Sunday, 21 September 2008

Little by Little the breakup of The Union continues ...

Rip a bit off and hand it to paddy, now another bit for dai, and another for jock, and pretty soon all that's left are the tory voters of middle england ....

by john of gwent

How many times in the last (say) two or three years have you heard a major news item regarding some new government policy be announced as if it applied to all and sundry and then the news announcer adds the words 'in england' as an afterthought.

As I sit here west of offas dyke I can park my car for free in HNS hospitals except the ones where long term contracts were outsourced in dodgy deals (i.e. most of the ones that matter to anyone needing medical help in a hurry) and I can get free prescriptions. I don't know exactly what my kid will be charged for going to university but I suspect it is less than someone who lives east of the ancient border control point.

Similarly those north of Hadrian's wall have a different set of rules again. And if Alex Salmand gets his way, those who live there are about to be slapped with a local income tax on top of gordon's highway robbery, to replace council tax., but at what cost I wonder. And cross-border alchohol smuggling to cater for the 18-21 year old banned from the supermarket shelf is about to become big business too.

So as I sit hear this morning and decide to peruse the BBC News website to see what cover story they are running today to disguise the fact that Gordon Brown is a dead man who hasn't used to lying down yet, what do I find but another nail in the united kingdom's coffin.

Gordon, it seems, has hit upon the need to be "family-friendly" and bring in "free childcare" in the form of a guaranteed free nursery place for every two year old. At the moment the statement on the BBC website makes it clear this is nothing more than an 'aspiration' (also known as a wizard wheeze to keep Brown's arse intact) but rest assured if he ever does get round to rolling it out, the famous two word afterthought will be added.

For Gordon has inherited from his former boss a country riven with strife both in its people and in the land that used to be able to stand united against a common enemy in more than just name.

North of Hadrians wall, the place is run by people determined to see a new European State called Scotland take its place at the Brussels gravy Train.

West of Offas Dyke the party of road sign defacers and cottage burners welcome with open arms the islamist intent on establishing within the arrogantly titled 'party of wales' a family dynasty.

And who can forget the day after Gordon Brown's hapless replacement at number 11, handed the poison chalice of Gordon's 10 per cent tax rate abolition and then forced to waste billions tinkering with the tax system to put it back without actually putting it back, delivered his first budget, Gordon found himself on the train to Brussels to plead to be allowed to reduce our VAT rate on certain goods. And was roundly told by the euro-bureaucrats to piss off.

And all that less than a week after some spokesdivot for his party of clingers-on to the trappings of power told us all we would retain our financial sovereignty even after the Lisbon Treaty was signed and ratified by the treacherous vermin.

But beware the advances of the stalinist state indoctrination fetishist in atruistic clothing. For the days when a nursery was a welcoming, friendly place for your little bundle of joy to play and learn to socialise with other kids, to come home beaming yet plastered in poster paint, their grubby hands keeping a death grip on their latest art masterwork (some of which, to be fair, looked far better than the crap in the galleries charles saatchi frequented), the sort of place we found for our youngest fifteen years ago to give Mrs JoG the chance to sort out the company books once a week, are long gone.

These days the nursery, and more particularly the state-run nursery is the factory of indoctrination for our children. It is the place they will be prepared for their primary school years in which they will be required to challenge their sexual orientation, according to the "School's Out" and "No Outsiders" "educational programmes"

Beware a politician about to go the way of a dodo bearing gifts.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to see the UK break up, but if meant the permanent end of Nulab in England it would be a good trade off.

once proud englishman said...

good article john.the only thing i think mcbrown has left up his sleave for the dhimmi english is to give us st.georges day as a national holiday to whoo the vote next time round.well wake up ENGLAND you have been and are being sucked dry,dont be fooled any longer