Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Who are those people over there in the corner?

Adam Lloyd (Right) at the RWB - Not the meeting?

"Oh them?. Thats the local BNP. They have their unofficial meetings here about every two weeks. Course when they have a bigger meeting they use the function room".

Hmm. Interesting. And who is the guy on the left of the big guy sat in the middle? Why its me! I have been allowed out of my cage to attend a meeting.

When reporting information I try to use the old navy procedure for reporting ship movements, What, Where, When and Whence. So here we go.

Well I have already said it was a BNP meeting and it was held in a public house in Bridgend, the other day, where, from what I gathered, the BNP are more than welcome. I will not give the name of the really nice establishment as you know what the reds are like for phoning a friend. And who can blame them? So much easier to pick up a phone then pound the streets and win the support of the people.

And thats the what, where and when bit out of the way. Now where were they going and what were their plans?

Pounding the streets and knocking on doors I was informed. And what really impressed me was the eagerness with which they wished to rush out in the rain and deliver leaflets. Us old bloggers like to fight our war in the warm and dry.

"When are we going leafleting again?" was the cry to their Organiser Adam Lloyd, who will one day make a fine Bridgend Councillor. Adam, showed them the draft of their Bridgend Patriot that is currently being printed and said that as soon as they were back, they would be hitting the bricks no matter what.

But Adam, who struck me as being the kind of man, not to miss a trick, informed them that they still had a few thousand National leaflets left. Perhaps they should push them out? Well you know the answer to that. Those leaflets are probably lying on mats right now waiting to be picked up and read by their new owners.

But how should they use their latest edition of the Patriot when it arrived? Should they try and cross the bridge and build a bridgehead on the other side of the river that divides Bridgend or should they consolidate their position in the area that they have selected for the next elections. In the end as usual, it all came down to money. It always does. Money is set aside for different purposes as you know. They simply did not have the funds to expand out of their own reclaimed area yet. But they will. I know they will.

They are also awaiting delivery of a large batch of Voice of Freedom which they intend to sell in Bridgend Town as soon as they arrive. I will be there with a camera to take some images for you to see.

And what of the people(12) at this meeting. What were they like? Well I was impressed by the range of the ages. I was most definatly the oldest and the rest appeared to be in their early 30's and 40's and all looked very capable.

And why had they joined the BNP? Well after the leaflet drop was arranged, I had a chance to talk to some of them individually.

I met Tony who by all accounts had been fighting a one man war on behalf of the environment and for old age pensioners rights. Thank you for that Tony.

Then there was Eddy, late 30's who had left his past, a pretty tough past, I might add and was fighting now for something better for his 16 year old son. I am fairly sure that given the chance and a bit of training he will make another fine councilor with his experience and knowledge of the people living on his estate.

I can tell you this Adam, if you ever drop in here and read this. The guys all spoke highly of you and the effort you put into your job as Organiser and I for one was impressed by the unity and comradeship within your group.

And the beer? Well sadly it was not that kind of meeting. I would like to say that we all got roaring drunk, sang patriotic songs, stormed the bridge and delivered a million leaflets afterwards. But we did not. I drank a couple of pints of Theakstons and that was it. The time for drinking beer is after the leaflets have been dropped.

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Elizabeth said...

You're younger than I imagined fact you're nobbut a lad.

The Green Arrow said...

I am not on there sadly. The photo I showed was of Adam, Nick and Odin at the RWB. I did not take any photos at the meeting.

English Rose said...

Oh you cheated us :D

The Green Arrow said...

Sometimes my sense of humour is not as clear to some as it is to others.

Fyrdist said...

A shame, GA -it would have been nice to put a face to this splendid barnstorming blog that the Reds are so pissed off with (which means, of course, that you are winning).

Very soon -due to the sudden proliferation on this blog of yet MORE great articles, news sources, and comments- the BNP will be using this site as its reference point and source of information!

We users demand your presence at the next RWB -BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Hat tip: British Rail -book 2 weeks beforehand and you can get a ticket for a third of the normal price. There's no excuse, mate!