Monday, 29 September 2008

The hypocrisy of the Liberal Democrats

But if you are a Liberal Democrat we will not do a damn thing

It seems that the petitioners who objected to the appointment of the crooked Councillor Gul Nawaz as Deputy Mayor of Peterborough have failed in their bid get the Brown Clown to intervene.

Nawaz who was imprisoned for his part in a £3,000 benefit fraud back in 2002 after a very lenient sentence of just two months in jail meant that he was free to stand as a councillor on his release. The law states that three months is the minimum prison term for disqualification for the right to apply to serve.

However it is a bit rich of one the petitioners supporters, Liberal Democrat city council leader, Nick Sandford to complain by saying;
"The question was whether it was appropriate, in terms of the reputation of the council, to have someone convicted of a crime involving dishonesty appointed to such a position of responsibility."
I mean, it was one of their own Lib Dem Councillors, Arif Waghat who recieved a paltry 8 weeks suspended sentence after also committing benefit fraud to the same amount. In fact they did not even suspend him from their party prior to his trial. Then again he was the Deputy Leader of their party in their area.

The following is from a Liberal Democrat site on the subject of benefit fraud.
"The Courts do not take benefit fraud lightly and neither do we. We must ensure money goes where it is intended - to genuine claimants. And I urge anyone who suspects fraud to contact us without delay. All calls will be treated in strict confidence. Our investigators have a good track record in bringing the fraudsters to justice and their efforts will continue without let-up."
Remember, this only applies if the thieves are not Liberal Democrat Councillors.


Anonymous said...

Liberals seem to think it is their role in life to redistribute the wealth that their capitalist enemies produce. Therefore they see nothing immoral in benefit fraud. Some would think it is their duty.

Anonymous said...

Green just letting you know that we appreciate your work, and your posts are of the highest order. I am still in the fight albeit in a different way now, maybe we can do a pincer movement on these Marxist fools who want to destroy Britain while using Islam as its sword.

Keep up the good work.

PPs have you seen or heard anything from BNP Scotland things seem to have gone quiet. I heard that most of the arguments etc north of the border have been resolved, and all hands are now back on the nationalist tiller, although for obvious reasons not all with the BNP. But all parties are working to achieve the same goal and have vowed to not let the Marxists cause a split.

They now face a united front, and the shieldwall is back up to full capacity. The only one missing is G Raikes, he seems to have vanished. But he should be back soon.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 1624,

I am glad to hear the situation is improving in Scotland. Our kinsmen there, have in my opinion one of the toughest jobs on their hands in the entire nationalist movement.

The Shieldwall needs every single true Brit in it. Be they man, woman or boy.

Our differences must be cast aside and old arguments forgotten and forgiven.

Good Luck.
I hope you are well.

ivan said...

birmingham comes to mind aston and bordesley green wards.if you are a LIB DEM then you are exempt from fraud.banana republic one judge described it and this year they used the new somali community in aston to wake up their voters ?