Monday, 8 September 2008

Mob rule in Devon?

Now this is my idea of a Truth Truck

Tick tock. Six O'clock and the Green Arrow fighting machine has been refueled and is ready to roll. And it is rolling right down to Devon where a "group" of people have organised a petition calling for the "removal" of the British National Party from a Devon village.

Where would they like them to be removed to? Somalia? Lyme Regis? Death camps? Who can tell. Who are this "group"? Would they be local councillors fearful at having BNP councillors digging into their past performances as councillors? Perhaps uncovering stones revealing them to be maggots that are eating more than their share of Our Country?

By all accounts people living in Broadclyst took to the streets of Exeter, not to protest at the illegal wars that are getting our young servicemen killed and maimed in their hundreds.

No and neither were the unspecified numbers of people protesting at the colonisation of their country.

They were not protesting at the collapse of the NHS as it buckles under the weight of immigrants enriching us with diseases we thought we had all but wiped out decades ago.

Perhaps they were protesting at the betrayal of our youth with their planned destruction of the educations system that removed the rungs of the ladder for our children to climb to a better life.

No. None of the above. They were protesting at the presence of the British National Party in their village and county. Not for them the ballot box where people decide who represents them in local affairs. These people have found a new way for democracy to work. They demand that a BNP councillor, Colin Fribbens be removed from the council. What? In a body bag?

Sometimes I wish the Green Arrow really was a tank so he could roll right over this self appointed "group" and others like them.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I feel sorry for these ignorant people or if I loathe them for their complete stupidity.

Devon. Nice part of the UK. Very nice. I wonder if these people living in their idyllic, picture-postcard English village are aware of the reality many of their fellow citizens are being forced to live every day? I guess too many teas of scones with jam and clotted cream clots the mind.

Perhaps you could arrange a lifestyle swap GA? Let's see how these people feel after they've spent a week in Burnley or Glodwick or Bradford. Maybe they could try Lewisham or Brixton and take in the multicultural delights of the Notting Hill "carneval" whilst they're at it if they think it'd be too rough "oop north".

Or maybe you could organise a whip round mate so we can buy them a community laptop so they can look up the meaning of "democracy" on wikipedia.

If they have the Internet in their remote little la-la land.


Anonymous said...

Lets look at this for what it is, a collusion of some very motivated agitators and their co-conspirators in the media, whipping up "public opinion", though only the public opinions that "they" agree with of course...and if no public have the right opinions, well hey, they'll just make some up!. No real ordinary person is immune from what is going on in the country today, even if not politically motivated they cant help but have been indirectly affected by enrichment in some way, albeit in either the ever increasing restrictions to combat "fraud" or other beaurocracy and big brother that wasnt there before Noo Labour. The recent BNP 30% of the vote in towns they havent stood in before proves this. No doubt the enemy is become increasingly aware too, and awaits the day when their Saudi funded EU machine can roll in completely and crush any dissenting voices from parties that care about their citizens. Until then expect the war of lies deceit and dirty tricks to escalate until either they hang or the BNP is crushed.

Casapound said...

Steve Bush is an organiser for the Socialist Party.

His petition probably doesnt exist and if it does it simply has about 10 names on it.

Just google his name and "socialist party". The fact that any journo would think his membership of a marxist group was not relevent to this article says volumes about the journo who is probably a red themselves.