Friday, 5 September 2008

From a tiny seed grew a mighty Oak. Walsall BNP

One day Walsall. One day

Just before arising you think, shall I or shall I not write anything today. The answer is usually yes. Then you think OK. Then what about? There are so many crimes and acts of treason being committed against the True British Public that a blogger is spoiled for choice.

Well it must obviously be about the excellent results in yesterdays Melton by-election. Then you get up, check your mail and see whats going on in the Nationalist world and you read something that changes your mind and you mentally shout. "Hold the Front Page".

Whilst Melton did not win, this time, their performance was truly excellent. No wonder the Lib/Lab/con alliance are wetting themselves with fear.
  • Labour 314
  • BNP 236 (32.5%)
  • Conservative 177
Brilliant result guys. Simply brilliant. The avalanche of support for the BNP is starting to gain momentum and eventually that avalanche called the British National Party will sweep the traitors from power and sweep the "enrichers" back to where they came from.

But now on for some other news that really inspires me and gives me increased hope for the future, because what I write about next is not an isolated incident but is happening all over Our Great Country.

Villan writes over on the Green Arrow forum the following;

Yes, Walsall finally got to have its own BNP meeting for the first time in over two years.

It all started for me the previous night when a knock on the door brought me face to face with a rather tired, cold and soaked to the skin gentleman standing on my doorstep. Looking like your run of the mill sales rep after a really bad day i was about to slam the door in his face but I am really glad i didn't
"Hello I'm Malcolm the new BNP Walsall organiser". This was music to my ears.

With the time and location confirmed he scurried off into the dark wet night to track down another member who's name and address he'd been given.

On the night of the meet I turned up feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves as to what to expect.

7.30pm came and went with just three of us sat round a table providing the kind of atmosphere you would find in a dentists waiting room but things were about to change with thirty people sat in the lounge of the pub by 8pm.

Two or three speeches were made and were well received by everyone, things were going well when Keith from Dudley BNP,who had turned up to support our first night hit us with some devastating news.

The fight to stop the Dudley super mosque is all but lost.

Despite a petition of 23,000 names the council have rubber stamped the project. Now we are not just talking about a run of the mill street corner job this is a 11,000 capacity arena with Islamic village complete with overnight living accommodation!

Shit!! This sounds more like a fortress staging post than a place of worship to me.

So that's Walsall BNP off to a start, hoping its not another two years before we get another.


Well Villan the boys in the band wish you and Walsall all the best and I personally look forward to adding your web site to the growing BNP list on the right of this page.

The government is merely a servant -- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them...


Anonymous said...

The Barrow-in-Furness result at 11% wasn't bad considering that Barrow is definitiely not typical BNP territory. It is remote from the rest of the Northern industrial towns, comparitively unenriched, has as yet a negligible Islamic presence and is very conservative with a small 'c'.

Fyrdist said...

Well done.

GA, have you a link to that final quote? I like it.
Please email me with it.
Cheers, buddy.

The Green Arrow said...

Yes F but am away from my machine with the links on. On return to it, I will then send you a couple of links. Will do it this evening.

Good Luck with the work you are doing and convey my regards to the people you are working with.

They and now you are doing a great job.