Sunday, 21 September 2008

A sign of things to come?

How long before we see atrocities like this in Britain and across Europe? The hate is here, the people are here, and as we have seen, they are trying to do it.

Governments across Europe welcome to their countries people who are sworn to our destruction, and yet any attempts to object are suppressed, I am reminded of the quotation, those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

Sarah Maid of Albion


Anonymous said...

Sarah, the people who carry out these atrocities are, I feel, themselves victims of their own hate toward the Christian or non islamic that pulses out into the world with every breath and heart beat from their radical religious leaders and manifest in such horrors as we see in your picture and post links.

Our leaders too, are, to my mind, like rabbits and hares blinded and frozen in the headlights of a car and await their doom unable to comprehend their imminent demise.

The only problem is that our leaders are taking us with them in their blind journey to oblivion.
They too are blinded and frozen but the difference between our leaders and the rabbit is that they know the dangers, the fate, that awaits them and us, but they can not comprehend taking action to avoid or stop the danger in its tracks.
Inaction, I think, is due in part to there being no backbone for a fight to stop these mad bombers in their tracks by simply refusing to allow the radical preachers to be here spouting their evil words. No courage to simply to round them up and send back from whence they came.

Thank fully we have the BNP which has the BACKBONE and NO FEAR in being able to face and deal with these very real dangers that face us all.

If anyone out there reading GA's blog posters and comments and is yet undecided about supporting or joining the BNP but is fearful for the future of this country for their children, and theirs, then let me just say you are amongst like minded people, friends who have the backbone and no fear to deal with the threats we face. But we will deal with it through the ballot box, therefore we need you to support us to to put an end to the madness.


Anonymous said...

"I HAVE BEEN MADE VICTORIOUS THROUGH TERROR" - Mohammed the robber, rapist, torturer, mutilator, mass-murderer, paedophile, and the 'perfect man' to serve as a model for correct behaviour for all Muslims for all time.

Yes it will happen here more and more frequently until the root cause of the problem is removed.