Thursday, 18 September 2008

The not so local petitioner and the BNP

Steve Bush - not so local

In Mob rule in Devon, I wrote about a "group" of people that were calling for the "removal" of the British National Party and in particular, BNP Councillor Colin Fribbens from their village and who had organised a petition calling for the same. Obviously they are not aware of how democracy works.

Since then a bit more information as come to light and as usual it ends with tears for the "we would rather fist then fight elections" brigade of the UAF. The news story also appears to have been "updated".

The organiser of the petition is named as one Steve Bush of Tiverton, which for those with a basic understanding of geography, certainly does not make him a "local" to Broadclyst where the BNP Councillor is local, but gobshite still had this to say;
"We have set up a group against the BNP and we have lots of people joining it. So far, there has been very little support for the BNP and in particular young people have been queuing up to sign the petition."
But who is Steve Bush and why would he setup a Facebook account? Is it because Steve Bush, who is a member of the Lambeth Socialist Party has not paid his internet bill recently?

Shall we have a look? Why not.

Domain name:

Registrant: Natasha Burke

Registrant type: UK Individual

Registrant's address:
49a Cavendish Road
Colliers Wood
SW19 2ET

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 21-Jul-2004
Renewal date: 21-Jul-2008
Last updated: 21-Feb-2007

Registration status:
Renewal required.
*** This registration has been SUSPENDED. ***

Steve first popped his head out into the political world when he attacked Neil Kinnock back in 1988 when at age 19, he said;
''He's trying to convert the Labor Party to a capitalist party, to appeal to the middle-class voters. All we can hope for is that over time more and more people will come over to the socialist view.''
Seems that over the years, that Steve as not matured and as wasted his life in much the same way that he is wasting the time of the people in Broadclyst. So what do they have to say about the aging Wolfie Smith who organised the petition. Let us see what the Vice Chair of the Parish Council wrote in the local press.
"I am Vice Chair of Broadclyst Parish Council and wish to raise a few points. The BNP is not a banned political party, therefore we could not remove Cllr Fribbens for his membership of it.

The only way possible would be a vote of no confidence which due to the hard work and dedication that Cllr Fribbens shows to Broadclyst (with little or no thanks) would be unlikely to receive any support.

Since the article was first published, we have received only one piece of correspondence regarding Mr Fribbens, which suggests this is not a high priority to the people of Broadclyst.

We would also like to point out that every Parish Council Meeting is a public event, with members of the public welcome to make comments at both the start and end of the meeting. The dates of our meetings are advertised around the village and online at (7pm, Victory Hall, first Monday of every month).

We note that despite the interest Cllr Fribbens membership of this political party appears to have created, we had only four members of the public at the last meeting (last Monday), only two of them commented, and the comments were about the cost to every council tax payer to keep the public toilets open in the village.

Cllr Fribbens political views formed no part of the meeting. Unfortunately, the people who signed or organised the petition chose not to air their views at the meeting."
Obviously Steve is not as local as he says or I am sure he would have attended. Yeah and pigs might fly also. Let us let the excellent BNP Councillor Fribbens have the last word.
"I would like to know what Mr Bush is doing to help the community. I think the majority of people will not go along with this.

"I'm not bothered if they get hundreds of signatures, it won't affect me."

He said the youth group had nothing to do with "politics".

"My youth club is not a political club at all, there is no political agenda," he said. "People who use the club will support me in that. I invite Mr Bush to come and help me run the club.

"If he has a problem, why doesn't he offer his services?

"I would be more than happy to have him on board."

Well Steve put up or shut up. You could not be bothered to turn up at a public meeting over an issue you felt was so important that you had to start a petition, will you now accept the challenge from the BNP Councillor and offer your services to your not so local people of Broadclyst?

A big hat tip to: John of Gwent and Ancient Brit of the Green Arrow Forum


Anonymous said...

OH GA, get a life and move on! So you got a bit of opposition and you choose to publically destroy him on your site. So what if this steve bloke has not paid up on his account blah blah. What difference does it make to you?! He is allowed a voice just like anyone else but you pick your battles in the most pathetic way. He isnt going to do anyone any harm just because he is misguided...but you lot....well, the harm you do is posted all over the place! Stop freedom of speech! Destroy the opposition! Hate anyone who is not mythically and originally indigenous which is ALL of us because there is no such thing in the UK and for gods sake, pretend you like jews because you hate the muslims more! its pathetic. i am beginning to love that you dont have the balls to post ALL of my comments. You sure you were in the navy?! doesnt seem right that such a spineless, hating all difference person should be buddy slapping on this website with the likes of your other racist peddling mates does it?! And by the way, you should stick to your own rules...if you dont allow commenters to be offensive, you shouldnt call your opposers names either! Alter your language or i may report you. The home office has a special dept to monitor the likes of the bnp.

Anonymous said...

Steve Bush's details are winging their way to Redwatch.

Thanks, GA.

Anonymous said...

Quote...."We have set up a group against the BNP and we have lots of people joining it. So far, there has been very little support for the BNP and in particular young people have been queuing up to sign the petition."

If, as stated, there is "very little support" for the BNP what's the point of setting up a petition?

I'm thinking there is more support for the BNP than they would care to admit.

Anonymous said...

BNP teacher struck off register:

Like The Roman said...

Anonymous wrote: ´Hate anyone who is not mythically and originally indigenous which is ALL of us because there is no such thing in the UK and for gods sake´ on 18 September 2008 12:37.

Firstly, I suggest you read some of Stephen Oppenheimer´s work:

The genetic evidence shows that three quarters of our ancestors came to this corner of Europe as hunter-gatherers, between 15,000 and 7,500 years ago, after the melting of the ice caps but before the land broke away from the mainland and divided into islands. Our subsequent separation from Europe has preserved a genetic time capsule of southwestern Europe during the ice age, which we share most closely with the former ice-age refuge in the Basque country. The first settlers were unlikely to have spoken a Celtic language but possibly a tongue related to the unique Basque language.

Another wave of immigration arrived during the Neolithic period, when farming developed about 6,500 years ago. But the English still derive most of their current gene pool from the same early Basque source as the Irish, Welsh and Scots.


Here is the link to the article the above extract was taken from:

According to his work, at least some of my ancestors were dwelling in Britain at the time Stonehenge was built...I think I have the right to call myself indigenous.

As for hating immigrants. That´s not true, I´d merely prefer that they live in their own homelands. England is overcrowded and our identity, culture and racial integity is threatened, thus I do not see why we should be forced to share our piece of prime real estate with any foreigner who can afford a one way fare to Heathrow.


Like The Roman

Anonymous said...

anon 12.37
"I'll report you"
havn't heard that since kindergarten.
It's you that needs to get a life

Red Squirrel said...

Well done GA, for exposing the antics of this idiot!
As for anonymous at the top with his
" i am beginning to love that you dont have the balls to post ALL of my comments."
I am wondering where his balls are for remaining anonymous, being that he has SO much to say.

Fyrdist said...

"They won't change nothing with their fashionable talk/their RAR* badges and their protest walks..."

"...Thousands of Whitemen standing in a park/objecting the racism's like a candle in the dark..."

"...Black man's got his problems and his way to deal with it/so don't fool yourself you're helping with your White liberal SHIT!"

-The existentialist anarch-punk band Crass, 1979.

*RAR: Rock Against "Racism".

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 12.37, at least on this blog you are allowed to leave your comments, unlike the sites that you silly misguided kids hide inside. And "our" websites, inluding the BNP main website, have the courage of conviction to post letters and comments from detractors, with the hope that we can have a sensible debate. Ask yourself this, do you allow this on your side of the fence?.

Anonymous said...

Hi 'anon' of 18/9 12:37.

Let's just take a look at the facst shall we.

Colin Fribbens put his name into the hat to stand for public office and got the job. The time to "protest" was when the nomination papers went in and the WAY to protest was to get people to nominate you, or find someone willing to stand whose outlook you agree with, and support their candidature. That is, after all, how things are done in mainland britain. Only in ulster has paramilitary violence been found to be a successful substitute to democratic process on gaining political power. (OK maybe also amongst the cottage-burning fraternity in wales).

If a "red through and through" lefty is allowed to pose as a 'concerned local citizen' and have his con succeed with pages in the local rag that exceed his wildest dreams, do you not think it worthy that his duplicity should be exposed ? I do.