Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Let's hear it for the troops

I do not know about you, but I really dislike it when smug politicians say "I make no apologies for saying again ...", so I have decided to go with this. Listen up, I will say it again. In fact I am going to say several things again and I know you guys will forgive me for being abrupt.

With hindsight, I feel I did not give enough prominence to the above video. I think a better title for it would have been a line spoken by Enoch Powell in it. "Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad". Because when you watch the video you will understand.

This is one of the best video's about the slide of Our Country to the edge of the Abyss that I have ever seen. I put this video right up there with Fitna. And already knowing the contents of Ignorance is Bliss-Part 2, that is currently in production, I can tell you this. It will be electric.

Watch the video again and then please do me a favour. I know we British are a reserved lot... and that is the way I like things personally. But sometimes we can break out and give credit where credit is due and credit is due now. So please go here and leave a comment on the clip with your thoughts. An occasional kind word keeps the troops going. Listen to the music as you write.

Whilst on the subject of videos, the straight talking Battle of Britain site is running the Canadian clip of the way they treat the remains of their fallen soldiers. Please go watch it and hang your head in shame at the way our government treats our fallen. Leave a comment.

Now one of the ways that we are starting to defeat our enemies is by our ability to diseminate information. We do it by sending links to the truth. One of those truths was today published over on the truly excellent UKTabloid site. Archer, had her article The Political Left and their Links with Paedophillia published there. An article that can now be used to inform our fellow citizens of the truth. I am proud to say that Archer is another member of the Green Arrow Forum. You should be also. Both proud and a member. Leave a comment. Let them know you apppreciate the effort they put into providing the truth for all to use.

So please, all of you. Add the links of sites and information to your email signatures. Build a mailing list of friends and work colleagues and send them the links. Get the information out. It is how we will win in the end.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could only do a little.


tomorrow belongs to mo said...

"Lance Corporal Gyanendra Rai served more than 13 years with the 7th Gurkha Rifles and was seriously wounded in the Falklands conflict. Today, lawyers for L/Cpl Rai and other Gurkhas will again be in the High Court challenging the refusal of the British Government to let them settle automatically in this country.

In some cases, they have even been refused entry; others face deportation. Every country needs an immigration policy and we have argued that Labour's has been too lax. But there comes a point where a debt of honour must be paid.

When foreign criminals are allowed to stay here because their human rights preclude their removal and we are not only unable to eject terrorist suspects but even pay them benefits, the idea that men who have fought bravely for this country should have to beg for entry is grotesque. "

Let the Gurkhas in - we may need these guys when push comes to shove!

The Green Arrow said...

I worked with the Gurkhas. If anybody has the right to settle in Our Country, they do.

Anonymous said...

quite often, when an alien species is intrduced,havoc ensues as the natural balance has been tampered with. I saw a documentary about someone in OZ who introduced some kind of toad in order to reduce the numbers of a pest that was eating a crop. The "cure" turned out to be far worse than the original ailment. Now they have a plague of these pesky toads. Bit like over here and muslim immigration. Can't see a reason for their importation though. Unless you consider voting NuLab and ruining the country a reason.

BFB said...

This video is particularly poignant to me as it shows scenes from the Brixton riots, which I witnessed at first hand (my family lived in Brixton at the time). One scene shows the Windsor Castle pub being attacked by black youths, it used to stand on the corner of Atlantic Road but was destroyed by arsonists that night.

My younger brother was charged by police for burning that pub down and stood trial at the Old Bailey.

Despite all the film footage and newspaper photo's showing that 'only black youths' had attacked the pub, my brother was found guilty of arson and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

He was the only person convicted for arson that night and received the highest sentence handed out to 'anyone' during the three days of rioting.

Despite this 'record sentence' only one newspaper reported it...the South London Press!

And they didn't even mention the fact that he is WHITE!!

I attended the trial and watched as the police LIED to prove to the nation that they are not racist by convicting a white man...

My family and I have hated the police and the MSM with a passion ever since. And that passion grows stronger with every day that passes!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. bfb, you have a right to hate and I hope that one day, you and your brother will gain some sort of retribution. What hope is there when the state turns against its own to appease the ethnic invader. That was quite some time ago and we have learned little since.