Monday, 15 September 2008

Do the Lib Dems want ID Cards, or Not ?

The lib dem website says id cards are "expensive, intrusive and ineffective"

But their health spokesman says he wants people to carry just such a card to 'swipe in' at the local gym to collect tax breaks as they puff and pant.

by john of gwent

Friends, Britons, Countrymen, lend me your ears. Spare me a few moments of your busy lives while I reveal to you the latest bit of back-pedalling that hasn't yet even become obvious to the hacks covering Clegg the Unknown's little junket.

If you were to pop over to here you would think the liberal democrats are dead against the Labour Party's ID card scheme as an 'expensive, intrusive and ineffective' waste of money. Well that is, after all, what the campaign waged by the Liberal Democrats says on their own website.

But do I smell a change blowing in the wind ?

On the BBC News website I have found details of a plan to bring in "tax breaks for healthy people". I quote the following extracts from the bbc news page:-

"People should be given income tax breaks for living healthy lifestyles, the Liberal Democrats have said. Health spokesman Norman Lamb said 'points' should be awarded to those who attend regular cancer screenings and take part in physical activities. You could, for instance, have a card which you swipe whenever you take part in regular screenings or when you take part in physical exercise. The scheme would work under Lib Dem plans to introduce a local income tax to replace council tax,"

A breath of fresh air ? Or a puff of stale sweat ? Or is it just the methane generated by the bacteria left to digest this particularly large pile of bullshit masquerading as a lib dem health policy.

Because where, pray, would Mr Lamb find such a card readily available, that will readily identify you in a way acceptable to the tax authorities ? Hey wait a minute, those awfully nice labour party chaps and chapesses might just have something fitting the bill in a plastic bag kicked under the desk charles clarke used to sit at.

I think someone should make mr Lamb aware of his own party policy.


Anonymous said...

The lib dems are the chameleons of politics. When up against strong tory support, they are right of centre,in labour heartlands the opposite is true, just a bunch of slags really.
someone should sue them under the trades description act,apart from their attitude to drugs and homosexuality, they are neither liberal or democratic.

odin said...

Good info JoG

Anonymous said...

I confess I could not resist.

Late last night I e-mailed Mike German, regional assembly member for my welsh assembly constituency, asking him as the only elected liberal democrat politician I can approach as a constituent "why mr lamb was apparently violating the party stance on idcards, or is this today's U turn to go with yesterday's on taxation"

I also asked him why Lembit Opik's segway was not siezed and crushed as happens to any equally illegal mini-moto ridden on the road or pavement and whether the lack of such action heralds a return to 'one law for MP's and another for the rest of society'

I wonder what he will say.

I'm not holding my breath.