Monday, 15 September 2008

So is Noel Edmonds a BNP Nazi now?

Stop Immigration. Deal or no Deal.

Good morning. I have to be away early and have quite a bit of traveling to do, so will have to slam this lot together quite quickly.

Before we discover whether Noel Edmonds is now to be reclassified as a BNP supporter and no longer considered employable by the "elite" who rule over us in our undemocratic country, let me give you a few other snippets of information.

First, I would like to thank the few of you who kindly donated to keeping the Green Arrow machine moving. The forum is now add free for six months, payments are in place for the statistics and IP monitoring software and soon I shall have the advanced IP blocking software required to cut down on offensive commentators. Donations are always welcome.

By all accounts according to the revolting red sites who have recently been seeking to whip up division between nationalists, I am a convicted paedophile now. The nearest I have come to a conviction for anything is for reminding a member of the excellent RAF just which branch of the armed forces is the Senior Service and that was many years ago.

Now a couple of links to sites that I think deserve greater promotion by all of us by including them as links on our sites and emails. First the truly excellent UKTabloid, the news they give out is an excellent source of reference for you to send to friends and colleagues who are not as politically aware. Please promote UKTabloid whenever and wherever you can.

Then there is the prolific provider of YouTube videos on a whole range of subjects and whose current background to his Channel has been banned because it displayed a Christian Cross and Crusaders. I write of 1kewldude3 (In Hoc Signo Vinces), visit his channel, rate his videos and favourite his work. Spread his link. He works tirelessy in his own way as do the bloggers and PBI who pound the streets handing out leaflets. Suport and promote him also.

Whilst on the subject of the Poor Bloody Infantry. Read today the exploits of the really hardworking activists over at the Cumbrian Patriots. 5,000 leaflets and 2,500 copies of the Voice of Freedom deivered to each and every house in one of their local wards where they will be putting forward a candidate in the future. Their actions inspire and motivate us all.

Now to the main point of this post. Is Noel Edmonds a Nazi now? Of course not, no more than you or I are. But Noel is sure to be judged as one given that he has just spoken out strongly against immigration and the state of Our Country in an article that you can read here.

When people who travel by helicopter and live on large private estates start to get worried and risk losing their career because of their concerns about the numbers of enrichers and colonisers arriving in Our Country, then you know that we are up Shit Creek without a paddle.

No doubt, sometime soon, Noel will be accused of doing the work of the British National Party and will be forced into "denouncing" them and their views. He qualified his interview by starting of with the all too familiar statement that his views are not racist. And of course they are not. Neither are those of the British National Party. He is only expressing the concerns of us all. Being just a little bit more famous then others though, his voice should travel further.

One also wonders about the official response to his statement that he refuses to pay his TV Tax License because of the intimidating adverts that wind us all up. Way to go Noel.

When you visit the link to the article you will also see a poll. Vote in it. Currently 88% of the voters are saying that the UK Borders should be shut. One assumes that those voting no are those of the colonizers already here and who wish to bring in more.

Thats all she wrote. I have to shave and be away now.

Have a pleasant day. Monday, I think is the worst day of the week.


Frances said...

Noel is stopping short of mentioning the BNP as that would be career suicide as the Nu Lab and Nu Con luvvies would be fighting to have the honour of denouncing him.
His opinions however are shared by the most unlikely people in professional jobs.
The tide is turning slowly.

Anonymous said...

Interesting cc from a stopthebnp site "
We must also avoid preaching at voters from ivory towers. The BNP is attracting the support of voters disillusioned with the main political parties. Lining up politicians to moralise against the BNP will at best fail and at worst harden voters' support for the BNP.

Instead the political parties must find the voters' own peers to stand up against the BNP. We need to find people who are respected in the communities and people who are not identifiable with party politics. Politicians, like anti-racist and anti-fascist activists, need to eat some humble pie. Whatever the merits of our arguments the likes of the Spitfire pilot and the community nurse will always be taken more seriously.

However, we represent the majority and if we can mobilise this majority effectively against the BNP then we have a chance. Part of that mobilisation has to be with the political parties standing up to the BNP. The day the BNP becomes seen as just another political party is the day we have lost. The BNP needs to be confronted in a flexible and sensible way. More importantly, we need to expose the BNP for what they are in a way that voters understand"

I draw your attention to the part about the BNP being seen as just another political party. We are just another political party albeit leaning to the Right. In the absence of a Right Wing backbone in the Conservative party we are the only choice for those wishing to conserve Britains heritage.

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Regarding allegations from the UAF etc, your website does seem to be a particular target for their venom, far more than most of the rest of the nationalist sites.

You are obviously doing something right since if you weren't on target you wouldn't be getting so much flak.

It's also possible that the feedkjit is putting their blood pressure up when they see how much traffic you're getting. Kind of makes 'no platform' into stale joke. Keep up the good work!

English Rose said...

I think there must be tons of people who share his view, Noel must be confident that the public feel the same for him to come out and say what he said. Maybe he has felt this way for longer, but realising just how many of us feel the same way has prompted him into speaking his mind and good on him!

Anonymous said...

the Daily Mail has an article today that implies he has gone bonkers. The mail reports that Noel claims he is being followed by two "orbs" that he thinks are the souls of his dead parents.
Would they have printed this crap if he hadn't spoken out about immigration?

ivan said...

just a few others to mention,rick mayall,rowan atkinson,shirley bassey and the singer morrisey have all either spoken out of britain loosing its identity or immigration has gone too far.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Brave man! I hope he has made enough to be able to retire comfortably because his career is over.

They will not permit him to carry on working in TV after saying that.

If only more would come out and tell the truth, the more there are the less easy it is to purge them.

WolfBlood said...

"We need to find people who are respected in the communities and people who are not identifiable with party politics."

How about these? -

The BNP is already a household name, already an accepted political party.
The freaks, drug addicts, perverts, queers, dikes and assorted deviants of the uaf etc have already lost the battle.
All they have left are lies and threats.

Fuck you all you lowlife filth lefties .......... retribution is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter said...

Sarah maid of albion, I agree with your comments. Every celebrity has a rise and fall and I think this is Noel's second comeback, for how long remains to be seen. He was off the TV screens for a long time after Noels house party, so he knows what its like to be in the wilderness.

I welcome his comments, my only worry is when the weight of the establishment bear's down on him, will he retract them and make a groveling apology, oh and agree to pay his TV license.

We will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

STOP PRESS........

Didn't you know that Noel Edmunds is Mad?


Anglo-Australian Alliance said...

Noel refuses to pay his tv licence?

Good for him. He should now get rid of his television licence and completely FREE HIS MIND.

PLEASE, people: get rid of your television. You do not need it. FREE yourself from the twisted mind pollution.

Why are people so trusting of the Zionist State-run television network? I cannot undertand it.
The future is the internet for FREE television, FREE film network, FREE information, FREE…

FREE films

FREE informational videos

FREE Children’s entertainment

At the end of the day we, The People, should be looking after ourselves.



Don’t say that you weren’t warned.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Interesting that Larry Dart impersonator Noel Edmonds has also jumped on the TV Licence bandwagon along side that other Murdoch lick spittle Jonathan Miller.
Yes don't forget folks, Edmonds works for Rupe now and Rupe throws millions at ZaNu Labour.

This is the most embarrassingly transparent piece of media manipulation and establishment pressure valve tactics I have seen in a long time. You truly must be as dim as a Toc-H lamp to fall for this stunt.

Oh , going back to the TV Licence thing doesn't it make you feel even modestly outraged that this nauseating little bung hole has acquired the bulk of his fortune FROM the TV Licence.

If you believe a word this 'man' says I have a nice beach front property in Switzerland I will sell you.

Pip pip

Fyrdist said...

I'm willing to Give Noel Edmonds a chance; he seemed rather convincing in this video:

I fail to see how Edmonds is being used as a "pressure valve". Sure, I can appreciate the fact that he wants to "talk up" his new programme by being a tad contraversial, but once again I allude to the video clip above and ask...

Sincere or fraudulent?

Anonymous said...

On the day the muslim group asks muslim women to have more kids to conquer the UK by demographics so the flag of islam will fly at number 10.which they say is the aim.
Just recieved this ...the guy needs am abacus. wonder if the westminster cowards will mention this...

London warned of terror attacks after Pakistan raids
Posted by allysonrt on September 15th, 2008

Wajid Shamsul Hasan

Richard Edwards, London
September 16, 2008
THE unprecedented raids by the US inside Pakistan could provoke terrorist attacks in London, Pakistan’s high commissioner to Britain has warned.

Wajid Shamsul Hasan said the attacks on Taliban and al-Qaeda suspects were making the streets of Britain less safe and that resentment was mounting among Pakistanis in the country, with community leaders calling for that anger to be “organised”.

His remarks followed outrage in Pakistan over five attacks in the past 10 days, including a ground assault in the town of Angoor Adda in which 20 people were killed. US officials said all were supporters of terrorism but Pakistan insists they were civilians, including women and children.

Mr Hasan said: “This will infuriate Muslims in this country and make the streets of London less safe. There are one million Pakistanis in the diaspora here and resentment is mounting.

“I’m being flooded by text messages from community leaders saying we must organise our anger. The Americans’ trigger-happy actions will radicalise young Muslims. They’re playing into the hands of the very militants we’re supposed to be fighting.”

A new US tactic to mount counter-terrorist operations inside Pakistan has met with hostility within Pakistan as well. This week Pakistani tribesmen, representing half a million people, vowed to join the Taliban if Washington did not stop cross-border attacks by its forces from Afghanistan.

Reacting to American missile attacks in north Waziristan last week, which followed an unprecedented cross-border ground assault earlier this month, tribal chiefs from the area called an emergency meeting on Saturday. They warned if the attacks did not cease, they would prepare an army to attack US forces and also seek support from tribal elders in Afghanistan.

continue reading at……………

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

It's called the Littlejohn syndrome fyrdist and a perfect explanation of the function and insane rationale behind this simple equation can be found here:

Pip pip

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Five Ways to Invade and Defeat a Militarily Superior Democratic Country

Many people think we in the West have nothing to worry about from Islam. The West has superior weapons, a superior military, and Jihadis are not going to start an all-out war with western powers. All of this may be true. What we westerners should be more concerned about is the perpetual Islamic political encroachment as democracies give Islam one political concession after another until we've painted ourselves into a corner from which we cannot escape. The Jihadis' work has already begun. The Islamic invasion is already underway. Here's the plan:

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said... "dim as a Toc-H lamp"

I haven't heard that expression for years! My Dad was an RAF pilot in WWII and occasionally used that description for politicians of all parties. It seems to be services-slang, but what exactly is/was a Toc-H lamp, and why is/was it so dim?