Monday, 8 September 2008

Liberal Democrats policy on Benefit Fraud

NO IFS, NO BUTS - Unless your a Liberal Democrat Councillor

Just cruising around wondering who to take a pop at, when I came across this little piece here on a warning about benefit fraud on a not so Liberal Democrat site.

Council Leader, Cllr Serge Lourie, had this to say:
"The Courts do not take benefit fraud lightly and neither do we. We must ensure money goes where it is intended - to genuine claimants. And I urge anyone who suspects fraud to contact us without delay. All calls will be treated in strict confidence. Our investigators have a good track record in bringing the fraudsters to justice and their efforts will continue without let-up."
And quite right to. So I wonder if he would like to comment on the fact that a Liberal Democrat Councillor, Arif Waghat, who had received a paltry 8 weeks suspended sentence for a £3,000 benefit fraud has been welcomed back as a Lib Dem Councillor. Why wasn't he jailed?

In fact, when the crime was first reported, the Lib Dems did not even have the courage to suspend him from their party. Perhaps it was the fact that the man was their Deputy Leader in the area.

The shamed councillor who feels no shame(his kind never do) had this to say;
“They needed our hands on the deck. I am glad to be back in the fold after my time in the wilderness and look forward to working towards Liberal Democrat principles.”
Is Benefit Fraud a Liberal Democrat principle? Certainly seems that way.

But the councillor was not alone in being allowed back into the Lib Dem fold in that area.

There was a bit of scandal involving another Lib Dem Councillor, Yusaf Sadat had actually been suspended "pending an investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct that could bring the group into disrepute". I laughed at that.

So what he been up to one wonders. If I say that, all I know is that it involved an allged incident involving a woman, I will leave you to draw your own conclusions. Who knows, who knows.

Either way both of the enrichers are now firmly back embedded in the feeding trough of public money.

Liberal Democrats. Don't you just luv em.

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