Monday, 22 September 2008

Stephen Dorman is standing for the BNP in Camden

Follow this man and Remember Keith Brown

First of all, a big well done to all those who traveled to Stoke to honour the memory of our fallen kinsman Keith Brown and to take part in the day of action. Sadly I was unable to make it but waited eagerly for the images and videos that I knew our people would provide. My heart was there. Good report and more images at Swindon Nationalists.

We have grieved our friends loss and now we tuck his memory away never to be forgotten, along with plans for future justice not just for him but all those who have died as a result of the colonisation of our country. We will have justice.

But to get it, we must move on. A war does not stop when a soldier falls. If it did then we would surely lose and to lose would be horrific for the future of our children. We must move on, the advance of the BNP must continue until we drive the enemy from our land and bring to trial those who have betrayed us.

Now, let us think how we can best help people like Stephen Dorman, who is the British National Party candidate in Hampstead Town, Camden this Thursday, 25 Sep 2008.
My politics haven't changed over the years, LibLabCon have. They have ignored normal people. I have been forced to join the British National Party because the LibLabCon do not represent the likes of me. I understand that some will vote for the “Greens” due to the feel good factor, but please ask them if they think there is an upper limit for the UK population. If we can only feed 60% of the population now with UK produce; where will the food come from?
You can read Stephen's top local campaign issues by following the link above. You can also ask him any questions or just leave him a comment of support.

Help keep the advance going. Just because we have truth on our side does not guarantee us victory. Our enemies hate us, to them we are less than human. We must stiffen our resolve and hearten our hearts and move on. For if we fight now and win, our children and grand children can have peace without fighting on the streets of what was once Our Country and will be again.

The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights,
makes the most reliable soldier on earth.

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