Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Man who would be King

It takes courage to become a King

I do not usually like to write about the internal affairs of the British National Party but a couple of stories have come to my attention that I think need to be thought about by those who volunteer to serve their country as BNP Candidates and Councillors.

The first story concerns former BNP councillor Colin Auty who resigned from the party in July. Colin exercised his democratic right to make a challenge to become Leader of the BNP but withdrew after receiving little or no support from the members.

Colin who is by all accounts a decent enough chap, was in my opinion duped by others with a different agenda. But that is just my opinion. But Colin resigned not only from the BNP but also then resigned from the Council he had been elected to.

Now you could say that this was a betrayal of the people who had elected him and he should have continued to serve until the next by-election and that would be a fair point. But he has resigned and there will be a new by-election. To me that is the decent thing to do.

But let us consider the reasons for his resignation from both party and council. I think that this is not just a case of someone being disillusioned with the BNP. This I suspects is more to do with fear. Whether fear for himself or fear for his family I do not know. Perhaps both.
Mr Auty describes himself as a "moderate," but has said his decision to resign the seat stemmed from the way people in Kirklees have treated him over his far-right activism.

He has said: "I can't get involved in projects because of my BNP badge. I get shot down by the establishment. I have met some nice people but they can't afford to be seen standing by my side."

He added that his wife had had a "rough time" for being married to a BNP councillor.
I wonder if those "nice people" are anything like those highlighted on our Liars, Buggers and Thieves site. You will not find the real nice people of the BNP listed there, that is for sure.

Now let us turn to the second story that has made me think about what it takes to be not just a British National Party candidate or councillor but even an activist selling papers on the street.

The rag Sun Newspaper has written that they have "exposed" the daughter of former Eastenders actor Mike Reid as being an activist in the British National Party. Although how much exposing is required of someone who had announced publicly their intention to stand as a BNP candidate in a council by-election is beyond me.
The BNP had hailed her as “an excellent candidate with a lot to say about where this country is going wrong”.

But just hours after the party’s tribute her husband Kenneth Gamble confirmed: “She has cancelled her candidacy because she’s Mike Reid’s daughter.”

He added on the doorstep of their Braintree home: “She’s worried people would call her a Nazi — and slag her off.”
But Simon Darby, deputy leader of the British National Party explains the real reasons for Angela Reid withdrawing her name from the list of candidates for the by-election that is to be held in Witham West in October.
Simon Darby, deputy leader of the British National Party, denied this was the case and she was still a paid up member of the British National Party.

He said: “It's got nothing to do with politics, she is adamant about that. She is still a member and still agrees with everything we stand for, it's personal circumstances, family circumstances that have come up.

She feels she is not capable of taking on the extra responsibility being a councillor entails. It is really bad timing.

She is very apologetic but there is no need for her to be, there are always things you do not have control over.

I've just come off the phone to her and she is adamant that she's committed to the party's platform, it's not a question of politics.

She is angry about a lot of things people are - overcrowding in this country, the country being run by a European federalist government, the amount of tax we have to pay, the fact the economy is taking a nosedive and the amount of crime.
Now obviously I do not know the precise reasons why Angela pulled out but again, I wonder if it is to do with fear. Fear for her late fathers reputation, fear again for herself and family. Or fear at what some of her family might think.

Either way, she has withdrawn her name and deprived the people in the area who wished to support the BNP a vote in the forthcoming by-election. She withdrew right at the last moment before the deadline for pulling out. Now it is too late for the BNP to enter another candidate in her place. This to me is shameful but I am sure the lesson has been learned by the Party we all support. Candidate selection must be tightened up.

Nick Griffin in his closing speech at the RWB, spoke about fear. Fear is natural, it is good. It keeps you alert to danger. But only if you can control it. Otherwise it will eat at you and eventually destroy you and your ability to function.

The Leader of the BNP has said himself that he is not immune to it. He worries sometimes when he is alone and pulls up at a service station and a gang of men get out of car behind him. And he is a man with a real reason for being fearful. Our enemies know that he is the biggest threat to them they have ever faced. But he has learned to control his fear as have I. Serving in Northern Ireland at least gave me something, the ability to control fear and still do my duty.

So I end this post by asking all those who think about putting themselves forward as candidates and officials of the BNP to really think about what they are doing and what they might face in the future. The BNP needs True Brits with the courage and moral fibre who can also control their fear and lead from the front. Not everyone is able to do that and no supporter or member of the BNP should think any less of those who do not. I do not and neither should you.

With regards to the rag Sun, do not buy it. Do not finance our enemies. The fact that for some wierd reason of their own, they show a photo of the fascist General Franco in their article because Mr Reid died in Spain reveals what a duplictious bunch of rats they really are.

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Anonymous said...

Scary times for freedom, though pleasing because so many people, even if not BNP supporters, are becoming well aware of what is going on. The problem the BNP faces is that through continual brainwashing the British public have become deeply subdued into accepting the inevitable, and choose perhaps for fear of repercussion, to turn a blind eye, even if they know that eventually this failure to act may cost them dearly. The most promising developments are happenning overseas, which may just be the precursor to the Brits becoming more confident about their own future. Both Italy and Spain have taken dramatic reversals in the way they deal with illegal immigration, with many other European countries now realising they too have a problem. And as this is now becoming a time of growth and realisation for the white races, so too the enemies of those white races will double their efforts to destroy their will to fight. I do believe that it will come down eventually to either the destruction of those who have sold us out, or they will destroy the BNP and any voices that dissent. Maybe that is why some BNP candidates are coming to understand the stakes involved here, but we must also remember that if they throw in the towel now, then those forces of evil will probably still come and get them at a later date, and likewise should the BNP win then they must never stop chasing those who comitted treason until they have been tried and punished accordingly. As a single man I have nothing to lose, though those with children have tough decisions to make, although the vision of the future should sanity not return to these isles is one I wouldnt want any of our kids facing. Tagged, watched and becoming increasingly subservient to the state through school brainwashing, and as adults being at best second class citizens who will be discriminated against throughout their working lives, afraid to walk once quiet streets in case of being attacked by increasingly confident and aggresive immigrant gangs, with no support from either the police or judiciary, and not even allowed the benefit of being reported by the media, I would say there is little choice but to fight on. As a nation, nay as a civilisation, our collective backs are against the wall, time to aim some well placed kicks at the enemy's groin!.

johnofgwent said...

I popped over to Simon Darby's blog and read of his interview on the BBC Asian Network. It was quite interesting.

First up before Simon gets on air is a woman who admits there is a serious problem with "long standing british resident" asian families having a racist hatred of newcomer somalis.

Second up is a man who admits his brother is able to get building and plumbing work done much cheaper thanks to polish immigrants to britain.

And star prize goes to a resident of Morecombe who even Yasmin has to chide. She sais she can't believe the programme is even giving airtime to the fash scum, and when yasmin points out the BNP are a properly constitued political party, she says "well I expect the same was true of hitler".

Not quite. Hitler, after all, stole the british idea of a concentration camp, invented by the british in the boer war, and used it to house all his political opponents. Something to this day the Chief Rabbi is uncomfortable admitting, as it removes the claim of the uniqueness of their presecution.

But this woman went on to show just how priceless an asset she could be. Saying her grandad was irish and therefore she would be repatriated (er,i think you'll find that was TORY policy as simon points out) she then goes on to trot out the "we are a mongrel race" argument, and lists ALL the "invaders" who have contributed to that.

A list she could have read from the BNP Manifesto defining the very people the party specify as indigenous.

PLEASE go to the BBC listen again page and listen to simon's interview, and in particular stick around for this woman at about 9:52. She is a genuine treasure and should be offered free party membership.

Fyrdist said...

F.A.O. the first "Annon" comment: I really do hope that is not the scare tactics employed by the Left of the supposed "nationalist" being so terrified as to breaking links with his brethren?

I do not doubt you, but I must confess that I have seen so many comments like that during my time in the movement that I can almost pre-ordain the script.

It always seems to be the unfortunate suffering "nationalist" that has his "family turn against him". A tale like this upsets those involved in the struggle and it deters a hell of a lot more from becoming involved. "What will my family think of me if I get involved?!"


Red corruption; article number one on their shit sheet: disturb prospective members/candidates.

As I said, mate, I don't doubt you. If your daughter really is turning against you then that is, I'm afraid, HER PROBLEM. Who would rightly turn their back on a family member because of a different political leaning?

On a final note, please think of the extended family you have: the nationalist community that will be with you thought thick and thin -right to the end. Yes, the very same people that will be at the front-line rather than in the background (with the Reds, traitors, students, and gullible kids that spout the poison of "equality".

"Equality is the search for the lowest common denominator" -David Lane (R.I.P).