Saturday, 20 September 2008

Christians have moral duty to support the BNP

Strange isn't it, that the Bishop of Stafford felt the urge to call on people of good will to stand up and speak out against the British National Party when there are events happening in the Christian world, that one would of thought to have been of more concern to a so called Leader of the Christian faith.

“Christians in particular have a moral duty to oppose the BNP because the Bible explicitly commands us to love the stranger and reverence the alien. We need more outsiders, not less: more skilled workers, more nurses, more office cleaners, and above all more people who bring energy and vision and a willingness to work hard.
Perhaps if he and other Christian Leaders did not utter such rubbish, the Churches would not be empty. What Christian in his right mind is going to go and listen to a fool call for their cultural and physical suicide? Not this one for sure.

But what a guy, he as "arranged" for a Church to be "open" from 8.30 am to 11.15 am today, for a silent prayer vigil for peace and reconciliation. Silent, I should imagine because he will be there on his own. Even Flash Gordon had more time to save the Universe.

Perhaps during these pathetic couple of hours he might like to think about what is going on in the eastern state of Orissa in India, where 22,000 Christians have been forced to live in refugee camps after 20 of the their Churches have been burned to the ground by Hindu's in the last few days. God only knows how many have been murdered.

Also let us have no more nonsense that it is only Islam that has crazed followers. Some races are just more crazy and excitable than others. Leave them in their own lands to slaughter each other. Do not let them fetch their wars and their ways to Our Country.

So we can see, that it is not just the Judiciary and politicians that are going to have to be replaced by a future British National Party government. So to are the simpletons of the Church who have betrayed the Christian faith and its followers by leading them like lambs to the slaughter.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Someone should remind this "Christian Leader" that when India was partitioned to form east and west Pakistan which later became Pakistan and Bangladesh, over a million people were killed with the utmost brutality as whole swathes of people moved about the vast country. Muslim, Hindu and Sikh took the opportunity to settle old scores. Hatred ruled.

People who had lived in the same villages,the same dingy streets,in what, for them, passed as harmony, turned against each other and slaughtered, raped, pillaged and burned in an orgy of hatred. Trains pulled into railway stations carrying not a living soul, just corpsesof men women and children, piled high in carriages running with blood. Hindu who had been unfortunate enough to marry Muslim were parted and children seperated from parent.

In such volatile circimstances did India gain its independance and Pakistan came into being. They had insisted on the creation of an Islamic nation. They got it. And ever since they have sent their teeming hordes to colonise the west and bring terror and drugs to what had been stable communities.

Come up to date and look to the Sudan and see the genocide which is still being carried out as the Islamic rulers of the Sudan, in the name of Allah,(pbuh!!) persecute the southern Christians, black people mostly, killing, maiming and incredibly for this day and age, taking them into slavery. Women and children especially. One must shudder to think of the abuse in store for such boys and girls of tender age at the perverted hands and organs of these followers of the paederast. Better Christians than the rulers of the Chirch of England fight on their behalf and follow the gospels more closely than our Bishops and Archbishops, clothed in silk and ornamented with gold and speeking a false prophesy. If/when the Christ ever returns to walk our green and pleasant land I should imagine that these hypocrites would be the first to be thrown out of the temples and great cathedrals and condemned for all they have done to his religion.

The churches are empty, used only for services to celebrate marriage, Christening and mourn at bereavement and then the people who attend go their way to worship and believe in their own way, never setting foot in the place again unless for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas or Harvest festival.

Is it any wonder? When cretins like this fool open a church on the very day we mourn a victim of Islam. A victim of our nations culture of appeasement. A victim of our policy of encouragement for the followers of an alien cult whose aims and customs and violence are abhorrent to the British people and the British way of life.

Our governments for the past fifty years have busied themselves with the problems of northern Ireland. And at the same time they have been engaged in setting up conditions for worse problems, worse violence then ever that unfortunate province witnessed even at the height of the terrible troubles. It is now almost inevitable that we will see ever increasing violence, ever increasing racial intolerence and conflict. And as the demographic count swings ever against our native, white population then, increasingly, we will become the victim in what should be our own country. There is only one solution to it all. There is only one way to turn back the tide. We must, in greatly increasing numbers, support the BNP until we are strong enough to come to power. It had better be soon. Either way, if we rule, or Islam triumphs, the leaders of the Christian Churches will have to wake up and start to watch over their flock, not the wolves who encircle it.

Enoch Powell wrote of seeming to see the Tiber foaming with much blood. We have already seen and are seeing the streets of our country run with the blood of racial attacks upon white people.
There may be much more yet to come if we follow the teachings of the Church of England under its present lefty leaders.

Anonymous said...

All those nice verses in the Bible about loving your enemey etc were written long before the sick cult of islam was spawned.

Anonymous said...

Instead of listening to spineless pious cretins, I'd rather listen to someone with honour and courage:

Geert Wilders Shocks Dutch Parliament

Possibly one of the most important nationalist speeches ever, Wilders pulls no punches and reveals the harsh truth about how mass immgration and political corruption is destroying the Netherlands. It is absolutely brilliant GA, Wilders is an inspiration to all nationalists.

So pissed off were the marxists that Dutch TV had to pull the live braodcast. They really cannot bare to hear the truth about what they are.


Anonymous said...

Contender for the greatest speech ever?

Anonymous said...


Possibly, certainly a contender for the greatest nationalist speech in the last 40 odd years and it's up there with Enoch Powell's visionary "rivers of blood" speech from 1968.

It is so important because it was delivered in parliament and accuses outright an elected government of ignoring the will of its people and deliberately destroying their own nation whilst feathering their own nests as they do. It also accuses in the same direct manner Muslims of intending to colonise the nation and dismantle the Dutch monarchy.

Magnificent doesn't do it justice IMHO.


Anonymous said...

How dare this man determine what is right and wrong for his ever decreasing "flock". How did the church allow itself to get infiltrated by Common Purpose traitors?, especially as he is so ill informed as to state the BNP blame every foreigner for the country's ills, which is quite untrue, as a quick visit to the BNP site will show. The BNP blame dhimmi politicians and cultural/civil leaders who should be setting an example and putting their own people first. You know I recall so many old horror films where the priest becomes "possesed", and does the Bible not quote to be on the lookout for false prophets?. What else is this man but an enemy of what is decent and good. Pity (but not surprising)that there isnt a comment box so I could tell this Judas where his duties lie.

kumbaya said...

Salvation is at hand!
Fear ye not, for the blessed Saint Tony hath this very day commenced upon his religious ministry. Oh inexpressible joy!

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

PC Christianity: Do what makes you feel good whatever you feel at the time in a big kumbaya party, and when you break Britain, God owns it.

Real Christianity: You are morally responsible for going along with a policy like immigration that destroys what is good. You have an active obligation to speak out even though its unpopular at the time for immigration to be stopped completely to save what has been built.

cadmar said...

Geert Wilders is a hero, when all this is over and we have won a victory of common sense and decency we ought to honour this man for he has put his head way above the parapet to become a target of not only islam but some of his own misguided people and for that deserves recognition.