Sunday, 28 September 2008

In memory of Mother Teresa

The only earth the meek shall inherit is a mass burial grave if we do not win

Remember Mother Teresa? A thoroughly good egg who won the Nobel Peace Prize back in 79 for doing things like ministering the poor, the sick and the dying of India?

Well obviously the ungrateful Indians do not, they have just burnt down the house of the Missionaries of Charity where she lived until death took her.

In all fairness to the Hindus who torched the place, it was not personal. They are burning down lots of other Christian homes and churches. Stopping only to gang rape the Christian women and beat Christian men to death.

Showing that Hindutva, a word that you are going to get used to reading, is right up there with Islamic when it comes to reporting terrorism, is a group activity. 700 peace (cow) loving Hindus, armed with axes, swords and iron bars destroyed everything on the five acres of land occupied by the Nuns.

Nuns? No wonder they needed those weapons. However given that most Christians are now living in the jungle in that part of the world, the place was deserted and so they could only burn down the Church and buildings. Including an image of Mother Teresa that had been left behind to protect the place. Mother Teresa said before her death
"When I am dead, I will not stay in paradise, but I will walk throughout the world, wherever darkness prevails, to illuminate it with the Light that comes from the love of God".
No need to worry about light Mother, the Hindus and Moslems of the world will provide it with fires from the burning of Christian Churches around the world.

Christians in Our Country must learn from the suffering of fellow Christians in places like India, that the only earth the meek shall inherit in our land, is a mass burial grave should the BNP not prevail and end the colonisation of our land.

As long as I don't write about the government, religion, politics,
and other institutions, I am free to print anything.


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