Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Goodbye England

Another good video with some interesting information for you to think about right from the start. But the game is not over yet. We can still reclaim England and the rest of Great Britain for its rightful owners if we have the will power and the spirit to resist.

And we resist by joining together under the banner of the British National Party. If we do not then we will be picked off piecemeal until eventually we are gone from the face of this earth and not even our memory will be allowed to exist.


Anonymous said...

Pat Condell's latest http://blip.tv/play/AcrjMoLpcQ

kevin edwards said...

Hi Guys.
Have a look at our blog www.westwalesbnp.blogspot.com
Is there any chance that you could put our main runnning story on your site "Child Kidnapped mammy please help me."

We are getting a fantastic response from down here and feel sure that this type of thing is widespread throughout the UK.


Councillor Kevin Edwards

Organiser West Wales BNP

britnat said...

All too late I fear

Anonymous said...

Can I please bring to your attention a blog on wordpress that nobody goes too because nobody knows about it.
It seems to be really on the ball on subjects concerning Britain.....


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

You should add a music category or two so people can find these. Who is doing it?

rocket said...

please back kevin on this one ,the child kidnap story is a national issue. who,s child will be stolen next????

Anonymous said...

where has the page gone with the issue of child kidnapped .i believe that a court order has been taken out against the bnp,by port talbot council to hide any evidence!!! very sad. what are they hiding from.