Sunday, 14 September 2008

Richard Barnbrook, BNP Vrs The Rats of City Hall

Now I apologise for the poor sound quality of this video but I ask, no beg you, to persevere and watch and listen to it in its entirety. Put on headphones and put the sound up as high as possible if necessary but watch it no matter what.

In the clip, Richard Barnbrook raises serious issues about the violence and disruption that took place during the Notting Hell Carnival of Mayhem. Watch in disbelief as you see the response from the odious Turkish Boris and his disgusting display of flushing a toilet when asked by Richard to answer questions about the cost of this burden on London ratepayers.

Now the reason you will only hear Richards voice, is made clear at the start of his question, when the overpaid and clearly overfed enricher of Our Country, chairing the meeting informs him that the cameras will be turned off unless he removes his Mothers Against Knifes T-Shirt. Listen to her pathetic reasons why he should not wear it.

You will rage at the response of the Mayor of London revealing his complete lack of ability and respect for the position he occupies and you will, I guarantee you, have your resolve stiffened to overthrow the rodents of City Hall as you hear their laughter, which is their response to the serious questions raised by a real hero. Richard Barnbrook, BNP.


Fyrdist said...

Will some sharp-eyed research guru please supply the documented minutes of this meeting and possibly a better copy of this clip.

Laughing and applause at the puerile joviality of Boris as he effectively pours opprobrium on the hole issue the Notting Hell Criminal’s shindig.

What utter contempt asinine Boris has for our police force and for the courage, determination and injuries sustained in combating the state-sanctioned onslaught on them by hundreds of drug-addled immigrants.

This outrageous clip needs to be widely distributed.

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Redeploying the jobsworths and council parasites would remove any justification for immigration:

English Rose said...

It's like Boris is incompetent to listen to what Richard has to say, he is instead looking for favour from the rest of the idiots.
What Richard said makes sense and Boris is an old fool.

johnofgwent said...

fyrdist. Navigate to here

You can find the archived webcast here

The first THIRTY EIGHT MINUTES of this are a robotic voice telling you this is "GLA Calling".

johnofgwent said...

A quick follow up.

You should listen to that broadcast. it is painful, but you get the full appreciation of this arrogant bitch who rides roughshod over all and sundry.

Peter said...

I have to say I watched about an hour of the proceedings including Richards questions to Mayor Doris.

I was also left bewildered at the total lack of respect by Boris at Richard's very serious question, especially shocked by the illustration of the toilet being flushed by him (Boris). I only hope at the next elections we can get two GLA members on this panel.

Richard you are doing a fine job.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I suppose it would have been optimistic to expect any better from such people, however, the shocking thing is that the facts which Richard was stating never really made it into the press.

I would bet that most people have no idea that there was any trouble at the carnival.

Anonymous said...

I've said it more than once, and I will say it once again, this is why the GLA election votes were "massaged"(over 600,000 spoiled votes??????). The dark shadowy ones behind the scenes knew it would be just too much for the increasingly aware public to accept if they stopped any BNP win, hence they allowed Barnbrook. But they also gambled on being able to "control" and exclude one voice. Now would it have been so easy for them to contain two or three BNP voices?, of course not, and that is why the ballot boxes were opened before the count actually took place.

Fyrdist said...

Jonofgewnt: thanks very mush for the info.

In response to "annon" at 15:25: of course the Establishment rigged the votes of the GLA election. I'm surprised at how quite the BNP have been about the whole scandal. They should have at least sent a deputation to the United Nations and asked for election monitors next time.

This whole sorry episode of the corrupt and tyrannical Establishment begs the question...


Their allegiance lies to Queen, country and The People -NOT, repeat, NOT to the entity of the state -and especially NOT to this illegitimate state.

Hmm, "illegitimate" must mean that this state is illegal, that it has no mandate from the people and is thus contravening U.N. directives and International Law?

Yes, that is the case. (Any arguments against my observation?) No? Thought not. “Illegitimate state” is FACT –I know it, you know it, the Establishment knows it (the latter having to keep a lid on the fact so that The People don’t awake to the fact). But they will, one day, wake up and wise up in equal measure –when they’re out of work, desperate, bored and with nothing else to do other than think, observe and witness the mendacious world around them that has supplied not for their enjoyment but for their gluttonous consumption.

“Illegitimate state”?

Food for thoughts, SOLDIERS.

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson just put his name on the list for the Great Reckoning.

The Green Arrow said...


We must obtain a better copy of this clip. Especially when Boris gives his response.

Boris thinks he is a comedian. But he is a fool but even a fool must one day pay for their mistakes and Boris will pay.

As Anon 1y:20 said. He has put his name down on the list for the Great Reckoning.

johnofgwent said...

GA, F. I AM working on it, but it will take a while.

Former SF user said...

GA, why is your account disabled on SF?

The Green Arrow said...

Former sf user:

My account has been disabled on SF Britain by an American Mod, for a week because of my vigorous defence of the British National Party and its Leader Nick Griffin against attacks by dinosaurs and red state agents.

No doubt I shall return and no doubt I shall be thrown in the cooler again.

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Is this how we must now live?

Anonymous said...

Anon said;
I've said it more than once, and I will say it once again, this is why the GLA election votes were "massaged"(over 600,000 spoiled votes??????).

What do you think happened in Scotland with the ballot paper "mix up"?
The BNP votes were obviously a terrible shock to the ones who make decisions for us.

former sf user said...

Thanks for the update GA. Sadly SF has gone to the dogs and many posters on the UK section are Red trolls. Keep up the good work.