Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Racism Kills. Indeed it does. Us.

What chance for her future with a father living on a different planet?

Check out the above image of the young girl above. The sign in her hand reads "Racism Kills". And indeed it does. Us and people like us and perhaps one day her.

Leaving aside the fact that a child so young, should not be used as a tool in politics, it does highlight the plain stupidity of people like her father and other white liberals who think that we live in a world of pink clouds and fluffy bunnies, when in reality we are living in a hell of our own making.

The image was taken at the recent Cologne Rally against the peaceful protest of people concerned about the "Islamization" of Europe that was shamefully allowed to be disrupted and finally canceled by the violent actions of the mad marxists of europe and the fluffy bunny brigade epitomized by people like her father.

Now I have a grand daughter about the age of that poor brainwashed child. Does her father realise that a recent Sharia Law ruling makes it permissible for her to be married off at the age of nine to some paedophile goat of Islam? Is his head really that deeply buried in the sand that he has not heard the bombs of Islam exploding all over the world. Even in their own countries. (Please watch the video clip at link. What happened to the brave fire fighter?).

Brainwashed tools of the New World Order. Fed on PC pap from birth

No he does not. And what of the young "activists" in the next image. Brainwashed into thinking that they are fighting for freedom by protesting. They do not realise that they are supporting the bringing about the end of the civilised world and a future of never ending violence where their children will have little chance of surviving except as slaves? Are their minds really to dulled from being force fed politically correct pap that they are no longer able to go out and discover the truth?

"This will look great on my Facebook page. I wonder what it is all about?"

And then the brave new class warriors above. Kids who think they are fighting for freedom by denying others the right to protest about losing their culture and countries.

What would the chances of their survival be, were they to walk through one of the colonised areas of europe alone at night? Almost zero. Do they believe that their support for the enrichers would save them? Because if they do they are truly stupid but still I suppose they got the chance to dress up in black, put a mask on and go play on the streets.

It is no longer enough for the True British People to stand aside and hope that things will get better. They will not get better. Things are going to get a lot worse. Sorry, but it is true. We are going to see violence in Our Country the likes that we have never seen before.

If you care anything for your childrens future, you must stop being one of the sheep people. You must forget your old political loyalties. You must not just join the British National Party, you must become an activist and take your place in the Shieldwall or live in shame until the day you die, either of old age or at the hands of one of the invaders. Your shout.

Freedom of the press, freedom of association, the inviolability of domicile, and all the rest of the rights of man are respected so long as no one tries to use them against the privileged class. On the day they are launched against the privileged they are overthrown.


tomorrow belongs to mo said...

The first thing the Muslim fanatics did when they took over Iran was to exterminate the Marxists, trades union leaders and fellow-travelling left-wingers.

Anonymous said...

Never has the term "Useful Idiots" been more fitting and they will suffer the same fate as their misguided, ignorant predecessors.

There is an excellent post-mortem into the return of Nazi Germany, including eye-witness reports and pictures over on GoV:

Gates Of Viena

One good thing to emerge is the referral to the Antifas as "International Socialists - Internazis" which is one I intend to use to describe these scumbags from now on.

As for "Racism Kills" well yes but so does Islam and on a far greater scale.

Funny how the Internazis don't have the stomach to stand up against the bihggest killers of all isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I just can't figure these leftards out. Firstly, there's the rent-a-mob savages, and secondly the liberal left. The liberal left just have no grasp on reality, these are the ones that perplex me the most.

Anonymous said...

yes they are brainwashed; but that is the result of the Brits and Americans. After WW2 the occupation authorities systematically removed anyone who had been associated with the previous regime in even the smallest way from any position of influence in Germany and Austria. Every teacher, university professor ie opinion formers with views which were not marxist were replaced by Frankfurt school Acolytes. Over 60 % of German university teachers were removed as having 'politically incorrect' views. Thus the germans suicidal urge was sown by the allies as these marxist opinion formers now form the dominant culture in Germany and austria. This will not change until central Europe lies in ruins.

Anonymous said...

GA you made a slight error. You captioned one photo "This will look good on my facebook page"

You meant "maskbook" of course. These people aren't allowed to have faces.

Alex said...

It's not the return of nazi germany reconquista, it's the new communism.

Anonymous said...

An inspiring article. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

No difference Alex they are both products of the left with their ideologies rooted in the teachings of Marx and 19th Century American "progressives".

NASDAP = Nazional SOZIALISTISCHE Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

One of the great brainwashing tricks of the marxists is to brand Nazis as right wing. They were in fact anything but.

As even a cursory glance at the black clad Internazi thugs goaded by Gauleiter Schramma proved this weekend by bringing terror and vioence to the streets of Cologne in defence of one of the Fuehrer's pet loves, Islamofascism.

Old Adolf would be so proud of his Internazi Sturmtruppen.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Silence isn't safe. The only chance at safety is to speak up now.

Anonymous said...

Here is a victimless crime with the thought-criminal having his career ruined for daring to express un-Islamic opinions: http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/022779.php

Yet I wonder what has happened to the Muslim teacher who bullied, persecuted and punished her students for refusing to worship the Moon-demon? http://twincitiesconservative.blogspot.com/2008/07/world-net-daily-boys-punished-with.html

What are the GTC parasites (a totally unnecessary and worthless quango) doing about this psychological child-abuse? Not a lot, I expect.

watling said...

Gauleiter Schramma

I like it!