged under the Terrorism Act of 2000 is enough to make one hazard a guess that these men are probably followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile, although the BBC does not say so.

However when one reads that the fire took place in a publishers property, it does not take much digging to find out who the intended target might have been.

Earlier this month, Gibson Square publishers, address 47 Lonsdale Square announced that they had signed a two book deal with author Sherry Jones for the rights to The Jewel of Medina and it sequel.

You might recall that this is the book that as upset the Turnips because it deals with the relationship between the Paedophile Mohammed and his child "bride" A'isha.

It should be remembered that the original publisher pulled out of a potentially mega bucks deal after possibly receiving threats.
We stand firmly by our responsibility to support our authors and the free discussion of ideas, even those that may be construed as offensive by some. However, a publisher must weigh that responsibility against others that it also bears, and in this instance we decided, after much deliberation, to postpone publication for the safety of the author, employees of Random House, booksellers and anyone else who would be involved in distribution and sale of the novel.” As reported, both parties subsequently agreed to terminate the publishing agreement.

Hat tip: A Green Arrow reader

BNP to Shake Country


The British National Party is to launch the largest direct mailing campaign in Nationalist history, in an open ended project which has, at its first phase alone, a direct mail shot to 10,000 young voters in each and every single town and city across Britain.

The mail shot will consist of a 12-page brochure, detailing the crimes against our people — rape, murder and discrimination, giving shocking accounts of ‘real life’ cases with hard irrefutable evidence. The initiative will expose violence against whites by immigrant thugs, the pimping and rape of hundreds of young white girls by Muslim gangs, and anti-white discrimination in housing, jobs and education by the authorities.

The dramatic plan has been unveiled in a letter from party chairman Nick Griffin, currently being circulated to tens of thousands of BNP supporters. The letter explains in detail the purpose of the campaign, a breakdown of the costs and an appeal to finance the project.

The letter reads:

Mugging, rape and murder — white victims ignored — it’s time we defended our people! Racism cuts both ways!

‘Only white people are racist’ or ‘The BNP are racist.’ How many times have you heard these old lines? I, for one, am fed up of hearing this type of nonsense . . . The party has come up with a powerful and very progressive strategy to highlight the real racists in this country and the plight of their victims.

Here is how the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’ will run.

Phase 1:

We will produce a full colour, well designed 12 - page brochure, detailing the crimes against our people — rape, murder and discrimination, giving shocking accounts of ‘real life’ cases with hard irrefutable evidence. This, in the first instance will be sent to every NP, MSP, MLA, and AM as well as every member of the House of Lords and also every registered journalist in the UK.

Of course we know most of the people will try to suppress our publication but in reality we’re only priming the fuses for our main attack. Which will be:

Phase 2:

The Direct mailing of our hard hitting publication to hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the country! As you know, the media and the ‘Powers That Be’ have done a damned good job of silencing anyone who would dare tell the truth. For years they even succeeded in stifling our message. Well no more.

Through our ‘Building to Grow’ appeal last year you helped us to buy the state of the art automated mailing machinery that now allows us to assemble, process and mail tens of thousand of letters per day. The far-left laughed and jeered when we bought this machinery last December. They’re not laughing now!

Our strategy is to mail out, direct from our factory unit using our own equipment, 10,000 brochures to each key town and city in every one of the BNP’s 12 regions. By combining material from the electoral register with our recently acquired professional database system, we will reach large numbers of 18-year-olds, personally.

Not only are these new voters with no loyalties to the old parties, but reaching out to so many young people will send the opposition frantic and guarantee publicity that will magnify our efforts tenfold!

We will also make sure that all local councillors, officials and local journalists in the target areas receive our hard-hitting dossier.

Can you imagine the uproar? For the first time in history a nationalist party has the ability and skill to go to the people directly. This will cause panic amongst the ruling elite as well as enlightening a generation that has been spoon-fed lies for years.

But we’re not finished yet.

Phase 3:

Using our newly acquired ‘Truth Truck’ the Party will embark on a nationwide Truth Tour to promote the launch of our ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’. We will start in Scotland and work our way south over one month, stopping in all major cities from Edinburgh to Southampton.

Once again, because we have our very own ‘bought and paid for’ professional advertising lorry, nobody can stop us. Our enemies also laughed when we bought this… again, they’re not laughing now!

And we’ll be handing out the brochures and leaflets advertising our campaign every time we stop along the way. Together with the media firestorm generated by our direct mailings, millions will see and hear our message. The media will of course keep on lying, but huge numbers of people will at last know the truth. I tell you.. THIS WILL BE MASSIVE!!

Phase 4:

Through our unique online BNP TV operation we can broadcast every stage and event in our ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’. And remember, our website alone attracts more views than all the other parties put together (Source: Alexa World Wide Web rankings).

Yes, we should have done this years ago, but it’s only in the last year that we have been able, through the generous giving of our members, to put all this equipment together and to have professionally trained staff and activists to carry out such a massive campaign. Just for a minute think of what we are about to do… Incredible isn’t it?

This strategic campaign will, without doubt, be one of the largest direct action campaigns undertaken by any political party in this country. We have the equipment, we have the skilled people, and we have the expertise. Now we need you to lend your financial support to this campaign by giving as generously as you possibly can.

Give us the tools and we will do the job!

You can see what money does for political campaigns. Just look at the rise of Obama, floating on a sea of cash from the liberal elite, and unfortunately, it’s the same in this country. The plain truth is, money talks.

As you know, The British National Party has, through the years, had to scrape by financially by the seat of our pants, and that’s been a good learning experience for us all.

It’s made us careful with members’ money and as you can now see, over the last year we have been transformed by the generosity of people like you. We are now ready to take on the big boys, and believe me they won’t know what’s hit them!

We now have all the hardware we need to launch a huge truth offensive against the enemies of our country and people. But we need the funds to do it.

Here is our carefully worked out budget:

£22,000 - to print and distribute an initial run of 200,000 ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ brochures.

The research has already been done in house by our marvellous volunteers.

£45,000 - for postage. This is a lot of money but it’s by far the best way to reach the carefully selected target audience we have chosen, our young people. And remember, most of this category are floating voters who could prove vital to us in next year’s Euro election campaigning.

£ 5,500 - to staff and finance the ‘Truth Tour” using our own bought and paid for advertising lorry.

£ 6,250 - to film, edit and broadcast all of the campaign actions throughout Britain. This will be a mammoth task and would cost millions if the BBC or ITV were doing it.

The cost is kept to a minimum because most of our broadcast crews are volunteers who will give their time and expertise to make this campaign the biggest and most worrying ever to hit the Political Establishment in years!!

That is why it is absolutely vital that you lend your support to the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’. Anti-white bigotry must be challenged, exposed and defeated. That task starts now!

That’s why I implore you to send your urgent financial contribution to the BNP as we engage in this enormous offensive, the outcome of which will shape the destiny of our nation and people for years to come. I urge you to be generous. Gifts from stout-hearted patriots like you of £20, £25 and £50 have made an incredible difference to our success and will continue to do so.

Imagine, just for a moment, the impact that this major BNP direct action and media offensive will have on this country. A ray of hope would shine brightly for the proud but beleaguered British people. The banners of nationalism would be raised and flown defiantly in the face of our enemies. All this is possible if we can raise the £78,750 to finance the campaign costs.

The British National Party ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’ will also send a clear message to the anti-white racists that, our day is now dawning, and their time is coming to an end!

Readers who want to contribute to this incredible project, the single largest mind-blowing campaign ever initiated by a pro-British party in history, can do so online by clicking here!

Telephone donations: We now have a facility for allowing supporters to make donations by telephone.

Call our Treasury team on 0871 0500 234, have your card ready and we will talk you through the quick and easy donation process. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Postal donations: Please send all cheques / POs, made payable to British National Party or British Heritage, to:

PO Box 142, Leeds, LS8 9DR


Good Luck to the Austrian Freedom Party

Heinz-Christian Strache(right) of the Freedom Party

It will be interesting to see how the results of tomorrows General Election in Austria pan out and just how their equivalent of the BNP, the Freedom Party do at the polls.

Over on the "Yours faithfully, Angry of Epping" safety valve site, known as the Telegraph, they are reporting the Freedom Party as being xenophobic.

Now let us be clear on the meaning of xenophobic. It is an healthy fear of aliens. Especially when those aliens tend to blow your fellow countrymen and themselves to bits in all sorts of places, whilst attempting to make Our Country look like the Countries they have fled, in order to feed themselves and litters of their offspring.

Their equivalent of our Green Party are having "problems" with the true Austrians for having "problems" with not accepting immigration. How weird are they to want their own country for their own kind?

They also have taken offence at some of the slogans being used by the Austrian resistance;
Mr Strache, who is 39 and the new face of Austria's virulently anti-foreigner right wing–his Freedom Party promotes slogans like "Vienna must not become Istanbul!" and "Home instead of Islam"
They also feel that illegal immigrants should be expelled and no more immigrants/colonisers allowed into what was once a beautiful place to live.

However, in much the same way as the Tri-Axis politicians/parasites here at home try to cling to power when they see the game is up. The established parties in Austria are now reversing their decision not to hold a referendum on Europe.

Well we know what the "elite" think of promises to the electorate. Let us hope that the Austrian people are not fooled like the sheep people of our sad land and give the pigs of the privileged, a nice big black eye come tomorrow and vote FREEDOM.

So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.

Friday 26 September 2008

New BNP Signs

Lots more here on the BNP site where you have a chance to vote for the ones you like.
Go for it.


CPS confirms BNP mans claim over Moslem heroin trade

Tony Bamber. Hero of the resistance

A British National Party member, Tony Bamber, who has been persecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service and Lancashire police has been vindicated by the announcement from the CPS, that he will not face criminal charges for revealing the truth about the evil of Moslem involvement in the heroin trade in Our Country.
This week, a defiant Mr Bamber insisted he was not surprised the CPS had decided there was “insufficient evidence” to prosecute. He said: “This decision is most welcome from our point of view, it legitimises the campaign and shows that our demands are fair and just. We will continue to distribute the leaflets and educate the middle-classes.
This result of course, does not please the politically appointed Lancashire Deputy Chief Constable and leading Dhimmi, Mike Cunningham. If he wishes to change the law then let him stand for election rather than making such stupid statements as
“They can only be described as inflammatory in nature and we are obviously concerned that their distribution in Lancashire could damage community cohesion.”
Of course the truth is inflammatory but instead of trying to shoot the messenger he should be stamping out and exterminating the Moslem drug gangs who use the huge sums of money to fund terrorism.

Yet another reason why a future British National Party government must remove people like Cunningham from their positions of power and strip them of their pensions.

You can read more about the CPS here.

Thursday 25 September 2008

Hindus and Moslems can teach us nothing

The Green Cancer eating into the Christian Republic Srpska

Well that is not strictly true. They can teach us about death, grief and persecution.

I had not intended to write anything today but the continuing violence against Christians in two different parts of the world has forced me to put off my plans to have a day just reading my books.

First over to Orissa in India, where the persecution of Christians by Hindus continues unabated. You can search for other links if you wish. It is all out there if you look.

There are now 22,000 Christians held up in refugee camps, thousands more are hiding in the jungle with their homes already burnt to the ground and their churches now just smoldering ashes.
“There have been threats, beatings, and persecution for the last 20 years, but the [current] situation is very tense. People have been brutally murdered, hacked to death, women have been gang raped, and more than 100 churches in all six districts have been burned."
And why? Why, I asked myself and went hunting? And then I found the answer. The evil of the Indian Caste system where people are judged not on ability or success but birth.

"Low born" Indians of the "lower-caste" have been seeking to escape out of the Caste System by converting to Christianity. Instead they jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire of another kind of discrimination.

Rest assured, with the rise in Hindu Nationalism and the increasing numbers of Moslems in India, long term that Country will go the same way as Pakistan. Down into hell on earth.

Next we have to go read what is happening in what used to be the Serbian Republic of Bosnia, until we betrayed one our oldest Christian Allies and sold them and their land to colonizing Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

After the division of that sad land, the Serbs were forced to dismantle their army and hand over half their land to the Moslems who occupy the Federation of Bosnia under the disgusting Dayton Peace Agreement.

But you know the turnips. Never happy with an inch when they can steal a mile, they are now demanding the "abolition of the Serb entity" and all of the land.

Forced to disarm, one wonders at what chance the Christian have because they can expect no help from the West. It was the West that shamefully betrayed them in the first place and European Union that demanded the abolishing of their army. After grabbing their mineral rights.

Incidentally the Serbs still consider Sarajevo as their capital. But since we handed it over to the Moslems, the Christians have all but "vanished" from the City when the Moslems moved in en-mass after the 1992-1995 war of oppression.

And how tolerant are the new Islamic owners? Not very. Especially if you are an homosexual where attacks by Islamic fanatics have already began.

Now let's go read that book.

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Keith Brown day of action footage - Part 1/2

Please watch this video and the tributes to Keith Brown from his fellow activists. Listen to the truth and and then vow to get justice for Keith. You can start by joining the British National Party and giving out the leaflets that Keith can no longer do.

Proof of anti BNP collusion

We all know that the NUJ are in collusion with their political masters to ensure that nothing is printed at either a national or local level that might give positive publicity to the British National Party but it is always nice to have confirmation.

Evidence of this can be seen on page 40 of a document published by the Department of Communities and Local Government. In short Central Government. All local authorities have these insidious groups embedded within them as part of the infrastructure that controls the sheep people in the form of unaccountable and politically correct quangos which we the sheep pay for.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Tameside holds regular meetings with local newspaper editors to gather information and stop sensationalist reporting which might otherwise start or add to rising tensions, e.g. in response to a Kick Racism out of Football campaign, an extremist political group wanted to picket a local football stadium. A local newspaper was going to print the story on its front page – an action that was likely to bring unwanted publicity to the picket and fuel rising community tensions. The intervention of the Community Cohesion Partnership prevented the story from being run and in the event no-one turned out for the picket.
By "extremist political group", they usually mean, British National Party. One wonders how long this document will be available before they realise that they have provided the resistance with another nail in the coffin of the Lib/Lab/con alliance and remove it.

Too late. We have it. And we will use it to show the True British People the nature of the creatures that rules over them. We will not have freedom until we have a government of the people in the form of the British National Party.

Hat tip:AshtonScout, SF

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Requiem for a Past England

Where is the brave new world we promised these men?

Requiem for a Past England

Many times I have heard the phrase ‘life is too short’ and when you have lived more of your life than you have left to live one is inclined to agree.

I have got to an age where I have to seriously consider whether I am too old to take up the violin. I don’t feel old; my brain is that of a teenager but the all-consuming drive to own ‘stuff’ and to impress the opposite sex has gone. That is a good thing as I now consider those youthful impulses as no more than a trivial distraction, being immaterial and of no consequence to ones future. That is the crutch or heavy baggage that one unknowingly carries in their early years.

I served in the British army when Stalin was in power in Russia, when Franco was in charge of Spain, Tito was ruling a ‘United’ Yugoslavia, Chiang Kai Shek was being driven from mainland China into Taiwan and it was another 12 years before the Berlin Wall went up. I was a British soldier defending England, its freedom and its way of life.

Who the hell would I be defending now?

Things change very quickly. I lived in an England when her empire was beginning to crumble. Time passes, now its own children are beginning to lose their sense of racial identity, and indeed the whole country is made to feel guilty of its proud history and ethnic uniqueness and is tragically losing its sense of purpose and direction.

Our leader’s talk of embracing British and British-ness, they tell us we are not English any more and very shortly we will even cease to be British and become European. The England as I knew it will be no more; all this change has occurred in one person’s terrifyingly short lifetime.

In my youth my country did not spawn ‘home grown’ terrorists, the person sitting next to me on the bus was English so was the bus conductor and the driver. Stop and think; what or who caused these catastrophic negative social changes to our once relatively lawful homogeneous society? It was not the people; it was our traitorous narcissistic politicians in collusion with the power hungry, corrupt European federalists.

When my son reaches my age what will my country resemble? If nothing changes the descent into a European authoritarian autocracy will be total and absolute and the England I defended will be no more, the England my uncle died for will be unrecognizable and the England my grandfather, God rest his soul who fought in the boxer wars, would have recognized, would have ceased to exist.

The politicians are still telling the grubby peasants they have the country and its peoples best interests at heart at the same time they are breaking up what was once a ‘United’ Kingdom and eroding the very fabric of a proud nation who feared no-one, who kowtowed to no-one and most certainly did not allow a totally foreign or exotic Eastern culture to affect, influence, dictate, threaten its security, its way of life or its future, and to change the English character of many of its major cities.

What total screaming madness is changing the face of my country?

What have our government done for its own people you might ask? Well they have put in place legal mechanisms to threaten, terrify and silence its own people with incarceration if they dare object to this horror.

This is the country I gave the best years of my youth for. I promised I would make doubly certain that my son did not waste his youth as I did, sacrificing his immature youthful years believing in the lies of ‘home grown’ renegade, lying, and treasonous bloody vipers.

Posted by Albion. A member of the Green Arrow Forum

Today We Hand Our Energy Independence To France

Never Mind Hadron Collders.
THIS is what we should spend our money on.

by john of gwent

We have many things to be thankful for here in Great Britain.

Not least of which is the Gulf Stream. Did you know that James Bay, at the southern end of Hudson Bay, is at the same latitude as Edinburgh ? Did you know that the sea in that area freezes over for much of the winter and the locals in the towns there have to carry heavy calibre rifles to defend themselves against bears seeking food from their dustbins ?

I have not (yet) needed an icebreaker to get to a Princes Street Hogmanay party, nor have I required heavy artillery to defend myself while there. The gentle warmth of that ocean current ensures the seas off Western Scotland remain a balmy 12 degrees C in the depths of December, and this I know for a fact for I have donned scuba amidst snow flurries on the deck of a fishing trawler in the waters off Oban in the week before Christmas and plunged into the depths just for the sheer hell of it.

For the same reason that bears wander the ice-bound towns around James Bay, whilst Bogart and Bacall and a host of PR people would have you believe that Paris In The Springtime is a wonder to behold, I can assure you from personal experience that Paris in November, and also in March, is cold enough to freeze your rocks off. So it is no surprise that when it comes to a decision between keeping warm, and saving the planet, the French attitude is that tree huggers can go to hell (or Davy Jones' Locker anyway).

Over here of course we pamper our tree huggers. Our politicians kiss all four of their cheeks and gleefully folow their demand that our cars be taxed off the road for our own good. They welcome their demand that it is good for our soul to have our bodies freeze to death. And in any case, our politicians sit in their second homes for which the heating bills are paid by the parliamentary expense account blisfully unaware that they are facing the same end as another who the winning side cruelly - and quite falsely portrays as saying "let them eat cake"

But the French will have none of it. They embarked on the largest Nuclear Power Plant building programme in Europe and now we go cap in hand to them when our ageing coal fired stations fail. And then go cap in the other hand to Putin and the Moslems for Gas at any price

What we should do of course is build nuclear electricity generating stations like there was no tomorrow - for at this rate there won't be. We should bring in an age where we realise Tony Benn's fantasy of having electricity 'to cheap to meter'. And every tree hugger should be put to the sword as a traitor to this country's sovereignty and independence.

But what have we actually done ?

We have, today, begin the process of selling off what little ability we have to keep ourselves independent in the energy game to the french

Mon Dieu !

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Racism Kills. Indeed it does. Us.

What chance for her future with a father living on a different planet?

Check out the above image of the young girl above. The sign in her hand reads "Racism Kills". And indeed it does. Us and people like us and perhaps one day her.

Leaving aside the fact that a child so young, should not be used as a tool in politics, it does highlight the plain stupidity of people like her father and other white liberals who think that we live in a world of pink clouds and fluffy bunnies, when in reality we are living in a hell of our own making.

The image was taken at the recent Cologne Rally against the peaceful protest of people concerned about the "Islamization" of Europe that was shamefully allowed to be disrupted and finally canceled by the violent actions of the mad marxists of europe and the fluffy bunny brigade epitomized by people like her father.

Now I have a grand daughter about the age of that poor brainwashed child. Does her father realise that a recent Sharia Law ruling makes it permissible for her to be married off at the age of nine to some paedophile goat of Islam? Is his head really that deeply buried in the sand that he has not heard the bombs of Islam exploding all over the world. Even in their own countries. (Please watch the video clip at link. What happened to the brave fire fighter?).

Brainwashed tools of the New World Order. Fed on PC pap from birth

No he does not. And what of the young "activists" in the next image. Brainwashed into thinking that they are fighting for freedom by protesting. They do not realise that they are supporting the bringing about the end of the civilised world and a future of never ending violence where their children will have little chance of surviving except as slaves? Are their minds really to dulled from being force fed politically correct pap that they are no longer able to go out and discover the truth?

"This will look great on my Facebook page. I wonder what it is all about?"

And then the brave new class warriors above. Kids who think they are fighting for freedom by denying others the right to protest about losing their culture and countries.

What would the chances of their survival be, were they to walk through one of the colonised areas of europe alone at night? Almost zero. Do they believe that their support for the enrichers would save them? Because if they do they are truly stupid but still I suppose they got the chance to dress up in black, put a mask on and go play on the streets.

It is no longer enough for the True British People to stand aside and hope that things will get better. They will not get better. Things are going to get a lot worse. Sorry, but it is true. We are going to see violence in Our Country the likes that we have never seen before.

If you care anything for your childrens future, you must stop being one of the sheep people. You must forget your old political loyalties. You must not just join the British National Party, you must become an activist and take your place in the Shieldwall or live in shame until the day you die, either of old age or at the hands of one of the invaders. Your shout.

Freedom of the press, freedom of association, the inviolability of domicile, and all the rest of the rights of man are respected so long as no one tries to use them against the privileged class. On the day they are launched against the privileged they are overthrown.

Boycott Islam

To YouTube
This video, doesn`t break any of the Community Guidelines. This is a peaceful, democratic and legal campaign, just like the "Boycott Denmark" campaign was legal. This video isn`t racist and doesn`t aim to create tensions outside of YouTube. The majority of us don`t want violence and our objectives are peaceful. Please don`t take this video down again.


Its time for Europe to awake and start to react to the rise of Islamic extremism on our continent. For those that want to keep Europe, Independent, free and keep democracy and our Christian/Western identity on our continent then we should all do the following:

1)Boycott Islamic shops, restaurants, garages, video hire shops, airlines, online shops, travel agents, kebab shops, mobile 'phone sellers.
2)Don't allow your children to be brainwashed by "Islam is peace" Propaganda in schools. If they attend Mosques, forced to eat halal meat, etc... KICK UP A FUSS
3)Don't rent or buy a house from them. In fact don't even rent or sell them your house.
4)Don't use Islamic taxi firms.
5)Never buy Halal meat. Buy more bacon!!
6)If you are a manager, and you have muslim workers, tell them not to wear the veil.. Say it will offend non-Muslim workers. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
7)If they are planning to build a mosque in your area, then protest against it. Get family, friends, neighbours, local residents and protest harder against the plans.
8)Like point 3 said, don`t sell your property. If you own a shop, business, sell it to a non-Muslim.

Also Boycott Islamic countries. The follwing website link will give you a list of EAN-UCC prefix's, with the countries name and the ISO country code.



If you don`t want Islam ruling our lives, then share this video, favorite and rate it and lets show Islam that we will fight to the end to keep our countries free of medieval ideologies.

Thank you EnochPowell2008, for the song :)

Please add this account, just in case this account is suspended


P.s Please fellow YouTubers, don`t copy and paste this video and reuplaod it onto your accounts. Because I don`t want your accounts to be under threat of suspension. Just add my new account and i will reupoad it. Take care

Monday 22 September 2008

The BBC and the BNP

Whites in Stoke-on-Trent are backwards, materialistic, selfish, don’t care about their community, uneducated and don’t read–and that is why they vote BNP, the BBC has claimed.

In an article published online to smear the BNP after the hugely successful rally in Stoke yesterday, the anti-white Marxist extremists who work in the BBC newsroom went into a frenzy.

Producing a barrage of anti-white, anti-British invective, which, if reversed, and said about any non-white group, would certainly have landed the authors on charges of “race-hate”, the BBC Marxists quoted a Stoke-on-Trent temporary resident, one Abu Kinza, 30, outside a Stoke Mosque, as saying the following:

“The BNP has support in this city because of a decline in Christian values,” said Kinza. “That makes people more materialistic and selfish and they don’t care about their community.”

“Also, people here aren’t educated. Ask them if they’ve read a book in the last year, the last five years. A lot of them haven’t.”

“People from outside of the city say it’s one of the worst areas to live in, that it’s backwards and that the BNP are strong here. Its presence damages the city’s reputation.”

The BBC article went on to claim that the majority of the BNP crowd at the Stoke rally were “mainly tattooed males with shaved heads.”

Read the fully story here on the BNP site

Remember the treason of the BBC towards us, the people who have funded them for decades. Soon we will no longer pay their TV Tax and one day we will strip the pensions away from the fat parasitic leeches that have fed of us for so long whilst betraying Our Country.

Hat Tip: English Rose

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Sub Prime explained

This clip has been around for a while, but it is suddenly much more topical

Stephen Dorman is standing for the BNP in Camden

Follow this man and Remember Keith Brown

First of all, a big well done to all those who traveled to Stoke to honour the memory of our fallen kinsman Keith Brown and to take part in the day of action. Sadly I was unable to make it but waited eagerly for the images and videos that I knew our people would provide. My heart was there. Good report and more images at Swindon Nationalists.

We have grieved our friends loss and now we tuck his memory away never to be forgotten, along with plans for future justice not just for him but all those who have died as a result of the colonisation of our country. We will have justice.

But to get it, we must move on. A war does not stop when a soldier falls. If it did then we would surely lose and to lose would be horrific for the future of our children. We must move on, the advance of the BNP must continue until we drive the enemy from our land and bring to trial those who have betrayed us.

Now, let us think how we can best help people like Stephen Dorman, who is the British National Party candidate in Hampstead Town, Camden this Thursday, 25 Sep 2008.
My politics haven't changed over the years, LibLabCon have. They have ignored normal people. I have been forced to join the British National Party because the LibLabCon do not represent the likes of me. I understand that some will vote for the “Greens” due to the feel good factor, but please ask them if they think there is an upper limit for the UK population. If we can only feed 60% of the population now with UK produce; where will the food come from?
You can read Stephen's top local campaign issues by following the link above. You can also ask him any questions or just leave him a comment of support.

Help keep the advance going. Just because we have truth on our side does not guarantee us victory. Our enemies hate us, to them we are less than human. We must stiffen our resolve and hearten our hearts and move on. For if we fight now and win, our children and grand children can have peace without fighting on the streets of what was once Our Country and will be again.

The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights,
makes the most reliable soldier on earth.

Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad

The establishment feeds off the people. Our people.

By Albion

Like Buzzards hovering silently above a hot, shimmering African plain, circling a sun dried carcase; the human carrion, the Race, Human rights and Refugee lawyers, who emulate their feathered African cousins feed on the dying carcase of a once proud nation. There is no human morality here; it’s the monetary gain while the harvest is in abundance. They wallow in Narcissism and pray to the God of Mammon. The carrion only recognizes the words ‘pay the bearer’ and the shiny coin of the realm.

A week is a long time in politics, and hundred years a dreadfully short time to witness the death knell of a once great nation. Our children do not read of our ancestors from these misty isles. The days of Kings, Queens and the Empire is a sordid and embarrassing episode in our nation’s history for our treasonous Socialist architects.

In our children’s text books the liberal brainwashed drones tamper and delete parts of our history for fear of offending the most recent invaders. Have we forgotten our fallen patriots, our battles won and lost? Did we fight bloody wars to one day have strange Eastern Sharia courts and a multitude of Mosques and Minarets in our Christian country, governing in parallel with our unelected government in Brussels.

Surely when Enoch Powell carefully chose the words by the Greek Dramatist EuripdesWhom the gods destroy, they first make mad” Did he truly realise how prophetic his words would be? The madness has already taken hold.

It makes me cry for the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that laid down their lives to protect this once great nation, a nation that has disappeared and replaced by a nondescript collections of regions. Is the next logical progression for our counties to disappear?

Are we going to surrender to our former enemies without a shot being fired? Will our history be lost in the mish-mash of a Socialist European Federation, which will one day morph into a European Empire? One day in the distant future we might reminisce and wistfully say, an Empire? we too had an Empire.

I shudder every time I see that blue flag with the yellow stars. It would sit comfortably wedged between the USSR Hammer and Sickle and the Nazi Swastika. We, like their people, have no voice as to who governs us. We are being subdued and threatened by a treasonous Statist Government.

England, a Eunuch divested of its nationhood, its identity, without a parliament and eventually without a Queen; a monarch cannot reign without a nation to rule over.

If that was not enough to awaken the sleeping lion a new constitution is being written for us by a group of unelected European elitists, who decisions are made by consensus, in a bloody piddling, boring city in Belgium. A constitution disguised as a treaty purely to deny the people a choice of a referendum as to who should govern us.

I was going to say Brussels, whose only claim to fame is………….but I could not think of a single thing.


Sunday 21 September 2008

Closer to the edge

The political establishment continues to assure us that we need more immigrants because they are, they insist, “good for Britain” and “help to boost out prosperity”. Yet after ten years of what virtually amounts to an open door, allcommers welcome, immigration policy, following on from thirty years of “light touch” regulations on immigration, we are hurtling into recession, with inflation galloping ahead and unemployment rising.

For decades we have been told that our health service would collapse without third world immigration, and now, by coincidence or not, we have standards of hygiene in out health service which is not much different to a third world country.

Beyond the issue of hygiene, which may, as I say, be a coincidence, far from assisting the health service, mass immigration is putting more strain on it.

As someone who has recently been required to accompany a relative who has had need of the health service, I have yet to visit an NHS waiting room where we, as white indigenous Britons, were not in the minority. From the array of national costumes one is inevitably confronted with when visiting any NHS hospital within a fifty mile radius of an airport, it is clear that a significant number of those benefiting from NHS treatment have not been in the country long enough to have contributed towards it.

Does anyone believe that as many health tourists would get in if we had proper immigration controls?

The added strain does not just come from health tourism, those immigrants who have settled here place added strain on our infrastructure and services, like everyone else, immigrants get older, those who arrived on the Empire Windrush are in their 80's now, and unlike the Poles, they did not go home, neither did those who followed, and those who came after them. We now have many thousands of immigrant pensioners ending their days in Britain, many of whom are dependant upon the Health Service. I would not begrudge any one treatment they need and have paid taxes for, but it is an open question as to whether, as a group, the immigrant community have made a contribution equal to the strain they place on services.

For example. immigrants still (allegedly) make up around 10% of the population, yet almost a quarter of all births in Britain are by immigrant mothers, and I doubt that many of them went private. It would seem that if we do need immigrants working in the NHS it is to cope with the additional demand on it caused by uncontrolled immigration.

In other areas, I have written frequently about the impact which the open door policy has had on crime, particularly, street crime, rape and knife and gun related assaults. However, on the other side of the coin, we have seem efforts to increase ethnic recruitment into the police service result in millions of pounds of tax payer's money being paid out to people who have made claims of racial discrimination, because tribunals are so dogged by political correctness they demure from calling many of the claimants the charlatans they are.

The downside of immigration is evident in so many areas, another unspoken problem is the disproportionate number of state dependant single mothers who are either immigrants themselves or who have been abandoned by fathers who are.

The terrorist threat we all face, and on account of which so many of our civil liberties have been stripped from us comes either from immigrants or the British born children of first and second generation immigrants, most of whom have been radicalised and funded by people not born in this country.

Tell me again how immigration benefits Britain?!!

If it is not immigration itself, the ideology which tell us it is a good thing can be every bit as damaging. Just this last week we have seen a financial crisis unparalleled since the Wall Street Crash of 1929, which, in part, ushered in the Great depression of the 1930's, and as a result of which hundreds of billions have had to be pumped into the global economy, and huge multi billion dollar corporations have had to be effectively nationalised, whilst major banking institutions have either collapsed or have been taken over.

Surely you say, that was caused by white spivs and speculators, she can't try and blame the world financial crisis on immigration ....can she?

Well, not exactly, perhaps not immigration to Britain, or at least not yet.

However, let us look at the root cause of the latest crisis, the sub prime mortgage fiasco in America, whereby loans were given to people who self evidently could not repay them. There were certainly faults after the event, whereby those loans were repackaged and sold on as something other than what they were, however, the original fault and the cause of the ensuing problems was the initial coal face lending, which was unquestionably business incompetence bordering upon madness.

Why did this happen, and why did banks think it was a good thing to do? The answer may lie in who was doing the lending, and who they were lending the money to.

The two huge mortgage lenders who the American government have been forced to rescue were Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae otherwise known as Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and the Federal National Mortgage Administration. But who or what were Freddie and Fannie? The very word federal should give you a clue that there were not mortgage lenders as you and I know them, and indeed they were nothing like Bristol and West.

Those of you who think all corporations are the same may find this clip enlightening, it shows Dan Mudd the Chief Executive of Fannie Mae addressing the US Congressional Black Caucus, an organisation to which Fannie Mae has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last decade or so.

Mr Mudd doesn't sound like a conventional banker does he? That is because he is not, he is a man on a mission, Fannie Mae, like Freddie Mac saw themselves not so much as businessmen but as social engineers and in recent years their activities have been less to do with business as they have with ideology. Here, and here and here are further examples of the unconventional activities of Fannie and Freddie, which make what happened a little easier to understand.

These were great American institutions, they play a part in the majority of all US mortgage lending, but they didn't behave like mortgage lenders. What happened in America was the equivalent of what would happen if Ken Livingston and Lee Jasper had been put in charge of Bradford & Bingley, just on a far more massive scale.

Money was lent to people because they were black or because they were immigrants, whether or not they could repay the money was irrelevant if things went wrong the white guys would bail them out, which is, of course, what we did.

Of course there was more to the recent financial crisis, as ever with the stock market one can never underestimate financial institutions ability to self destruct, speculators misbehaved, causing the regulator to temporarily ban the practice known as short selling, which enables cynical people to bet on a company's failure. Furthermore, the ratings agencies did nothing to help the situation, when, for instance they downgraded AIG the single act which almost pushed one of the world's largest corporations into bankruptcy.

However, all that was after the event, at the very root of the crisis was sub prime lending, which could also be called politically correct, or equal opportunity lending.

The media will have you believe that the primary motive was behind excessive sub prime lending was greed and sharp practice, which are certainly part of the story but they are far from being the whole story. The driving force which led us into this crisis was that same ideology which worships multiculturalism and tells us that mass immigration leads to prosperity.

It defies logic, ignores facts and ridicules truths and has embedded itself like a malicious trojan in almost every aspect of our culture, and, not for the first time it has brought us close to the brink of disaster.