Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What about the Christian graves?

Almost enough to turn me off bacon for ever. I said almost.

Take a look at the fat conservative toad above. This particular toads name is Councillor Jason Stacey of Ealing and like his Dhimmi master, David Cameron, his specialty is sucking up to the colonisers of Our Country in groveling at the feet of Islam for their votes.

A large number of graves were wrecked in Southall cemetery over the weekend but if you read the rubbish written by Alex Hayes of the Ealing times you might be mistaken into thinking that this dispicable act of vandalism was only carried out against the graves of Moslems.

Dhimmi licker Stacey said;
“Grave markers and commemorative vases in the Muslim area of the cemetery were vandalised and we are assisting police in their investigation into the incident."
The police of course have said that they are treating the damage as being "racially motivated". This despite the fact that Islam is not a race but a religion. In my opinion it is not even that. It is a cult and a particularly evil one at that.

Of course the truth is a little bit different but would not make such a good story. In fact equal numbers of Christian graves were also vandalised but this only recieved a footnote in a tiny story reported here as "Some damage was also done to Christian graves".

Dhimmi Stacey went on to say:
“Council officers will be on site all day today clearing up the damage and returning all grave markers to their rightful place as quickly as possible.”
And you can bet they will but I wonder which graves will get priority, those of the Moslems or those of the Christians that the slug Stacey could not even be bothered to mention.

One wonders how the police will handle this business. Is it a religious attack against Christians or is it a religious attack against the colonisers? Or is it just plain old vandalism? What do you think?

The turnips, understandably, are outraged but also fail to mention the fact that Chrisian graves were also desecrated;
Dalawar Chaudrey, whose father is buried in the cemetery on Bridge Road, said the damage was a “callous calculated act”.

He said: “I was there yesterday and it was just a callous calculated attack to coincide with the very holy month of Ramadan when everybody’s fasting."
Especially those in their graves. Note to self. "Curb your sense of humour."

Whilst in Ealing, I advise white people to stay away from Southall town centre later this week when thousands of turnips will be taking to the streets to "celebrate" Eid-ul-Fitr.
Chief Inspector Perry Gwillim, who is responsible for operation, said: “Local community representatives are fully supportive of our policing strategy to combat unacceptable behaviour, which will allow the celebrations to take place without incident.

There are sometimes a few people who use these events to behave in an anti-social manner, such as driving dangerously or behaving in a disorderly way.
Disorderly is plods code for rape and violence. If they think or indeed know that there is going to be public disorder then the event should not be allowed to take place. But then again Ealing is Turnip Territory now and so can do as they please.


Fyrdist said...

"Especially those in their graves. Note to self. "Curb your sense of humour."

Not bad, GA, not bad...

Anonymous said...

Lip up fatty...rivit!

Anonymous said...

I can only assume this lad was bullied at school.

The position he holds in an area of London that can only be described as strikingly similar to Soweto Township, gives this person a real sense of importance.

It really didn’t matter if he held the keys to a public toilet the ego boost for him would be the same.