Saturday, 27 September 2008

BNP to Shake Country


The British National Party is to launch the largest direct mailing campaign in Nationalist history, in an open ended project which has, at its first phase alone, a direct mail shot to 10,000 young voters in each and every single town and city across Britain.

The mail shot will consist of a 12-page brochure, detailing the crimes against our people — rape, murder and discrimination, giving shocking accounts of ‘real life’ cases with hard irrefutable evidence. The initiative will expose violence against whites by immigrant thugs, the pimping and rape of hundreds of young white girls by Muslim gangs, and anti-white discrimination in housing, jobs and education by the authorities.

The dramatic plan has been unveiled in a letter from party chairman Nick Griffin, currently being circulated to tens of thousands of BNP supporters. The letter explains in detail the purpose of the campaign, a breakdown of the costs and an appeal to finance the project.

The letter reads:

Mugging, rape and murder — white victims ignored — it’s time we defended our people! Racism cuts both ways!

‘Only white people are racist’ or ‘The BNP are racist.’ How many times have you heard these old lines? I, for one, am fed up of hearing this type of nonsense . . . The party has come up with a powerful and very progressive strategy to highlight the real racists in this country and the plight of their victims.

Here is how the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’ will run.

Phase 1:

We will produce a full colour, well designed 12 - page brochure, detailing the crimes against our people — rape, murder and discrimination, giving shocking accounts of ‘real life’ cases with hard irrefutable evidence. This, in the first instance will be sent to every NP, MSP, MLA, and AM as well as every member of the House of Lords and also every registered journalist in the UK.

Of course we know most of the people will try to suppress our publication but in reality we’re only priming the fuses for our main attack. Which will be:

Phase 2:

The Direct mailing of our hard hitting publication to hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the country! As you know, the media and the ‘Powers That Be’ have done a damned good job of silencing anyone who would dare tell the truth. For years they even succeeded in stifling our message. Well no more.

Through our ‘Building to Grow’ appeal last year you helped us to buy the state of the art automated mailing machinery that now allows us to assemble, process and mail tens of thousand of letters per day. The far-left laughed and jeered when we bought this machinery last December. They’re not laughing now!

Our strategy is to mail out, direct from our factory unit using our own equipment, 10,000 brochures to each key town and city in every one of the BNP’s 12 regions. By combining material from the electoral register with our recently acquired professional database system, we will reach large numbers of 18-year-olds, personally.

Not only are these new voters with no loyalties to the old parties, but reaching out to so many young people will send the opposition frantic and guarantee publicity that will magnify our efforts tenfold!

We will also make sure that all local councillors, officials and local journalists in the target areas receive our hard-hitting dossier.

Can you imagine the uproar? For the first time in history a nationalist party has the ability and skill to go to the people directly. This will cause panic amongst the ruling elite as well as enlightening a generation that has been spoon-fed lies for years.

But we’re not finished yet.

Phase 3:

Using our newly acquired ‘Truth Truck’ the Party will embark on a nationwide Truth Tour to promote the launch of our ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’. We will start in Scotland and work our way south over one month, stopping in all major cities from Edinburgh to Southampton.

Once again, because we have our very own ‘bought and paid for’ professional advertising lorry, nobody can stop us. Our enemies also laughed when we bought this… again, they’re not laughing now!

And we’ll be handing out the brochures and leaflets advertising our campaign every time we stop along the way. Together with the media firestorm generated by our direct mailings, millions will see and hear our message. The media will of course keep on lying, but huge numbers of people will at last know the truth. I tell you.. THIS WILL BE MASSIVE!!

Phase 4:

Through our unique online BNP TV operation we can broadcast every stage and event in our ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’. And remember, our website alone attracts more views than all the other parties put together (Source: Alexa World Wide Web rankings).

Yes, we should have done this years ago, but it’s only in the last year that we have been able, through the generous giving of our members, to put all this equipment together and to have professionally trained staff and activists to carry out such a massive campaign. Just for a minute think of what we are about to do… Incredible isn’t it?

This strategic campaign will, without doubt, be one of the largest direct action campaigns undertaken by any political party in this country. We have the equipment, we have the skilled people, and we have the expertise. Now we need you to lend your financial support to this campaign by giving as generously as you possibly can.

Give us the tools and we will do the job!

You can see what money does for political campaigns. Just look at the rise of Obama, floating on a sea of cash from the liberal elite, and unfortunately, it’s the same in this country. The plain truth is, money talks.

As you know, The British National Party has, through the years, had to scrape by financially by the seat of our pants, and that’s been a good learning experience for us all.

It’s made us careful with members’ money and as you can now see, over the last year we have been transformed by the generosity of people like you. We are now ready to take on the big boys, and believe me they won’t know what’s hit them!

We now have all the hardware we need to launch a huge truth offensive against the enemies of our country and people. But we need the funds to do it.

Here is our carefully worked out budget:

£22,000 - to print and distribute an initial run of 200,000 ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ brochures.

The research has already been done in house by our marvellous volunteers.

£45,000 - for postage. This is a lot of money but it’s by far the best way to reach the carefully selected target audience we have chosen, our young people. And remember, most of this category are floating voters who could prove vital to us in next year’s Euro election campaigning.

£ 5,500 - to staff and finance the ‘Truth Tour” using our own bought and paid for advertising lorry.

£ 6,250 - to film, edit and broadcast all of the campaign actions throughout Britain. This will be a mammoth task and would cost millions if the BBC or ITV were doing it.

The cost is kept to a minimum because most of our broadcast crews are volunteers who will give their time and expertise to make this campaign the biggest and most worrying ever to hit the Political Establishment in years!!

That is why it is absolutely vital that you lend your support to the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’. Anti-white bigotry must be challenged, exposed and defeated. That task starts now!

That’s why I implore you to send your urgent financial contribution to the BNP as we engage in this enormous offensive, the outcome of which will shape the destiny of our nation and people for years to come. I urge you to be generous. Gifts from stout-hearted patriots like you of £20, £25 and £50 have made an incredible difference to our success and will continue to do so.

Imagine, just for a moment, the impact that this major BNP direct action and media offensive will have on this country. A ray of hope would shine brightly for the proud but beleaguered British people. The banners of nationalism would be raised and flown defiantly in the face of our enemies. All this is possible if we can raise the £78,750 to finance the campaign costs.

The British National Party ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways Initiative’ will also send a clear message to the anti-white racists that, our day is now dawning, and their time is coming to an end!

Readers who want to contribute to this incredible project, the single largest mind-blowing campaign ever initiated by a pro-British party in history, can do so online by clicking here!

Telephone donations: We now have a facility for allowing supporters to make donations by telephone.

Call our Treasury team on 0871 0500 234, have your card ready and we will talk you through the quick and easy donation process. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Postal donations: Please send all cheques / POs, made payable to British National Party or British Heritage, to:

PO Box 142, Leeds, LS8 9DR



Anonymous said...

Way to go BNP!

there's gonna be an uproar - bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Muslim arsonists attack publisher of the 'Jewel of Medina' (the novel about Mohammed's pedophilic relationship with 9 year old Aisha) . The publisher is called 'Gibson Square', but its offices are actually in Lonsdale Square. Its website is down but can still be viewed by google cache.

"Three men have been arrested in north London on suspicion of terrorism. The men, aged 40, 22 and 30 have been taken to Paddington Green police station where they remain in custody.
They were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. It is thought that the men were suspected of attempting to set fire to a publishers in Islington, north London, the BBC understands.

A small fire was put out at a property in Lonsdale Square."

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Marxist Communications Workers Union (postal workers) sabotaging this mailshot campaign. The envelopes need to be of the legendary 'plain brown' variety and maybe mailed in relatively small quantities from numerous separate locations.