Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Proof of anti BNP collusion

We all know that the NUJ are in collusion with their political masters to ensure that nothing is printed at either a national or local level that might give positive publicity to the British National Party but it is always nice to have confirmation.

Evidence of this can be seen on page 40 of a document published by the Department of Communities and Local Government. In short Central Government. All local authorities have these insidious groups embedded within them as part of the infrastructure that controls the sheep people in the form of unaccountable and politically correct quangos which we the sheep pay for.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Tameside holds regular meetings with local newspaper editors to gather information and stop sensationalist reporting which might otherwise start or add to rising tensions, e.g. in response to a Kick Racism out of Football campaign, an extremist political group wanted to picket a local football stadium. A local newspaper was going to print the story on its front page – an action that was likely to bring unwanted publicity to the picket and fuel rising community tensions. The intervention of the Community Cohesion Partnership prevented the story from being run and in the event no-one turned out for the picket.
By "extremist political group", they usually mean, British National Party. One wonders how long this document will be available before they realise that they have provided the resistance with another nail in the coffin of the Lib/Lab/con alliance and remove it.

Too late. We have it. And we will use it to show the True British People the nature of the creatures that rules over them. We will not have freedom until we have a government of the people in the form of the British National Party.

Hat tip:AshtonScout, SF

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Anonymous said...

Common Purpose criminals by any chance?

johnofgwent said...

Having grabbed and read the document, and in particular paragraphs 57-59, I call upon one volunteer in each area to make a request under the Freedom Of Information Act to request the name of the person identified at the top of the tree.

When we find there isn't a single white name anywhere near the top of the tree, we should shout it from the rooftops.

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for that JOG. As usual you have stimulated my little grey cells and have given me an idea that I will be acting on.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Time is running out for those who seek to manipulate, deny or hide the truth.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

We, The BNP, seem to be passing through the second stage of the three phases right now.
Though the road may be long and weary, keep right on to the end, we will win. There is no doubt


Anonymous said...

Just had a quick squint at the document. They'll rue the day that got out to the public domain!

"When at first we practice to decieve, what a tangled web we weave." Burns.

How true.


tonydj said...

There is one valuble lesson to learn from the discovery of this document...THEY are not infallable, THEY make mistakes.

How WE explot this fallability is up to us, but from my experience it requires optimism and practise and above all else PATIENCE. The patience to spend hours wading through cuttings and library archives to prove the marxist past of a moderate new councillor, or spending hours at the keyboard tracking down the links between a charity and a muslim political group.

It is not easy, but it MUST be done!

Happy Hunting!