Thursday, 11 September 2008

Richard Barnbrook BNP throws down gauntlet

In this video diary of London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook, taken just after Mayor's Question Time on 10 Sep 08, ends by throwing down a Gauntlet to the Mayor.

The video is only 6 minutes long but it is packed with information that the people of London should know about the Notting Hill Riot Carnival and Turkish Boris's pathetic response.

Six million pounds, to bring in extra police. Over 400 arrests for a range of crimes and two months now to clear up the mess. A cost that is too high and unfair on the taxpayers of London.

He asks why the colonisers are allowed to get away with this Carnival of Terror that we all pay for and makes comparison to St Georges Parades where there are few if any arrests and costs the rate payers nothing.

Of course these kind of questions do not interest Boris. He wants to know about which way the buses will bend. Wake up Boris. London is burning. If we do not stop this event there will eventually be no sites for tourists to visit. They will have been burned to the grounds by the Carnival goers.

Any now watch the video and learn how they attempt to silence Richard in his work as the terrier down the rat hole of City Hall. Watch the end where Richard throws down the gauntlet to the Mayor?

A footnote now on a post made yesterday about a meeting I attended. Some people were confused by the image which showed the Bridgend Organiser with two other people. Do not ask me how but some people thought it was the meeting itself and included a photo of myself! It was not. It was taken at theRWB.

In the post I, with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, wondered who the guy in the middle of the photo was. It was of course Nick Griffin, the Leader of the BNP. I shall have to watch my sense of humour. It obviously upsets some people.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder the GLA election results were tampered with, it wouldnt have been so easy to sidetrack two or maybe three BNP memebrs now would it?. And honestly, what on earth did you expect from the young Turk?